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Houston Real Estate Professionals: You can make a difference.

The career success of students coming out of the Real Estate Program is increased many times over, thanks to the immense support of the real estate industry. You can make a difference in the program’s service to the students by participating in the Real Estate Giving Campaign:

  • Prepare students for successful careers
  • Engage industry leaders to bring their experience into the classroom
  • Foster student and industry connections
  • Elevate the industry through education


  • Total enrollment – 150
  • Students in Graduate Program – 50
  • Students in Undergraduate Program - 100

Two Certificate Tracks

  • Awarded Real Estate certificates to the first group of students in the Undergraduate Real Estate Program in 2018.
  • Hired new instructors and began the process of splitting Real Estate courses into distinct graduate and undergraduate tracks.


Your gift benefits students in the Real Estate Success Program and supports the programs offered by the Stanford Alexander Center for Excellence in Real Estate.

Support the Real Estate Program


  • Sustain student enrollment figures, while seeking to increase quality of students and their level of engagement with the Real Estate Program.

Stanford Alexander Center for Excellence in Real Estate

  • Expand and formalize mentorship program.
  • Establish baseline for the services provided through the Center and develop enhancement plan to better serve our students.



Real Estate Center Associates
Stanford Alexander Center for Excellence in Real Estate

Real Estate Center Associates are an association of practicing real estate professionals and graduates of the Graduate Real Estate Program, dedicated to supporting student’s success in their transition from the classroom to the real estate profession.

Real Estate Center Associates partner with the Bauer Graduate Real Estate Club to support student success through mentorship, career counseling and initial employment search. The objective is for all students graduating from the Program to become successful real estate professionals and productive members of the real estate community.

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Provide an Internship

Providing a real estate internship provides students with the skills, knowledge and relationships that are key to their professional development and career success. Internships also provide employers with an early look at future talent as they enter the profession.

Rudolph Pierson

Rudolph Pierson, MBA 2014
Employer: Camden Property Trust

"As a person with no previous real estate experience, I feel like the GREP has given me a huge jump start. The exposure to various successful professionals is invaluable. This value not only comes for developing my current skill set, but also in aiding in determining my desired future career path.


  • Employers register a position description and terms of employment.

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Please Return Completed Registration and Resume To:
Office of Graduate Real Estate Program
University of Houston, C. T. Bauer College of Business
334 Melcher Hall Room 305, Houston, TX 77204-6021
Office: Insperity Classroom and Business building Room 302
Phone: 713-743-1968, Fax: 713-743-5458


Student Scholarships

Providing a scholarship can make it possible for high achieving students to overcome financial obstacles and pursue the graduate real estate certificate. Scholarships for graduate real estate students have been established by real estate professional organizations and industry leaders.

Real estate scholarships are administered by the UH Bauer College of Business as well as directly by real estate professional organizations.

Scholarship Donors


Establish a Student Scholarship

Donors may establish criteria for scholarships as well as set a specific amount to be awarded above $1,000 as a one time or a continuing annual scholarship. Or, if the donor may adopt the criteria and amount established as a standard by the Graduate Real Estate Program, which is:

Standard Scholarship Criteria
Establish A Scholarship
Establish A Scholarship

Complete the Scholarship Criteria Form, select method of payment and if in cash, include check and forward to the Graduate Real Estate Program.


UH Bauer Graduate Real Estate Program
334 Melcher Hall,
Houston, TX 77204-6021
Physical Location:
CBB Room 302
Phone: 713-743-1968
Fax: 713-743-5458

Jerry Winograd
Thank you for supporting our students with a scholarship.
Jerry Winograd

Partner – Judwin Realty Group
FINA 7397 - Multifamily Residential Real Estate Fundamentals


Hire a Graduate

Bryson Grover

Bryson Grover

MBA 2013, Graduate Real Estate Program

"The Bauer Graduate Real Estate Program (GREP) provides a balance of top-tier instructors, course offerings and industry connections that is invaluable. Students are equipped with a strong educational foundation while GREP career services provides internships in every sector of real estate. My internship led to a full time position with a leading commercial development company." - Bryson Grover

Graduates are “Career Ready” with the both academic training by industry leaders as well as professional development through the hands on opportunities of the Program-internships, mentorships, and membership in a professional real estate organization.

Over 50 students have graduated from the program and achieved career success in their chosen real estate profession. To learn more about the current graduating class members and see their resumes, contact the Graduate Real Estate Program..

Michael Adamson

Michael Adamson

"My immediate goals after graduation are to work for a multi – national company that has a large portfolio of real estate and/or a list of projects in their pipeline for clients. I will earn my Project Management Professional certification soon after graduation and become part of a project team." – Michael Adamson


Investor Campaign

Graduate Real Estate Investor Campaign Brochure
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Developing the Center for Excellence in Real Estate

Bringing the professional practice of real estate into the classroom through programs that engage industry professionals, foster student success and advance expertise in the profession.

Join Us in Development of the Center for Excellence in Real Estate.

Donate to the Investor Campaign

Center for Excellence in Real Estate Investor Campaign

Center for Excellence in Real Estate is key to success of the Graduate Real Estate Program. Economic growth and the expanding real estate market are driving demand for a talent pool of well-educated real estate professionals as well as advancement of expertise in our professional practice.

Richard Campo
Richard “Ric” Campo

Chairman of the Board of Trust Managers and Chief Executive Officer, Camden Property Trust, & Executive Advisory Board Chairman