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UH Bauer College:  A Global Community


The Bauer College of Business at the University of Houston offers a dynamic real-world experience to help prepare you not just for a career in business, but for life. It’s your potential – reach it here!


Attending UH Bauer College means that you will become a part of a diverse student body that represents 126 countries and 66 languages. The University of Houston is one of the nation’s most ethnically diverse research institutions, located in the fourth largest city in the United States. Also known as the “energy capital of the world,” Houston is home to 19 Fortune 500 companies and the world’s largest medical center!


Undergraduate Business Education in the United States:  How it is different


The United States education system operates much differently than many other systems throughout the world.  A standard college/university business degree requires at least four years of study.  Each year is referred to by a different name:  Year 1 is “freshman” year, Year 2 is “sophomore” year, Year 3 is “junior” year, and Year 4 is “senior” year. 


U.S. undergraduate business students study “general education” subjects during the first two years (freshman and sophomore years) of university:  English, History, Government, Social Sciences, Liberal Arts, and foundational business courses.  After the first two years, students select a “major” field of study and focus on that subject for the last two years (junior and senior years).


NOTE:  In additional to basic undergraduate business degrees, students that already have completed a U.S. undergraduate degree or equivalent can choose to study at the “Master’s” level.  To find out more about “Master’s” level study, visit the UH Bauer College of Business Graduate and Professional Programs website.


How to Apply for Admission to the University of Houston’s Bauer College of Business


Step 1:  Determine Your Status.


Are you a high school/secondary school student?  Do you already have a degree in your home country?  Is the degree that you have equivalent to a U.S. undergraduate degree?  Based on your previous education, what degree are you allowed to pursue at UH Bauer College of Business? 


These are important questions to answer before you apply to UH to study business!


How to Determine Your Educational Status


If you are unsure about what your educational status is or whether or not your university degree is equivalent to a U.S. undergraduate degree, we suggest that you contact our Office of International Admissions to speak with them about your previously completed education.



Post-baccalaureate Study:  If you have a university degree that is equivalent to a U.S. undergraduate degree, you cannot study business at the undergraduate level at UH Bauer College of Business.  However you may want to consider Master’s level study or our Certificate of Accountancy Program..


U.S. undergraduate degree equivalency and length of study:  Many types of foreign degrees are not equivalent to U.S. undergraduate degrees.  If your degree is not equivalent to a U.S. undergraduate degree, it may still be possible to study business at the undergraduate level.  However, it is important to know that, for many students with international transfer credit, it is not possible to finish a U.S. undergraduate degree at UH in one year or less, even if they attended their foreign university for three or more years.  Depending on the subjects studied, it may take students with foreign degrees three years or more to finish a U.S. undergraduate degree at the UH Bauer College of Business.


Step 2: Apply to UH and send all necessary documents.


Apply for admission to UH through the Office of International Admissions and select “business” as your course of study.  There is no separate application to UH Bauer College of Business.  If you complete your application, send all of your required documents and test scores, and qualify to be an undergraduate business major, you will be admitted to UH as “Pre-Business” and be considered a business student at UH Bauer College of Business. 


NOTE:  If you plan to transfer to UH from another university or school, it is important for you to know that every new UH business student starts out as Pre-business their first semester at UH, regardless of what they may have studied at a previous university or school


If you have questions about applying or need more information, please visit the International Admissions website.


Step 3: Attend all required orientations and get enrolled.


If you are accepted to UH, the Office International Admissions will notify you of your acceptance and send you information on what to do next.  You should not contact UH Bauer College to schedule your orientation session or seek academic advising prior to orientation.

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