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Bridging the Gap Between Finance and Strategy

Video: Praveen Kumar

Although both business professionals and scholars agree that the practice of corporate finance and corporate strategy should be closely coordinated and logically consistent, a large gap exists between the two functions. MBA programs routinely cover both subjects, but they employ very different analytical and decision tools and the interaction between the two bodies of knowledge rarely receives the attention it deserves. Watch the full video.

Selling in the Digital Age

Bauer Doctoral Student Awarded 2019 Organizational Frontline Research Young Scholar Award

The classic sales model is based on the assumption that customers are unknowledgeable, uninformed, and uncertain prior to meeting with a salesperson. However, increasing information availability has led to more knowledgeable and informed customers who often have a solution in mind when they first encounter a salesperson.

Bauer Management & Leadership Professor and Chair Recognized for Intellectual Contributions

The Association of International Business (AIB) Executive Board has awarded Management & Leadership Department Chairman and Professor Steve Werner the Journal of International Business Studies (JIBS) Silver Medal, a formal recognition of his intellectual contributions published in the journal.


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