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Dr. Vanessa Patrick

I am very happy to present this week's newsletter – chock-a-block with excellent content!

Our first story underscores the idea that leadership is a responsibility and leader transgression does have a notable impact on followers. Our second story describes the research by DISC doctoral student Santiago Forero, who implicates emotion in supply chain decision-making.

Our thought leaders are also actively contributing to the current and challenging situation we find ourselves in. Airing on Bauer Business Focus this week is Prof. Partha Krishnamurthy discussing the impact of Covid19 on consumer behavior. Another article hot off the presses, is a thought-provoking piece co-authored by Prof. Derek Avery who outlines strategies to help leaders lead change to confront racial bias and inequality within their organizations.

Two of our marketing professors have received recognition for their research excellence. Our final story showcases Mike Ahearne's achievements that led him to win the 2020 American Marketing Association Sales SIG Excellence in Research Award and Sesh Tirunillai's paper that was a finalist for the 2020 ISMS (INFORMS Society for Marketing Science) Long-Term Impact Award. Congrats Mike and Sesh!

Dr. Vanessa Patrick
Associate Dean of Research
Bauer Professor of Marketing

What's Your Intention?
Bauer Researchers Look at How Bad Behavior Impact Leaders

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New research from the C. T. Bauer College of Business suggests the perception of the intention to do harm to others is by far the biggest factor in determining the severity of the resulting punishment.

When Emotions Get in the Way
Bauer Ph.D. Student Looks at Emotions
and Supply Chain Decisions

Santiago Forero, a doctoral student in the Department of Decision & Information Sciences (DISC) at Bauer, spent years working for HP and DHL before coming to the university to earn a Ph.D. Forero's research tackles a topic observed on the job in virtually all industries: Human emotion often supersedes best practices when it comes to decision-making, ultimately impacting an organization's bottom line.

Bauer Business Focus
COVID and Consumers

COVID-19 has no doubt impacted everything in our world including consumer behavior. Professor Partha Krishnamurthy with the Bauer College of Business at the University of Houston, explains.

Department of Marketing & Entrepreneurship Faculty Recognized
American Marketing Association and INFORMS Society for Marketing Science Recognize Faculty in Respective Research Areas

The C. T. Bauer College of Business Department of Marketing & Entrepreneurship recently announced two significant honors awarded to faculty members Professor Michael Ahearne and Assistant Professor Seshadri Tirunillai.


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