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Kevin Hong

Professor - C. T. Bauer Professor of Artificial Intelligence & Digital Society

Kevin Hong


In July 2022, I will be joining the University of Miami.

Dr. Yili (Kevin) Hong is the C. T. Bauer Professor of Artificial Intelligence & Digital Society and Director of the Bauer College PhD Programs in the C. T. Bauer College of Business at the University of Houston. Dr. Hong is currently a Senior Editor of Production and Operations Management, and an Associate Editor at Information Systems Research and the Journal of the Association for Information Systems. I am also currently guest co-editing a POM Special Issue on Social Technologies in Operations.

Dr. Hong's research interests are in the areas of Future of Work, Digital Platforms, User-generated Content, and Human-AI Interactions. His research has been published in premier journals such as Management Science, Information Systems Research, MIS Quarterly, Production and Operations Management, INFORMS Journal on Computing, Journal of Management Information Systems, Journal of the Association for Information Systems, and Journal of Consumer Psychology. His work has been supported by multiple prestigious grants, from the NET Institute (2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2020), the Department of Education (2011, 2013, 2015), Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (2017-2019), and the National Science Foundation (2018-2020).

Dr. Hong's research has received a number of best paper awards at major conferences, including the Workshop on Information Systems and Economics (2018), the International Conference on Information Systems (2012, 2018), Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (2017), America's Conference on Information Systems (2012), and the China Summer Workshop on Information Management (2018). Dr. Hong's dissertation research on the gig economy and future of work was awarded the ACM SIGMIS Best Dissertation Award (2014) and runner-up INFORMS ISS Nunamaker-Chen Dissertation Award (2014). In 2017, Dr. Hong was awarded the college-wide W. P. Carey Faculty Research Award. Further, he was awarded the Association for Information Systems Early Career Award (2018) and the INFORMS Information Systems Society Sandy Slaughter Early Career Award (2019). And recently, Dr. Hong was awarded the Associate Editor of the Year Award (2018) from Information Systems Research. According to the AIS Research Rankings, Dr. Hong is ranked #3 in the world based on publications in the top four information systems journals (MISQ, ISR, JMIS, JAIS) and #7 based on the top two information systems journals (MISQ, ISR) in 2016-2018. Dr. Hong received the Outstanding PhD Alumni Award (2020) from the Fox School of Business, Temple University.

Prior to joining the Bauer College at UH, Dr. Hong has worked at the W. P. Carey School of Business at ASU as an Assistant Professor (2014-2018) and tenured Associate Professor (2018-2020), where he was also the director of the PhD program and the co-director of the Digital Society Initiative. At ASU, Dr. Hong taught and led the curriculum development at both the undergraduate (CIS and BDA) and graduate (MS-BA and PhD) levels. Most notably, he led the college-level initiatives in designing and implementing the undergraduate analytics core course - Problem Solving and Actionable Analytics, which currently has over 50 sections per year. Dr. Hong received the IS Department Outstanding Teaching Award (2016), and was a finalist for the W. P. Carey Huizingh Undergraduate Teaching Award (2019), Huizingh Award for Undergraduate Service to Students (2020), and the ASU Outstanding Doctoral Mentor (2020).

Prior to his academic career, Dr. Hong worked as an analyst at a leading investment bank and as a language specialist for the International Olympics Committee. Besides research and teaching as a faculty member, Dr. Hong serves as an advisor or research scientist for a number of companies, including Lyft, Freelancer, Magene,, Summer, Ports America, and Picmonic. In his spare time, Dr. Hong enjoys reading books, writing codes, and he is a famed mechanical keyboard designer and collector.

Research Interests

  • Design and Evaluation of IT-based Markets and Business Models: Digital Economy, Digital Platforms, Online Markets, E-Procurement, FinTech, Open Innovation, Live Streaming
  • Societal Impact and Business Value of Information Technology: Future of Work, Sharing Economy, Gig Economy, IT Labor, Monitoring Technologies, Business Value of Analytics
  • Human-AI Interaction and Business Analytics: Human-AI Interaction, Bot Design & Regulation, Social Media Analytics, Recommender Systems, Measuring novelty and creativity
  • Preferred Methodologies: Field Experiments, Lab Experiments, Econometrics, Machine Learning, Deep Learning

Selected Publications

  • Hu Y, Hong Y. 2021. SHEDR: An End-to-End Neural Event Detection and Recommendation Framework for Hyperlocal News Using Social Media, INFORMS Journal on Computing, Forthcoming.
  • Li Z, Liang C, Hong Y, Zhang Z. 2021. How Do On-demand Ridesharing Services Affect Traffic Congestion? The Moderating Role of Urban Compactness, Production and Operations Management, Forthcoming.
  • Chen PY, Hitt LM, Hong Y, Wu SY. 2021. Measuring Product Type and Purchase Uncertainty with Online Product Ratings: A Theoretical Model and Empirical Application, Information Systems Research, Forthcoming
  • Burtch G, He Q, Hong Y, Lee D. 2021. How Do Peer Awards Motivate Creative Content? Experimental Evidence from Reddit, Management Science, Forthcoming.
  • Burtch G, Hong Y, Kumar S. 2021. When Does Dispute Resolution Substitute for a Reputation System? Empirical Evidence from a Service Procurement Platform, Production and Operations Management, Forthcoming.
  • Hong Y, Peng J, Burtch G, Huang N. 2021. Just DM Me (Politely): Direct Messaging, Politeness, and Hiring Outcomes in Online Labor Markets, Information Systems Research, Forthcoming.
  • Hong Y, Shao BBM. 2021. On Factors that Moderate the Effect of Buyer-Supplier Experience on E-Procurement Platforms, Production and Operations Management, Forthcoming.
  • Huang N, Burtch G, Hong Y, Pavlou PA. 2020. Unemployment and Worker Participation in the Gig Economy: Evidence from An Online Labor Market, Information Systems Research, 31(2):431-448
  • Huang N, Burtch G, Gu B, Hong Y, Liang C, Wang K, Fu D, Yang B. 2019. Motivating User-Generated Content with Performance Feedback: Evidence from Randomized Field Experiments, Management Science. 65(1):327-345.
  • Hong Y, Hu Y, Burtch G. 2018. Embeddedness, Pro-Sociality, and Social Influence: Evidence from Online Crowdfunding, MIS Quarterly. 42(4):1211-1224
  • Kanat I, Hong Y, Raghu TS. 2018. Surviving in Global Online Labor Markets for IT Services: A Geo-economic Analysis, Information Systems Research. 29(4):893-909
  • Chen PY, Hong Y, Liu Y. 2018. Value of Multi-dimensional Rating Systems: Evidence from a Natural Experiment and Lab Experiments, Management Science. 64(10):4629-4647
  • Burtch G, Hong Y, Bapna R, Griskevicius V. 2018. Stimulating Online Reviews by Combining Financial Incentives and Social Norms, Management Science. 64(5):2065-2082
  • Huang N, Hong Y, Burtch G. 2017. Social Network Integration and User Content Generation: Evidence from Natural Experiments, MIS Quarterly. 41(4):1035-1058 (Lead Article).
  • Hong Y, Pavlou PA. 2017. On Buyer Selection of Service Providers in Online Outsourcing Platforms for IT Services, Information Systems Research. 28(3):547-562.
  • Hong Y, Pavlou PA, Shi N, Wang K. 2017. On the Role of Fairness and Social Distance in Designing Effective Social Referral Systems, MIS Quarterly. 41(3):787-809.
  • Hong Y, Wang CA, Pavlou PA. 2016. Comparing Open and Sealed Bid Auctions: Evidence from Online Labor Markets, Information Systems Research. 27(1):49-69.
  • Hong Y, Pavlou PA. 2014. Product Fit Uncertainty in Online Markets: Nature, Effects, and Antecedents, Information Systems Research. 25(2):328-344.
  • Dimoka A, Hong Y, Pavlou PA. 2012. On Product Uncertainty in Online Markets: Theory and Evidence, MIS Quarterly. 36(2):395-426.

Academic Associations & Editorial Boards

  • Senior Editor, Production and Operations Management
  • Guest Co-editor, Production and Operations Management, Special Issue on "Social Technologies in Operations"
  • Senior Editor, Production and Operations Management, Special Issue on "Disruptive Technologies and Operations Management"
  • Associate Editor, Information Systems Research
  • Associate Editor, Information Systems Research, Special Issue on "Humans, Algorithms, and Augmented Intelligence: The Future of Work, Organizations and Society"
  • Associate Editor, Information Systems Research, Special Issue on "Market Design and Analytics"
  • Associate Editor, Journal of the Association for Information Systems

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Ph.D. Management Information Systems, Temple University