Prospective Undergraduates

Specialty Programs

UH Bauer College offers unique specialty programs within several of our standard business majors to enhance your business degree. Get your experience by taking things to the next level through these special learning opportunities!

  • The Bauer Business Honors Program: A specialty program consisting of curriculum, courses (class sizes of 20 or less), events, and the small student body of business majors (approx. 250) who are also members of The Honors College at UH. The hybrid liberal arts/business focus challenges students intellectually and hones their writing skills to meet the demands of the workplace.
  • The Professional Program in Accounting (PPA): A five-year undergraduate to graduate program offering special networking colloquiums, full-time paid internships, and special access to graduate Accounting courses while pursuing your undergraduate degree.
  • Wolff Center for Entrepreneurship (WCE): Develop your own business plan from the ground up and learn from experienced entrepreneurs in this exclusive major ranked #1 in the nation for 2009!
  • The Program for Excellence in Selling (PES): An award-winning business-to-business marketing/sales training program offering hands-on training and a competitive edge for students interested in B2B careers.
  • The Global Energy Management (GEM) program: A unique finance degree plan designed by UH Bauer College and Houston energy companies to train students how to be effective business leaders in the energy industry.