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Dr. Vanessa Patrick

When folks think “sales research” they think “Mike Ahearne”. This week our faculty focus is on Dr. Michael Ahearne whose significant research and teaching contributions has led him to receive the 2020 Society for Marketing Advances (SMA) Distinguished Scholar Award.

The latest guest on Bauer Business Focus, Dr. Dusya Vera, discusses the importance of humility in leadership. While humility may not be commonly associated with leadership, research shows that it is an important aspect of leader character that can give organizations a competitive advantage.

I often recommend the book, “The Four Agreements” by Miguel Ruiz. Here is an article on how these concepts apply to Academic Life.

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Dr. Vanessa Patrick
Associate Dean of Research
Bauer Professor of Marketing


One Size Does Not Fit All in Managing Styles
Bauer Researcher Recognized for Research
in Motivating Salespeople

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North American industries spend trillions of dollars on the salesforce segment of their marketing budgets each year. C. T. Bauer College of Business Marketing Professor and Chair Michael Ahearne, through decades of sales research, has identified many factors that impact the success or failure of that spending.


Bauer Business Focus
Humility can give organizations a competitive advantage

Leaders are everywhere — in higher education, sports, organizations, our country, the world. And when you think of leaders, the idea of humility (frequently associated with shyness, lack of ambition and confidence or passivity) may not come to mind. But Bauer College Professor Dusya Vera proposes that humility is a critical strength for leaders and organizations possessing it, and a dangerous weakness for those lacking it. Vera studies leader character and the consequences to companies that come from a leader's character, which she describes as “the habit of being” and something that can be activated and developed. Listen now.


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