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CEO Resolutions

Bauer Researcher Finds That Expressing Gratitude
Can Increase Productivity, Performance

In a series of studies, one of which was published in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology in 2018, Tony Kong and his colleagues (Liuba Belkin, Maria Ng, and Vanessa Patrick) found that individuals who express gratitude to others, by simply saying thank you, were able to reap significant tangible and socioemotional benefits in strategic interactions such as resource allocations, advising, and social persuasion.

Sealing the Deal

Bauer Researcher Sheds Light on Sales
Education Best Practices Worldwide

C. T. Bauer Chair in Marketing Michael Ahearne examines some of the most common barriers to success when salespeople attempt to bring innovative products into the marketplace.

Future Focus

Bauer Executive Professor Lends Experience
to Global Energy Sources

Art Smith, who chaired a globalization committee as a member of the NYMEX Board of Governors, teaches energy trading and analysis for Bauer College.


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