The Rainey Family
Chester County SC & Dekalb County GA

Children of Thomas Rainey, Chester County SC:
 John G.;  Thomas;  Elizabeth;  Bennett;  Charles;  and  Sarah

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THE RAINEY PLANTATION. July 18, 1864. The marching columns of the Army of the Tennessee having diverged 5.5 miles northwest, rejoined here when Dodge's 16th Army Corps moved east from Old Cross Keys to Rainey's. Blair's 17th Army Corps moved 1.75 miles south on old Shallowford Road and camped at Blake's Mill, north fork of Peachtree Creek; Dodge's 16th Army Corps 1 mile south (at Chandler Road) with headquarters at the Rainey House. Logan's 15th Army Corps moved southeast from here to Browning's Courthouse (TUCKER) to support Gen Garrard's cavalry in a foray on the Georgia Railroad at Stone Mountain. Logan's route was approximately the present day Chamblee-Tucker Road via Antioch and Pleasant Hill Churches
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Thomas Rainey (bc 1771 SC-1850 GA?/SC?)

Thomas Rainey, was a son of John Rainey of Chester SC thought to be a son of John and Rachel Rainey (Reany) will Book F, Mecklenburg NC (see Emily S. Farr sources). Robert Rainey Morris provided the following will of John Reany dated Sept 8 1765 in Mecklenburg NC:

...being very sick and weak in Rachel my dearly beloved wife one half of all my moveable estate with a maintenance off the plantation I now live on, to my well beloved daughter Rachel Phillips two cows; to my son Thomas Reany 5 shillings sterling; to my son William Reany, John Reany 5 shillings sterling; to my daughter Eleanor Sample 5 shillings sterling; to my daughter Agness Ball 5 shillings sterling; to my two well beloveed sons Samuel Reany and Benjamin Reany, all my lands, messuages and tenements; wife Rachel and my son Samuel, exers...
wit: Edward Laleye (Robert Rainey Morris:" sure this is Lacey-Lacy"), John Moore, James Moore.
John Reany(seal).

The following descendant list is based on the will above. Additional specifics, dates and relationships are purely speculative and are based on the stated sources where available. However, NO sources or documentation were generally provided on these web sites -- except where noted.

Based on this will, the following data is found easily found on the web. It seems somewhat consistent, however, most lack definitive sources. John Rainey had the following eight children that could be:

  1. Rachel Rainey m Benjamin Phillips (data from Robert Rainey Morris)

    This says: "John Carson purchased a 150 tract (adjoining the 640 acre tract of James Carson, Sr.) from Benjamin PHILIPS (prob. related to the Nancy that married James) in 1776 Ref: York County, SC Deed Bk. B, p. 196. Benjamin Philips and his brother-in-law, Thomas Rainey owned several tracts in the area. Benjamin's wife, Rachel Rainey and Thomas Rainey are children of John Rainey (wife, Rachel) who left a will in Mecklenburg Co., NC dated 8 Sept. 1765 (Will Bk. F, Pp. 111-112)."

  2. Eleanor Rainy m Joseph Sample (data from Robert Rainey Morris)
  3. Agnes Rainy m Richard Ball (data from Robert Rainey Morris)
  4. Thomas Rainey
    Thomas Rainey is listed as a private in Bratton's regiment of the SC militia in "The Day it Rained Militia: Huck's Defeat and the Revolution in the South Carolina Backcountry, May-July 1780" by Michael C. Scoggins (The History Press, 2005), pg 239 with brothers Benjamin and Samuel.
  5. William Rainey (1742-1829 Bullock Creek York SC) m Jane Tipping (1765 Ireland-1826 Bullock Creek SC)
    There are several references to William Rainey and Jane Tipping (e.g., this and this site which says:'This Rainey family was from Ireland, as indicated on their gravemarkers') that date William's birth around 1742 in Ireland. Further, Jane is identified as the daughter of James (died 1783 Camden SC) and Rosanna Tipping.

    A Tipping family web site dated 1998 (here) says that James Tippen -- father of Jane "...emigrated from Ulster (Northern Ireland) in the 1770s to the Camden District (York County) South Carolina." and that Jane Tipping was born in Ireland. This site further identifies William Rainey as follows:

    William RAINEY b: 1742 Ballywindelland, Ballymoney, County Antrim, Ireland d: 1828

    The Bullock Creek Cemetery in York County SC shows:

    Rainey, William, from Ireland, died Nov. 28, 1829 aged 87 [so b 1742]
    Rainey, Jane, born in Ireland died Oct. 1826 aged 61

    See this discussion on Ballymoney in Antrim The townland Ballywindelland is identified as:

    Ballywindell Upper (Townland), Upper Dunluce (Barony), Ballymoney (Civil Parish), Antrim (County), Ulster (Province) with parts also in Londonderry (County) in the NE Coleraine Liberties (Barony). See these places underlined in red on this map (from and a Antrim/Ulster/Ireland Map (yellow, northeast corner). Balleymoney 55 5' 0" North, 6 31' 0" West. This is 35 kilometers (21 miles) from Magherafelt (the alleged origin of Robert Rainey south of Ballymoney in adjacent Londonderry county -- John's alleged brother and this William's alleged uncle -- see this below)


    1. John Rainey (1783-1859 Sharon SC)
      m1 Mary Kirkpatrick (1778-1815)
      1. Rebecca P. Rainey (1813-1897)
      2. William J. Rainey (1814- )
      m2 Nancy ? ( - 1855)
      1. Samuel D. Rainey 1825 - 1877
      2. Sarah Jane Rainey 1827 - 1892
      3. Elizabeth Rainey 1829 - 1900
    2. James Tipping Rainey (1786-1805 York SC)
    3. Elizabeth Rainey 1788-1851 Bullock Creek SC m Joseph Kirkpatrick (1775-1849) son of John and Elizabeth (Craig) Kirkpatrick
    4. William G. Rainey (1789-1865 York SC)
    5. Rebecca Rainey (1790-1850 York SC Bullock Creek Presbyterian Church Cemetery )
    6. Jane Rainey (1792-1838) m James Gillespie
    7. Samuel Rainey (1793-1828 York SC Bullock Creek Presbyterian Church Cemetery )
    8. Rosannah Rainey (1795-1836 York SC Bullock Creek Presbyterian Church Cemetery )
    9. Lillian Rainey (1797-1831 York SC Bullock Creek Presbyterian Church Cemetery )
    10. Robert Rainey (1799-1873 York SC Bullock Creek Presbyterian Church Cemetery )

  6. John Rainey

    This John Rainey should be the one on the 1790 census of Chester SC. He is assumed to be the father of Thomas Rainey -- subject of this page. This Thomas was adjacent to this John on the 1790 census.

    John Rainey (1737 Orange or Edgecomb NC- da 1790 Chester SC) married Mary Mitchell (1741 Orange NC- ) daughter of Robert Mitchell and Catherine Bates?

    Deed John Rainey to Samuel 1796 Chester

    Children of John Rainey and Mary Mitchell:

    1. Robert Rainey ( - dc 1790 Chester

      South Carolina Probate Records, Bound Volumes, 1671-1977," images, FamilySearch (here Chester SC Probate records, 1787-1799, Vol. A , image 67 of 205; citing Department of Archives and History, Columbia. Will file 88 page 895 Chester
      Janet Kell his wife
      Matthew, son
      Robert Kell brother-in-law
      James Kell of Rocky Creek
      Wm. Rainey brother (of Turkey Creek in York county)
      Nancy sister
      wit John Hunter Archibald Kell, Wm Rainey

      the next image (#68) says:

      Inventory appraisal
      Robert Rainey late of Sandy River
      dated 1792

    2. Nancy Rainey

    3. William Rainey
      m Elinor Boyd

    4. Isaac Rainey (b 1763 Orange NC d 1836 Bedford TN) m Sarah Pickney Malone (1768-1842)
      Lemuel Green Rainey 1787 1859
      Jesse Green Rainey 1789 - 1843
      Mary Robards (Polly) Rainey (Wells) 1791 1870
      Elizabeth S. Rainey (Dickson) 1796 1850
      Matilda Rainey (Dodson) 1797 1859
      Barzellai G. Rainey 1799 1873
      Rachel Rainey (Lane) 1802 1864
      George Robertson Rainey 1803 1842
      Mahala Rainey (Cliff) 1805 1895
      Isaac N. Rainey 1810 1840
      [daughter's married name from Isaac's will:here

    5. Jean Rainey b 1774-1784
      m Archibald Kell

    6. Benjamin Rainey

    7. Thomas Rainey bb 1770-1780 (Subject of this page)

      1790 Census Chester SC adj to John Rainey
      1800 Census Chester SC
      1810 Census Chester SC no wife
      1820 Census Chester SC
      1830 Census Chester SC
      1840 Census Chester SC

      1. married first ? Humphries
        1. William
        2. John G (1795 SC - 1851 CA)
        3. Thomas (bc 1800 - d 1850 DeKalb GA)
          1830 DeKalb GA census
        4. Sarah (Sallie) (bc 1800 -1877 Fairfield SC) married 1821 Wiley Coleman
        5. Elizabeth (1804 SC-1864 DeKAlb GA) m 1831 Henry Harvey Jeffares
        6. Charles (1805 SC-1856/57) mc 1831 Rebecca Goza (1808/9 SC-1880 DeKalb GA)
          1840 DeKalb Census male son 5-10
          1850 DeKalb Census no children
          1860 DeKalb Census Rebecca widow 2 grandchildren
          1870 DeKalb Census Rebecca widow 2 grandchildren, 2 gg grandchildren
          1880 DeKalb Census Rebecca widow in the home grandson Charles Carroll
          1. male bb 1830-1835
          2. Elizabeth (1831-1853) m James Maloney Carroll
        7. Bennett (1808 SC-1885 DEKAlb GA)
      2. married second Sarah Ussery Brown (bb 1770-1780 - 1844) dau of John Ussery and Elizabeth Mask no children

    8. Samuel Rainey [NOTE this Samuel ALSO appears as the son of John Rainey who died in 1765 in Mecklenburg NC in Robert Rainey Morris presentation]. See the entry immediately below this section. It contains virtually the same information and would place this Samuel a generation earlier],210982301 Will of Samuel Rainey Chester SC 1813 bequeath to:
      dau Rachel Murphy
      dau Elizabeth Mcneel
      dau ?itter Lewis
      son Samuel Rainey
      son James Rainey
      dau Harriet Karney
      my wife Mary
      my plantation -- one in York and other I now live
      my trusty friends Capt James Mitchell, my wife Mary and son Samuel apptd executors
      wit: Thomas Walker?, Hugh Wallace, Elizabeth Wallace

  7. Samuel Rainey (1743-1813) m about 1772 Mary Fondren daughter of John Fondren and (this).

    "In memory of Samuel Rainey, Sen, who died May 20th, 1813, aged 70 years"
    "In memory of Mary Rainey, who died Aug. 11th, 1842, aged 90 years"

    Bethesda Presbyterian Churchyard Tombstone Inscriptions York County, South Carolina

    Samuel Rainey is listed a private in Bratton's regiment of SC militia in "The Day it Rained Militia: Huck's Defeat and the Revolution in the South Carolina Backcountry, May-July 1780" by Michael C. Scoggins (The History Press, 2005), pg 239 with brothers Benjamin and Thomas.
    Children of Samuel Rainey and Mary Fondren:

    1. William Rainey b 1773 m Margret McNeel (will 1803 York SC administrator Margaret Rainey, Samuel and James McNeel security)
      "In memory of Wm Rainey, who died Nov. 6, 1803, aged 30 years."
      Bethesda Presbyterian Churchyard Tombstone Inscriptions York County, South Carolina
    2. Rachel Rainey b 1776 York SC - 1850 Victoria Texas m Robert Murphy (1768-1836 Monroe MS)(see this and this and this): Children:
      1. James Murphy 1796 York SC-1873 Greene CO, AL m 1821 York SC Angelina E Sadler
      2. Samuel Rainey Murphy 1799 York SC-1871 m Eliza J Greer
      3. Lucian Jefferson Murphy 1801 York SC-Clinton,Hinds MS
      4. Mary B Murphy 1804 York SC-1849 Dewitt TX m 1823 York SC William G Wright
      5. Jane E Adoline Murphy 1806 York SC- 1879 Lowndes MS m 1828 Andrew Dowdle
      6. John A Murphy 1811 York SC-1855 TX m 1836 Tabitha Parr
      7. Eli Harrison Murphy 1813 York SC-1857 TX
      8. Rachel R. Murphy 1816 York SC m 1835 John S Knox
      9. William A Murphy 1821 York SC-Burnet CO,TX

    3. Elizabeth Rainey b 1782-1849 York SC m Samuel McNeel (1771-1828).

      Bethesda Presbyterian Churchyard Tombstone Inscriptions York County, South Carolina:
            "In memory of Samuel McNeel, Died 14th Day of April, 1828, aged 57 years, except 24 days"
            "In memory of Elizabeth McNeel, Died 22nd day of March, 1849, aged 66 years, 11 mo., & 4 da "

      The will of Samuel McNeel is (Will Book J Vol 2 (1826-1828) Chester County Page 10). The transcription of the will lists wife Elizabeth, children: (1) Caroline; (2) Emmy, (3) Amanda Margaret, (4) Jane, and "others daughters now married", (5) William, (6) Washington Newton (the transcript may have combined James Washington McNeel and Samuel Newton McNeel), (7) D.R. Longimus and (8) L Gustavus, (9) Julia and (10) Pauline.

      Various list of children can be found on the web (e.g., see this this). The 11 children (10 in the will plus one more allowing for the 'James Washington' and 'Samuel Newton' combination) are:

      1. Mary Caroline McNeel 1799-1842
      2. Harriet Julia Mcneel 1801-1870
      3. Rachel Pauline McNeel 1802-1843
      4. William R. McNeel 1806-
      5. Emma A. McNeel 1807-1843
        "In memory of Emma A. McNeel, born March 6th, 1807, died Feb. 9th, 1843"
        Bethesda Presbyterian Churchyard Tombstone Inscriptions York County, South Carolina
      6. James Washington McNeel 1815-1854
        "Sacred to the memory of Dr. James Washington McNeel, who was born March the 11th, 1815, and died October the 24th, 1854, aged 39 years, 7 months, and 13 days, after an illness of three days, leaving his wife with many relations and friends to mourn his death"
        Bethesda Presbyterian Churchyard Tombstone Inscriptions York County, South Carolina
      7. Samuel Newton McNeel 1815-1826
        "Sacred to the memory of Samuel Newton McNeel, who died Oct. 20, A. D. 1826, aged 11 y., 7 m., & 13 d. "
        Bethesda Presbyterian Churchyard Tombstone Inscriptions York County, South Carolina
      8. Amanda Margaret McNeel 1818
      9. Jane A. McNeel 1821
      10. Gustavus Luther McNeel 1824-1908
      11. D. Rufus Longimus McNeel 1822-1898 MS

    4. Mary Rainey b 1784
    5. Amaritta Rainey (1787-1875) m Alexander Lewis (1780-1879) (see this and this). This and this say Alexander Lewis was the son of William Lewis (1746 NJ-1830 Fishing Creek SC) and Margaret Linn.
      See this for children:
      1. Mary Celina b 1810 m Joshua Best - moved to LA
      2. William Rainey Lewis b 1812 m Christian Ray - Talladega AL
      3. Nancy Margaret Lewis b 1816 m1 Robert McElhaney m2 Alexander Crawford English -Talladega AL
      4. Elizabeth Ada Lewis b 1817-1909 m Isaac Adams - Talladega AL
      5. male Lewis
      6. Samuel Lewis b 1825 m Eliza Towery - Talladega AL
    6. Samuel Rainey , Jr b 1789-) m1 Leithy Beckham ( -1835) m2 Julia Stringfellow (see this)
    7. James Maurice Rainey b 1791 m Juliet Sadler (see this)
      "In memory of James M. Rainey, who died Aug. 9th, 1832, aged 40 Years, 8 Months, & 13 Days."
      Bethesda Presbyterian Churchyard Tombstone Inscriptions York County, South Carolina
    8. Harriet (1794-1874 York SC) m John Simpson Bratton (1789-1843 York SC)(see this). Harriet Rainey was interviewed in the Lyman Draper Manuscripts around 1857 (Vol 16 pg 154)
      Children (see this)
      1. William Bratton 1814 SC - 1856 m Isabella J. E. Hood
      2. Infant Bratton 1816 SC - 1816
      3. John Simpson Jr. Bratton 1819 SC - 1888 GA
      4. Samuel Edward Bratton 1820 SC - 1895 m Letitia A Torrence
      5. James Rufus Bratton (1821 SC - 1897 York SC) m 1850 Mary Rebecca Massey
      6. Martha E Bratton 1825 SC - 1908 m James Thomas Lowry
      7. Robert McCaw Bratton 1825 SC - 1850 m Mary Torrence
      8. Mary Caroline Bratton 1827 SC - 1889 m William Richard Lowry
      9. Sophia C. Bratton SC -
      10. Elizabeth Bratton 1830 SC - 1904 m 1854 James Felix Walker KIA
      11. Harriet Jane Bratton 1832 SC - 1854 m Samuel L Rainey III
      12. Jane Elizabeth Bratton 1834 SC - 1902 m1 Thomas Jefferson Dunovant m2 Know Williams
      13. Agnes Bratton 1835 SC - 1914 m John Stitt Harrison
      14. Thomas Bratton 1837 SC - 1875 m Anne Camilla Clarke
  8. Benjamin Rainey m Bethiah Lacey daughter? of Edward Lacey this says he was Capt. Benjamin Rainey (S.C. Militia) of Laurens Dist./Co., S.C. and that Bethiah was the sister of Col. Edward Lacey of Chester SC. Benjamin is listed as a Captain in Col. William Bratton's regiment of Militia in "The Day it Rained Militia: Huck's Defeat and the Revolution in the South Carolina Backcountry, May-July 1780" by Michael C. Scoggins (The History Press, 2005).

Some notes on these relationships:

  • Edward Lacey, Jr. born Shippensburg Township PA. in 1742. He started as a Captain, was a Colonel by 1780 but was not made General until the war was ended. By 1797 he had moved his family to Tennessee and two years later to Livingston Co. KY. He was drowned there on 20 Mar 1813. (see this)

  • Robert Rainey Morris says on the Rainey Message Board at Apr 2006 that the John Rainey family above is related to Robert Rainey of Maghrafelt, Londonderry County Northern Ireland (see this):

    "Orange Co.North Carolina Court Minutes 1752-1761, Book I" We John Campell and Alexander McCullock do by virtue of said several powers to us from Henry McCullock and Joshua Willock do constitute and appoint Robert Rainey late of Maghrafelt Kingdom of Ireland our attorney to act in the letting and selling and disposing of said lands... letter of attorney was proved in open court by oath of John Rainey one of the witnesses...June 1757. I believe that John Rainey is a brother of Robert, and so are both of Maghrafelt, Londonderry Co.Northern Ireland. Both found in Orange, Johnson,Dobbs and Anson Co.N.Car. records. As part of Anson Co. became Tyron Co. and then Mecklenburg Co.'s I believe this John Rainey is the same who left a will in Mecklenburg Co. 1765."

    In the Scotch-Irish archive of Linda Merle's post (see this) discusses seventeenth century Maghrafelt and identifies Robert Rainey as a resident in 1752. Maghrafelt is at: 54.755398, -6.608028. There is a Rainey Street that is the central east-west road in "Magherfelt" and the "Rainey Endowed School" established by the will of Hugh Rainey in 1707.

  • Three of John Rainey's sons above (Samuel, Thomas and Benjamin) are shown in Michael Scoggins book on Huck's Defeat above. The document summarized below is the 1839 memorial celebration of the battle: Proceedings of a Celebration of Huck's Defeat, at Brattonsville, York District SC July 12 1839. Published by the Request of the Committee of Arrangements. It is a pamphlet of eight pages apparently reprinted in Lyman Draper's "Calendar of the Tennessee and King's Mountain Papers of the Draper Collection of Manuscripts."

    The document has two basic parts:

    1. An oration by Colonel W.C. Beatty (a battle participant) describing the battle details. In this address he says of the Raineys:

      "...I could name three Rainey's, who acted here with the same determined spirit with which Thomas Rainey expressed himself at Mobley's, "that he came there to fight and he would do it..."

    2. Following the oration is a series of "Regular Toasts" to the participants. Number 14 says:

      "14. The memory of Thomas Rainey, Samuel Rainey, Benjamin Rainey and Samuel Kelsey -- devoted patriots, brave and fearless soldiers; they were always willing to perform their duties - they always did perform it. They were whigs from the first; they were whigs to the last."


Thomas Rainey of Chester SC married first ? Humphries and had at least ten children (this number is based on my interpretation of census data below) and then married Sarah Ussery Brown ( - before 1844) in Chester County South Carolina. I attribute ALL of his children to ? Humphries and NONE to Sarah (Brown) Ussery. This is contrary to most Thomas Rainey data. But Sarah (Brown) Ussery is having children with John Brown from the 1790s into the 1800s in Virginia and the same time Thomas Rainey's children are being born in Chester SC (see this Cindy Casey data) and my presentation of Cindi Casey's data below. Further, the name Charles and Bennett which enters most of the Rainey children families is apparently from the Humphries family -- Charles Humphries and wife Mary Bennett (see this below).

The heirs of John Brown and Sarah Ussery filed a petition in SC in 1844 to have Thomas Rainey deliver slaves once owned by Sarah Ussery Brown (who was married first to John Brown and then to Thomas Rainey).


The trustee and twenty-three heirs of the late Sarah Brown Rainey, who are all residents of Alabama and Mississippi, seek to collect their inheritance of slaves. In 1804, Sarah's father, John Upery, willed to her slaves named Frank and Jinny and Jinny's increase. Sarah and her husband, John Brown, then removed with the slaves to South Carolina, where in 1816, Brown placed the slaves under a deed of trust. The trust stated that he and his wife had use of the property during their lifetimes, but after their deaths, the slaves would revert to their children. John died soon after, and Sarah then married Thomas Rainey, who executed a penal bond in case he "should not permit the property contained in said deed of trust to be held enjoyed and disposed of according to the terms and stipulations in said deed contained." Sarah has recently died, and now Thomas refuses to deliver up the slaves; instead, he has attempted to remove them to Georgia. The petitioners pray that Thomas Rainey be ordered to give the slaves to them so that a proper division of the estate can be made. [Petition is missing pages.]
Result: granted
# of Petition Pages: 8
Related Documents: Court Record, 4 November 1844; Commissioner's Report, 21 May 1846; Decree, 10 July 1847
See this

Thomas Rainey's children moved to DeKalb County Georgia mostly in a ten year interval from 1824 to 1835. Father Thomas sold his land to oldest son John G. Rainey in 1824. Brothers, Charles, Thomas and Bennett and sister Elizabeth moved to DeKalb in the early 1830's. The Rainey Plantation was established in the "Cross Keys" district of DeKalb County along Shallowford road. This road was the original trail from: the Decatur courthouse which lies on the Sandtown-Stone Mountain trail (the "Georgia Railroad" on the map) north to the "shallow ford" on the Chattahoochee River. The Georgia Railroad lies astride the eastern continental divide.

The historic marker (or this) shown above stands at the site of the Rainey Plantation ("The Rainey Plantation GHM" Georgia Historic Marker Shallowford Road at Tucker-Chamblee Road, 33.8852778 -84.2847222). This was the home of Charles and Rebecca Rainey. Charles died in 1857 leaving the widow Rebecca Goza Rainey in charge of a large plantation. Brother Bennett and sister Elizabeth (wife of teacher Henry Jeffares at Cross Keys) were nearby. The plantation lies near the site of the current DeKalb Peachtree airport at the interesection of Tucker Chamblee Road and Shallowford Road where the marker is placed.

The map below is in "Atlas to Accompany the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies" published by the Secretaries of War and compiled by Capt. Calvin D Cowles, Washington D.C., 1891-1895. This portion of a two page map is from the excellent Simmons Games site. The map is called the "Fourth Epoch of the Atlanta Campaign" and was one of four maps compiled by Edward Ruger which covers Sherman's marches from Chattanooga to Atlanta. It is amazing in its detail in that it identifies individual homes as well as geographic and military features. The image spans two pages in the original book thus creating the difference in color and misalignment.

During the battles around Atlanta during Sherman's occupation, Union General Grenville Dodge commander of the 16th Army Corps occupied the "widow Rainey's house" during the sweep around Atlanta. She is mentioned by her nephew Bennett Rainey Jeffares (Elizabeth Rainey's son) in his Civil War letters as "Aunt Rebecca".

Sherman's Union Army was divided into three smaller armies: the Army of the Cumberland (Gen. George Thomas); the Army of the Tennessee (Gen James McPherson) and the Army of the Ohio (Gen. John Scofield). General James McPherson's Army of the Tennessee was charged with sweeping around Atlanta and cutting the Georgia railroad between Stone Mountain and Decatur (the Sandtown-Stone Mountain Indian trail). McPherson's three corps: the 15th Army Corps (Gen. John Logan, 15 AC on the map); 16th Army Corps (Gen. Grenville Dodge,16 AC on the map) and the 17th Army Corps (Gen. Frank Blair, 17 AC on the map).

These three corps swept clockwise around north Atlanta from Kennesaw Mountain, with General Grenville Dodge's corps using "widow Rainey's house" as headquarters on July 16, 1864 before moving on to Browning's Courthouse ("Browning" on the map) the next day.

The census data for the Rainey families in Chester SC and Dekalb county Georgia appear below. The Elder Thomas is highlighted in red. Eldest son John is shown in blue.

Thomas Rainey Census Data

1790 Chester County SC
John    2 males over 16,                   1 female
Thomas  1 male  over 16,                   1 female
James   2 males over 16, 2 males under 16, 4 females
William 1 male  over 16,                 , 1 female
William 1 male  over 16, 1 male  under 16, 2 females
William 2 males over 16,                 , 1 female [appears to be Raney]

Charles Humphries  2 male under 16, 2 males over 16, 2 female

in York County, 1790
Saml Rainey   1 male  over 16, 2 males under 16, 5 females

in Laurens County, 1790
James Rainey  1 male over 16, 1 male under 16, 5 females
Mary Rainey   2 males over 16, 3 females

1800 Chester County SC
                     Males                     Females
             <10  10-15 16-25 26-44 >45  <10 10-15 16-25 26-44 >45
Wm     Raney                         1    3                1
Janet  Raney              1                                     1 [widow of Robert and son Mathew]
James  Renny                    2    1                     1
Thomas Reny   2                 1         3                1 see census note 1 below
1810 Chester County SC
                    Males                     Females
             <10  10-15 16-25 26-44 >45  <10 10-15 16-25 26-44 >45
Wm                        1          1    2    2     1          1  [adjacent to Saml below]
Saml          3                 1         1          1             [adjacent to Wm above]
Saml                                 1         1                1
Thos          2      1    1     1         3    1     1 see census note 2 below

Binnet Humphries (>45),Tho Humphries (>45);Chas Humphries (26-45);
John Humphries (>45) appear on the same page with Wm and Saml above
1820 Chester County SC
                    Males                            Females
               <10  10-16 16-18 16-26 26-45 >45  <10 10-16 16-26 26-44 >45

Jas M Rainey    2                 1     1                    1     1     1
Thos  Rainey          2           1         1                1 see census note 3 below
Wm    Rainey    1                           1          1           1
1830 Chester County SC
                    Males                            Females
               <5 5- 10- 15- 20- 30- 40- 50- 60- 70- 80- 90-  >  <5 5- 10- 15- 20- 30- 40- 50- 60- 70- 80- 90-  >
                  10 15  20  30  40  50  60  70  80  90  100 100    10 15  20  30  40  50  60  70  80  90  100 100
C Rainey                      1                                                 1
J Rainey           1  1           1                                  1                              1
T Rainey                      1           1                       1             2 see census note 4 below
W Rainey              1                       1                                 1       1
M Rainey        1                                                 1             1

"C" may be Charles
Note that "T" and "W" are both older Rainey men. We may infer that "T" is our Thomas as no older "Thomas"
appears in DeKalb GA
1830 DeKalb GA
                    Males                            Females
               <5 5- 10- 15- 20- 30- 40- 50- 60- 70- 80- 90-  >  <5 5- 10- 15- 20- 30- 40- 50- 60- 70- 80- 90-  >
                  10 15  20  30  40  50  60  70  80  90  100 100    10 15  20  30  40  50  60  70  80  90  100 100
William Rainey*       1   2                   1                      1      1               1
John Rainey*    1  1          1                                                 1
John**          2  1              1                               2  1              1 see census note 4 below
Thomas***       2  2          1                                      1              1       1

* A young John (20-30) and an old William (60-70) nearby James and John Jett, probably Cross Keys Area.
  I cannot place either William or this young John.
** John nearby Larkin Knash (Nash), and Grenville Henderson probably south of Browning's Courthouse area
   (see map above "Nash" and Fellowship Church)
*** A young Thomas (20-30) nearby John Cochran north of Browning's Courthouse (see map above "Corcoran").
1840 DeKalb GA, District 686
                    Males                            Females
               <5 5- 10- 15- 20- 30- 40- 50- 60- 70- 80- 90-  >  <5 5- 10- 15- 20- 30- 40- 50- 60- 70- 80- 90-  >
                  10 15  20  30  40  50  60  70  80  90  100 100    10 15  20  30  40  50  60  70  80  90  100 100
Charles Rainy      1              1                                                 1
Benit Rainy     1  1          1                                             1   1
John Rainy      2  2  2   2           1                                 1   1

Lithonia District 638
James Rainey                  1                                                 1

see George W Rainey and Pitt M. Rainey below District 530 (probably not related-- but on the 1840 Dekalb census)
1840 Chester SC
                    Males                            Females
               <5 5- 10- 15- 20- 30- 40- 50- 60- 70- 80- 90-  >  <5 5- 10- 15- 20- 30- 40- 50- 60- 70- 80- 90-  >
                  10 15  20  30  40  50  60  70  80  90  100 100    10 15  20  30  40  50  60  70  80  90  100 100

William Rainey*                                       1                                         1
Jonas Rainey*   1             1                                   1             1
Thomas Raney                                  1                                                 1
Mary Raney                        1                                         1                           1

* adjacent

Census Note 1 (1800): There appears 1 male child and 3 females not accounted for in my details below in 1800. John G (b 1795) would be one of the 2 males less than 10, but who is the other? Where are the females later?

Census Note 2 (1810): There appear to be eight children (compared to my list of five). Notably there are four sons: Charles (b 1805) and Bennett (b 1808) would be in the younger categories. John (b 1795) could be in the 10-15 range. So, again who is the EXTRA elder son of Thomas Senior? Maybe the Thomas Rainey who died in 1850 in Dekalb?

In 1800 Thomas' wife listed as 26-44. In 1810 the oldest female is 16-25 -- and thus likely a dauaghter -- not wife.

Census Note 3 (1820): The daughter that remains is perhaps Elizabeth b 1804 age 16.

The younger sons: Bennett and Charles and another are still at home (both 10-16). Either John G (who would be 25) and the other missing elder son (Maybe Thomas) is gone. So who is 16-26?

Census Note 4 (1830): The older Thomas (senior) appears in Chester in 1830. His son John G is likely in DeKalb Georgia with 3 sons, three daughters and a wife in the same 30-40 age category. There is a young Thomas (20-30) in DeKalb who I cannot specifically place -- perhaps the Thomas who died in 1850 and is buried in Dekalb (see the Nancy Creek Cemetery discussion above). Further there is an older William (bc 1760-70) and younger son John adjacent age 20-30.

Thomas Rainey's Land in Chester SC

In "Descendants of Phillip and William Young" website by Jean Young Clarke (here) we find these deeds:

"Land Conveyance Records for Phillip Young:

... Chester County Conveyance, Book S, # 180, Page 146, 12-18-1816

...a certain plantation or tract of land containing by estimation two hundred more or less acres, the said land lying and being situated in the District of Chester on the headwaters of Stone's Fork of South Sandy River in the State aforesaid, the same being part of a tract of land containing six hundred and forty acres originally granted to Thomas Halsa the fifth day of February one thousand seven hundred and eighty seven under the hand of his Excellency William Moultri Esquire, Governor and Commander in Chiefin and over the said State and having a memorial thereof entered in the Secretary's office in Grant Book RRRR, page 33.

The said land was conveyed from said Thomas Halsa by bargain and sale to Richard Yarbrough and from said Yarbrough to William Coggin, Senr and from said William Coggin Senr to John Coggin and land is bounded as follows viz:

Beginning on a chestnut tree on Thomas Rainey's line from thence running to a red oak corner on Henry Martin's land from thence to a stake corner on William Terry's land from thence to a post oak corner on Allen DeGraffenreid's land, thence along said DeGraffenreid's line to a hickory corner on Elams land thence along said Elam's line to a stake corner, thence on a strait line to the fork on a branch above William Price's Mill thence up the East Fork of said branch to William Price's line thence along the line to a Spanish oak corner on Moore's land from thence along the original line to a post oak corner on Thomas Rainey's land, from thence along said Rainey's line to the beginning corner.

Then in 1818 there is:

"...Chester County Conveyance Book S, # 561, page 439, 12-8-1818:
Gan (John) Thompson sold to William Youngue for $300, 86 acres in Chester District on the head branches branches of the South Fork of Little River, adjoining Phillip Youngue, Thomas Rainey, John Stockdale and the widow Atkins lands. Dower release by Jane Thompson

Then in 1823, Chester County Conveyance Book V, # 50, page , 12-20-1823:

"...William Halsall to Phillip Young for $150, 80 acres on the Cool Branch of Sandy River bounding lands of Cleighborn Wright, John Wright, and Allen EdGraffenreid, and on Welches Fork, a branch of Sandy River bounding lands of Phillip Young, and Thomas Rainey. Witnessed by John Young and Richard Elam

So around 1820 we have the names of Thomas Rainey's nearby neighbors:

1820 Chester County Census
( census page number)
Thomas Raineypage 7
Thomas Halsey
Peter Halsey
page 29
page 29
William Youngpage 29
Phillip Youngpage 29
John Young
Henry Martin
William Terrypage 29
Allen deGraffenriedpage 19
Richard Elam
Martin Elam
Geo. Elam
page 29
page 29
William Price (Captain)
Daniel Price
page 7
page 7
? Moore
John Stockdale
Claiborne Wrightpage 22
John Wrightpage 13

DeKalb and Cobb counties -- 1846
The maps to the left shows Cobb and DeKalb county BEFORE and AFTER the formation of Fulton county (where Atlanta is now centered) and the 1864 county map below.

The 1846 map clearly shows Shallowford Road from Decatur in DeKalb due north to the low water Chattahochee crossing (near Lebanon near Roswell in Cobb county -- Lebanon as a town which disappears after 1855). The "Cross Keys" tavern is about halfway from Decatur to the river and is shown on Sherman's map above. Along this road is where the Rainey plantation was located.

The 1855 maps clearly shows the indian trail that defines the eastern boundary of DeKalb county with Gwinnett county. This trail(boundary) also terminated at the "shallow ford" of the Chattahochee.

The 1864 map below shows both "Cross Keys" and "Nancy Creek" in what is now Chamblee GA.

DeKalb, Fulton and Cobb counties -- 1855

DeKalb, Fulton and Cobb counties -- 1864
Maps linked from: Digitial Library of Georgia

Early Rainey Marriages in Chester SC

Potential daughters of Thomas Rainey would be of age beginning in 1805 (there were 3 < 10 in 1800) and only one remaining by 1820. Also, there is an unidentified son about the same age as John G (b 1795). So below is the search for Rainey children marriages where they would be born 1790-1815.

  1. Jane Rainey (b 1805 Chester SC m James W Kell (b 1791 Chester SC) m 1831 Marion IL see this and this
  2. Samuel Rainey b 1803 in Chester SC m Martha Ann Kell (b 1812 Chester SC) son of Mathew Rainey b 1784 Chester SC-1842 Marion IL) and Ann Gaston b 1784 Chester SC (see this) Matthew was the son of Robert Rainey and Jeannette Kell of of Chester SC. Robert Rainey had two children in Chester, Samuel and Jane, and then six more in Christian Kentucky after 1806. Robert and his wife both immigrated from Ireland. I have not found this Robert on the SC census.

    Both the Rainey children above appear EXCLUDED as children of Thomas owing to the Robert Rainey documentation in KY.

  3. Cornelia Laura Rainey (1821-1892 York SC) m. 1842 York SC James Myers Meek (b 1810 York SC)

    Cornelia is EXCLUDED as she is born after 1820 and Thomas Rainey shows NO young females on the 1820 and later censuses.

  4. Samuel Rainey b 1791 d 1837 Chester SC m Sept 9 1824 Amelia Stringfellow b 1803 Chester SC see this.
  5. Julia Eliza Rainey bc 1824 mc 1842 William Hall Stringfellow (1818 Chester SC-1869 Aiken SC) see this

    These two Rainey children are both married to children of William Stringfellow (1780 SC - 1849 SC). Julia is EXCLUDED as she was born after 1820 and couldn't be a daughter of Thomas Rainey based on census data. Samuel doesn't appear on any Chester census data.

    But he CANNOT BE EXCLUDED AS a potential son of Thomas as he is born after 1790 (Thomas had no children on the 1790 census)

  6. Mary Rainey (1787 Chester SC- ) m 1803 John Coleman (1780 Fairfield SC-1862 Winnsboro Fairfield SC) son of William Coleman (1733 dc 1830 Fairfield SC) and Nancy Butler grandson of Francis Coleman (1690-)(see this). The 1850 Fairfield Census lists Mary's birthplace as "Chester SC". Mary would be EXCLUDED as Thomas has NO children on the 1790 census.

  7. Sarah (Sallie) Rainey (1800 Chester SC-1877) m 1821 Wylie Coleman (1795 Fairfield SC-1860). See this and this and this. There is a family story that Henry Jeffares married his cousin Elitia Coleman in Fairfield County SC (See my Jeffares site). If this Sarah Sallie Rainey is a daughter of Thomas Rainey and Elizabeth Rainey who married Henry Harvey Jeffares is also a daughter of Thomas Rainey, then Henry Harvey's son Henry Jeffares and Elitia Coleman are first cousins (see Robert Coleman's will here). Sarah Rainey's birthplace is specifically listed as "Chester SC" and her age as 50 in the 1850 Fairfield SC census with husband Wylie Coleman.

Children are:

  1. William bb 1790-1795
  2. John G b.1795
  3. Thomas bc 1800
  4. Sarah (Sallie) b. 1800 (normally NOT listed as a daughter, but see below)
  5. Elizabeth b 1804
  6. Charles b 1805
  7. Bennett b 1808

How Many Children of Thomas Rainey?

The 1810 Chester SC census lists eight children -- four sons (two born between 1800 and 1810 and two born before 1800 and four daughters. William (16-25 on tthe 1810 census) nmay be out of Thomas' hone) The census data above shows that I have at least one of Thomas Rainey's children missing from this analysis -- using the counts from the 1810 Chester SC census + plus William. While William, John G; Elizabeth, Charles, Bennett, Thomas and Sarah (Sallie) are documented elsewhere, there are at least 2 missing female children.

Three sons could be shown born before 1800 (see 1800 Chester census above). One is William. One is John G. Rainey and according to the 1810 census, the likely third one is the Thomas Rainey as discussed below; and two sons of Thomas (Charles and Bennett) are born after 1800.

Children of Thomas Rainey and ? Humphries:

  1. William Rainey

    no data

  2. Colonel John G Rainey (1795 SC-1851 CA)

    Married Sarah Goza (1793 - 1876 buried Bartow County GA) in either 1817 or 1821 daughter of John and Mary Goza. He was in the War of 1812 as a private in the company of John Reedy, 1st South Carolina Militia, infantry commanded by Lt. Col. Hugh Means. He purchased in 1826 160 acres in Fairfield SC, sold in 1830 and moved to Dekalb GA. He was a captain, major and colonel of the 54th (DeKalb) Militia between 1834 and 1843. Sometime between 1844 and 1848 he moved to Cherokee GA. In 1850 with son William went to California arrived Jan 1851, died in CA Feb 1851. His will was probated in Cherokee GA. There were at least eight sons and three daughters.

    From Georgia Archives:

    John Rainey -- DeKalb Georgia Militia Service

    1. Capt., DeKalb County, Oct.1 1834 - July 29 1836 (M.R. (Militia Rolls), 1929-1841 p. 72)
    2. Major, DeKalb County, May 8 1935 - Oct 31, 1836 (M.R. (Militia Rolls), 1929-1841 p. 78)
    3. Colonel, DeKalb County, July 6, 1840 - ?(M.R. (Militia Rolls), 1929-1841 p. 202)
    4. John Rainey Col., 54 Regiment DeKalb Co. Georgia Militia March 14 1843

    The Cartersville Express
    Cartersville, Georgia
    September 21, 1876, Page 3

    Death of a Venerable Lady.

    Mrs. SALLIE RAINEY, the venerable mother of our friend Mr. W. W. Rainey, of the Couch House, Kingston, died at Acworth on the 17th inst. She was 81 years of age, and died hopefully and peacefully.

    See her gravestone from New Hope Baptist Church Cemetery, Acworth, GA 30102

    According to Emily S Farr, John G Rainey was a private in the company of Captain John Reedy in the 1st Regiment of South Carolina Militia commanded by Col. Hugh Means. He was drafted at the Chester Courthouse for six months and was discharged in Charleston S.C.,

    John was apparently an officer in the 54th Georgia Militia (DeKalb county militia). He is shown as Captain Oct. 1834-July 1836 (Militia Records pg 72); Major May 1835-Oct 1836 (Militia Records pg 78); Colonel July 1840 (Militia Records pg 202), Col 54th Regiment (DeKalb) March 14, 1843. (See this from Georgia Virtual Vault(see the "Georgia Archives"; "General Name File"; "Raines,James - Rainey, Seaborn" -- click the "+ Individual Cards" link at the left, then scroll to pages 35 and 36 and click; also .

    From Emily S. Farr: "In December 1850 John and his son William sailed from Panama to California on the steamer Antelope in search of gold. The ship landed in San Francisco Jan 9 1851 21 days after sailing. This is documented in the San Francisco passenger lists by Rassmussen. He was taken ill soon after his arrival and died Feb 11, 1851. William returned home and tradition has it that John was buried in California."

    Farr's specific reference is:

    Louis J Rassmussen, San Francisco Ship Passenger Lists Volume 1 (1850-1864), Baltimore MD, Genealogical Publishing Co., 1978, pg. 8.

    Ship: Antelope
    Type: Steamer
    Arrived: Jan 9 1851 (AM)
    Passage: 21 days from Panama
    Carhgo: Not Listed
    From: Panama
    Captain: Not Listed

    John Rainey
    William Rainey

    of 77 passengers listed.

    John G. Rainey's Census Data:

    1830 DeKalb GA Census
    John Rainey
    2   males   < 5 [George and Oliver]
    1   male   5-10 [Who is this?
                     Born after 1820 and before 1826]
    1   males 30-40
    2 females   < 5
    1 female   5-10
    1 female  30-40
    1840 DeKalb GA Census
    John Rainey 40-50
    2 males       < 5
    2 males      5-10
    2 males     10-15
    2 males     15-20
    1 female    10-15
    1 female    15-20
    1 female    30-40
    1850 Cherokee GA Census
    John J Raning     55 SC $55,000
    Sarah Raning      52 SC
    Oliver H P Raning 23 SC
    John Raning       20 GA
    Thomas Raning     18 GA
    Wm W Raning       17 GA
    Martin Raning     15 GA
    James Raning      13 GA
    Birdin Raning     11 GA
    Paryode Raning     8 GA

    In 1860, Sarah Goza Rainey (widowed wife of John G Rainey, age 65) is in Cross Keys, Dekalb GA census in home of G.A. Braswell (25, teacher) and Minerva Braswell (24). G.A. Braswell was a Private in 38th GA Inf, killed at Cold Harbor VA June 3, 1864. G. A. Braswell was allegedly a chaplain killed by a stray bullet (see this). This says he is George Anderson Braswell, son of Asa Braswell (b1801) who migrated to Dekalb in 1844.

    Children in Braswell home include a Zebulon Rainey age 6. Is this the son of William W Rainey, son of Sarah Goza Rainey who appears later on the 1870 census with father William W Rainey in Dekalb age 16 in 1870. A Z. P. Rainey appears with widowed father William W Rainey in Cobb county age 6 (so Zebulon appears twice in 1860)

    George A Braswell married Manerva E. Elliot Jan 8 1855 in Dekalb Couny GA (see this).

    1860 Dekalb Georgia Census, Cross Keys
    G. A. Braswell    25 SC School Teacher $500 $150
    Minerva Braswell  24 GA
    John H Braswell    2 GA
    Georgia A Braswell 1 GA
    N Hix Braswell    20 GA
    Sarah Rainey      65 SC widow $800 $2,500
    Zebulon Rainey     6 GA

    Children of John Rainey and Sarah Goza:

    1. George W Rainey (1827-1864 Atlanta GA) (son of John G Rainey)
      died of wounds in Battle of Atlanta
      m Emeline Goza daughter of Aaron and Elizabeth Goza (see below) on 3/3/1853 in Dekalb County GA (see this post). "Emaline Rainey 1833-1903" is buried at Liberty Hill Cemetery in Acworth Georgia

      1860 Cobb Georgia Census, Accworth
      G. W. Rainey   33 SC farmer $250
                           [indexed as "Roiny" on census]
      Emeline Rainey 27 SC
      J A             6 GA male
      1870 DeKalb Georgia Census
      Elizabeth Goza  65 GA $400 $150
                            [widow of Aaron Goza]
      Sallie Rainey   42 GA $0 $150
                      [actually Sarah dau, widow of John G Rainey] says sister
      Ury Ann         14 GA niece
      Leanna          30 GA [Elizabeth's dau: Leanna 59 on 1880 census below,
                             Liann age 39 on 1860, Leeanah on 1850 age 29]
      Mary E          40 GA [Elizabeth's dau: Mollie 49 on 1880 census below,
                             Mary E age 29 on 1860, Mollie E on 1850]
      1880 DeKalb Georgia Census
      Eliz Goza       75
      Leanna          59 step dau
      Mollie          49 step daughter
      Ida             13 niece
      adjacent is:
      Sarah Rainey   51 sc sc sc
      Ury Ann Rainey 24 ga ga sc  deformed

      Rainey, George W.- [Summary: Private, Lieutenant Company C 41st Georgia Infantry Regiment. March 4, 1862. Wounded in left side at Atlanta, Ga. July 22, 1864, and captured near there July 23, 1864. Died of wounds in 4th Division Hospital, 17th Army Corps, at Atlanta, Ga. July 24, 1864. Buried about two and one half miles north of Atlanta in the same unit as Burdine Rainey. Federal 17 Army Corps hospital records say he was a Lieutenant -- Company C 41st GA.]

      Company C 41st Georgia Regiment, Service Record:

      • George W Rainey Pvt. Co. B 41 Regt Ga Inf. Report of deceased Confederate soldiers held as prisoners of war in the 4th Division Hospital 17 A.C. for the half-month ending July 31 1864. Report dated Headquarters 4th Division, 17th AC near Atlanta Ga Aug 24 1864. Captured July 23, 1864 east of Atlanta Date of Death July 29 1864 gun shot wound buried north of Atlanta about 2 1/2 miles
      • Ramey, George W Lieut Co C 41 Regt Ga Inf
      • George W Ramey Lieut Co C 41 Regt Ga Inf wounded in the side Admitted July 23, 1864 to 4 Div 17 Ac Hosp died July 29 1864 Remarks: Confederate

      Company C, 7th Georgia State Guard, Service Record

      • G.W. Rainey Pvt Captain Johnson's Company (Ackworth Grays) Lester's Regiment, Georgia. Enrolled July 29, 1863 Acworth GA for six months. Age 38 height 6 ft Born Chester SC Complexion dark Hair black Occupation farmer
      • Private G.W. Rainey Company C 7th Georgia State Guards Muster Roll Nov Dec 1863. present,
        [This data makes George W Rainey born crica 1825 in SC]
      • Private G.W. Rainey Company C 7th Georgia State Guards Muster Roll Dec 31 1863 - Jan 31 1864. Present. Terms of service expired, this company disbanded Jan 31 1864. Name appears on column of names present as G.W. Rainey

      Brother R.M.Rainey shows same service (see below)

    2. Oliver P Rainey (bc 1826 - dc 1860 Cobb GA) (son of John G Rainey)

      Emily S. Farr says this son died before 1860 in Cobb County (I have no source documents on this)

    3. John G Rainey (bc 1830-1864?) (son of John G Rainey)
      Married Sarah Goza 1/1/1852 in Dekalb GA

      [Summary: 38th GA Infantry, 4th Sgt, 2nd Sgt, Pvt, Captured Gettysburg July 1 or 4, Paroled Point Lookout MD transferred to City Point VA Mar 16, 1864, revd March 20, 1864. No later record (Henderson's Roster information)]

      • Admitted to Hospital Number 20, Dec 17, 1862 [this would be after Fredericksburg]
      • Muster Roll sep 36-Oct 31 1861
      • Enlisted Sep 26, 1862 DeKalb GA, 3 years or the duration of the war
      • Muster Roll 4th Sergeant, Nov Dec 1861
      • Muster Roll Jan-Feb 1862, last paid Oct-Dec 1861
      • Muster Roll Mar-Apr 1862
      • Muster Roll May-Oct 1862 2nd Sergeant
      • Muster Roll Nov-Dec 1862 Private
      • Muster Roll Jan-Feb 1863 Private
      • Muster Roll Mar-April 1863 Private
      • Muster Roll May-June 1863 dated Aug 10 1863 absent. Taken prisoner July 4 1863
      • Muster Roll Jul-Aug 1863 taken prisoner by the enemy
      • Muster Roll Sep-Oct 1863 taken prisoner by the enemy
      • Muster Roll Nov-Dec 1863 taken prisoner by the enemy
      • Muster Roll Jan 1-Apr 3 1864 dated Sept 14, 1864 prisoner of war
      • Muster Roll Apr-Sep 1864 dated Oct 26 1863 A prisoner of war since July 1 1863 taken at Gettysburg
      • Roll of Prisoners paroled at Fort McHenry, Maryland and sent to Fort Delaware, Del, July 9 1863. Captured at Waterloo July 5 1863
      • Roll of Prisoners of War paroled at Point Lookout, Maryland transferred to City Point Virginia Mar 16 1864 for exchange. Captured at Gettysburg July 4 1863.
      • J. M. Raney Pvt Company A 38 Regt GA appears on a list of killed, wounded and missing of Early's Division during the campaign in Pennsylvania and Maryland, June and July 1863. Place: Gettysburg Date July 1, wounded.
      • Appears on a list of casualties in the 38th Georgia Vols at Fredericksburg Dec 13, 1862. List dated Dec 19 1862. Remarks: wounded.

      1860 Dekalb Census
      [adjacent to Rebecca Rainey and Bennett Rainey]
      John G Rainey 28 GA  $1,440 181
      Sarah Rainey  32 SC [Sallie on 1870 census with
                           Elizabeth Goza widow of Aaron Goza]
      Wrah a Rainey  4

      John G Rainey disappears from the census and family after 1860. Emily S. Farr assumes he died in the war, although he did NOT die in Federal prison (returned to City Point VA 3/20/1864)

      Sarah Rainey (1828-1898) is buried at Pleasant Hill Cemetery in DeKalb GA. Daughter U.A. (1855-1896) buried adjacent. No grave for John Rainey has been found. See below for later ceneus data for Sarah.

    4. Thomas Rainey (bc 1832- ) (son of John G Rainey)

      [Summary: 41st Georgia Inf Company C, 2nd Sergeant Mar 4, 1862, captured at Nashville Dec 16 1864, Sent via Louisville KY to Camp Chase Ohio. Prisoner Camp Chase Ohio. Released Jan 2 1865]

      • Enlisted Mar 4 1862 at Camp McDonel
      • Bounty Payroll Mar 29, 1862 for re-enlisting $50.00
      • Muster Roll Nov-Dec 1863 $4.80 Commutation for 1862
      • Roll of Prisoners of War at Nashville Tenn captured by Maj Gen Thomas commanding forwarded to Capt. S. E. Jones Add'l ADC Louisville KY Dec 31, 1864 Roll dated HQ Dept Cumberland Office of Provost Marshall Nashville Tenn Dec 31 1864
      • Sgt Thomas B Rainey Prisoner of War Dept of the Cumberland captured at Nashville Tenn Dec 15, 1865 forwarded to Louisville KY Jan 1 1865
      • Thos B Rainey Sgt Company C 41st GA Inf Prisoner of War at Military Prison Louisville KY recvd Jan 1 1865 captured Nashville Dec 16 1864 discharged Jan 2 1865 to Camp Douglas
      • Thos B Rainey Sergt Co E 41 Reg Ga Inf - Roll of Prisoners of War who arrived at Military Prison Louisville Kentucky during the five days ending Jan 5 1865. Captured near Nashville Tenn Dec 16, 1864
      • Roll of Prisoners of War at Louisville KY transfered to Camp Chase Ohio Jan 2 1865 captured at Nashville Dec 16 1864
      • Roll of Prisoners of War received at Camp Chase Ohio from Louisville Ky Jan 4 1865
      • Oath of Allegiance sworn at Camp Chase Ohio June 12 1865 Place of Residence DeKalb GA Complexion Dark Hair Black Eyes Blk Height 6' 1/2" Age 34 captured Nashville Tenn Dec 16 1864
      • T.B. Rainey Sergt Co C 41 Regt GA appears on a Register of Payments List for service Jan 1 1863 to Feb 28 1863.
      • Requisition for Clothing, Camp ? equipment for Company C 41st Ga Regmt 3rd ? 1863 T.B. Rainey Voucher #3
      • Requisition for Clothing & c 1863 for Company C 41st Regt Ga Vols:
        • Sept 22 Five Frying Pans
        •     "     Two Camp Kettles
        •     "     Two Mess Pans
        •     "     Two Water Buckets
        • Sept 25 Two camp Kettles
        •     "     Six Mess Pans
        •     "     Fifteen Tin Cups
        •     "     One Ax and Handle
        •     "     One Oven and Lid
        •     "     One Wall Tent and Fly
        •     "     Seven pr Shoes @ $5 $35.00
        •     "     One ? castings
        I certify that the above is correct and the articles are absolutely needed for the following reasons Men in need of clothing & T.B.Rainey Co C 41 GA Capt A.B. Abraham A ? mcGill ? ? the articles specified in above requisition
        Wm ? Col ?
        Recved at Decatur GA on the 25th Sept 1863 of Capt A D Abramsom the articles specified above
        T.B. Rainey Co C 41 GA

      Perhaps Thomas Rainey married 1/9/1855 Mary Elizabeth Fannin (1835 -1890) in Dekalb. She was the daughter of John Fannin (1794 Elbert GA-1870 DeKalb GA) and Izalinda C McIntyre (1801 Franklin GA-1875 DeKalb GA) who was the son of Benjamin Fannin (1771 Mecklenburg VA-1840 Elbert GA) (see Flach site for more on the Fannin family). There is an additional marriage of a "Thomas B. Rainey" to "Sara Jett" in 1851. It is possible that some of the elder children belong to a different marriage. I think the following three census census entries are for John G. Rainey's son Thomas. There is another Thomas Rainey who was the son of John G.'s brother Bennett (See the discussion below).

      1860 Cherokee Georgia Census, Bells
      Thomas B Rainey 25 GA [Thomas Bennett Rainey]
      Eliza Rainey    22 GA
      Marietta Rainey  7 GA
      Julianna Rainey  5 GA
      James Rainey     2 GA
      1870 Dekalb GA Census Decatur
      Thomas B Rainey   36 farmer GA
      Mary E Rainey     32        GA
      Indiana M Rainey  14 female GA
      Zendavesta Rainey 12 male   GA
      Mossori a Rainey  10 female GA
      Florida J Rainey   8 female GA
      Thomas E Rainey    4 male   GA
      Charlie V Rainey   1 male   Ga
      all b GA
      1880 Habersham GA Census Toccoa
      T. B. Rainey     49 GA GA SC town policeman
      M. E. Rainey     43 GA Ire Ire
      Missouria Rainey 20 GA GA GA
      Z. V. Rainey     21 GA GA GA works on RR
      Thos. A. Rainey  13 GA GA GA laborer
      Chas. V. Rainey  11 GA GA GA
      Lilly Rainey      7 GA GA GA
      Millie Rainey     7 GA GA GA  son
      Deva Rainey       4 GA GA GA

      Children (See Flach site for children):

      1. Mariette Rainey (bc 1853- ?)
      2. Julianna Rainey (bc 1855- ?)
      3. James Rainey (bc 1858- ?)

        notice name/age mismatches in 1860/1870 census

      4. Indiana M. Rainey(1856-
      5. Zendaresta Rainey (1858-1934) m Lena Matttison
        1900 Fulton GA Census
        Zenda Rainey   42  RR Conductor
        Lena N Rainey  39
        Alline Rainey  17
        Rubie Mattison 11
        1910 Fulton GA Census
        Zender V Rainey     52 M GA GA GA
                            conductor RR
        Mrs. Lena E Rainey  49 F GA GA GA
        Hugh B McCain       31 M GA GA GA
                            switchman RR
        Mrs. Cora A McCain  27 F GA GA GA
                            [daughter, see 1920 Fulton below]
        Jessie C Martin     26 M GA GA GA
                            decorator paper comapany
        Mrs. Ruby Martin    21 F GA GA GA
        1920 Fulton GA Census
        Zenda V Rainey    61 GA GA GA  conductor RR
        Lena E Rainey     58 GA GA GA  wife
        Cora A McCain     36 GA GA GA  widowed daughter
        James C Martin    36 GA GA GA  widowed nephew-in-law decorator paper company
        Marvin L Martin    9 GA GA GA  grand nephew
        Elizabeth L Martin 7 GA GA GA  grand niece
      6. Missouri A Rainey (1860- ) m 1880 John C Howell
        1900 Seville, Wilcox County, Georgia
        John C Howell       55  SC VA SC farmer
        Masuri Annie Howell 38  GA SC GA
        Robert L Howell     16
        Mary Bertice Howell 14
        Bessie L Howell     11
        Lessie M Howell     11
        Charlie V Howell     9
        John L Howell        1
        Thomas I Howell      1
        1910 Jefferson County Alabama, Birmingham
        John C Howell    64 SC VA SC watchman
        Mosoure H Howell 49 GA SC GA
                            9 children 8 surviving
        Lessie M Howell  21 GA SC GA
        Charles Howell   17 GA SC GA
        Leo Howell       11 GA SC GA
        Lillie Howell    11 GA SC GA
        Earnest Young    15 AL AL AL boarder
        Hougeh Battle    17 AL AL AL boarder
      7. Florida Jane Rainey (1862 - died after 1883) m John Thomas Carter (bc 1848- ) son of William M. Carter (bc 1811 NC- ) blacksmith
        1880 Habersham County, Georgia, Toccoa
        J. T. Carter   32 GA NC GA blacksmith
        Florida Carter 17 GA GA GA 
        1900 Habersham County, Georgia, Toccoa
        John F Carter  52 NC NC NC blacksmith
        Julia P Carter 32 GA GA GA
                          married 13 years, 3 children 3 surviving
        William Carter 17 GA GA GA [son of Florida, now deceased]
        Sallie Carter  11 GA GA GA
        Gibbs Carter    8 GA GA GA
        Georgia Carter  6 GA GA GA
        John Thomas Carter was a 2nd Sergeant in Company B, 52nd Georgia Infantry.

      8. Thomas Alexander Rainey (1866-1947) m Addie Brandon (1871 Gwinnett- )
        1910 Mecklenburg North Caroliona Census, Charlotte
        Thomas A Rainey 43 GA GA GA conductor RR
        Addie B Rainey  10 GA GA GA
        Ruth Rainey     18 GA GA GA
        Edna Rainey     13 GA GA GA
        Joseph E Rainey  9 GA GA GA
        Frances A Rainey 4 GA GA GA
        1920 Norcross, Gwinnett County, Georgia
        Thomas Rainey  53  farmer
        Addie Rainey   50
        Edna Rainey    22
        Joseph Rainey  19
        Francis Rainey 13
        Noyal Nesbitt  25
        Ruth Nesbitt   27
      9. Charlie Van Dyke Rainey (1869-1935) m Ella Roberts
        1910 Walker County, Alabama
        Charles B Rainey 40  Superindendent Bottling Works
        Ella Rainey      38
        Mable Rainey     16
        Cecil V Rainey   12
        1920 Walker County, Alabama, Jasper
        Charles V Ramey    50  GA US GA Manufacturer Coca Cola
        Ella T Ramey       48  GA PA GA
        Cecil V Ramey      22  GA GA GA Salesman
        Jeanne S Ramey 3 4/12  AL GA GA
      10. Lillian Eudora Rainey (1871-1963) twin m David J. Fant
        1910 Fulton County, Georgia
        David J Fant     41  locomotive engineer
        Lillie Fant      38
        David J Fant Jr. 12
        Lucy Fant         8
        Mary E Fant       3
        1920 Fulton County, Georgia
        David J Fant  52 SC SC SC  engineer RR
        Lillie E Fant 48 GA GA GA
        David J Fant  22 GA SC GA
        Lucy E Fant   18 GA SC GA
        Mary E Fant   13 GA SC GA
      11. William Warren Rainey (1871-1947) m Clara Kadel
        See Flach Family site for this family with a particular focus on William Warren Rainey.
        1910 Fulton County, Georgia
        William W Rainey 35  carpenter
        Para M Rainey    31  [Clara M Kadel (1878-
        Nellie M Rainey  14
        Richard F Rainey  9
        Mary A Rainey     4
        1920 Fulton County, Georgia
        W W Rainey       49 GA GA GA  Carpenter RR
        Clara Rainey     41 GA Germany Germany
        Nell Rainey      23 GA GA GA stenographer
        Richard T Rainey 19 GA GA GA soldier
        Mary Rainey      14
        Warren Rainey     7

        The Flach site lists Children of W.W. Rainey and Clara Kadel:

        1. Nellie Rainey, b. Jun 1896, Georgia
        2. Richard Thomas Rainey, b. 16 Sep 1897, Smyrna, Cobb, Georgia, USA
        3. Mary Rainey
        4. Warren Rainey
        5. Melba Rainey, b. 10 Jan 1921
      12. Georgia Delaware Rainey (1874-1912) m Robert John Mann (bc. 1873- )
        1910 Fulton County, Georgia
        John R Mann    37 SC GA GA shipping clerk furniture store
        Georgia D Mann 34 GA GA GA
        Sarah Mann     14 GA SC GA
        Helen Mann     12 GA SC GA
        Robert Mann     6 GA SC GA
        1920 Fulton County, Georgia
        John R Mann     47 GA GA GA Manager Furinture Warehouse
        Jean A Mann     46 SC SC SC
        Robert B Mann   16 GA GA SC order clerk automobile tire company
        James M Maguire 24 GA GA GA lodger bookkeeper bank

    5. William Warren Rainey (bc 1832-1910) (son of John G Rainey)
      Two marriages in Dekalb appear for William W Rainey. First is the marriage to Frances Jett in 5/5/1853.

      Three children with Francis Jett are:

      1. Z.P. b. 1854 (Zebulon P.)
      2. L.C. b. 1856 (Leonidas Cicero)
      3. California b. 1858.
      William appears as a widower in 1860. Son Zebulon appears on the 1860 census with William Rainey's mother Sarah at age six. See Francis' gravestone from New Hope Baptist Church Cemetery, Acworth, GA 30102. William W Rainey is also buried at this church, see his gravestone.

      There is a marriage in Dekalb to Caroline P. Winningham 5/5/1862. She appears as Carrie on the 1870 census of Cobb County. Carrie died in 1873 and is buried at Stone Mountain cemetery.

      He had a third marriage to Mary E. Griffin (1st married Couch) in 1875 in Cartersville GA. See the announcement below.

      He was a Captain in Company H, 2nd Georgia Cavalry. He states he was born in 1833 (see John G Rainey census above) and enlisted in Feb 1862 at Stone Mountain GA (DeKalb County). A significant Confederate pension application can be found in the Georgia Virtual Vault. W.W. Rainey applied in 1903/5 at age 71 for a pension from Bartow County where he lists himself as a merchant (whiskey). One of his witnesses is Oliver Winningham (related to W.W.'s first wife) who was also in the same unit. Another witness was J.D. Binion of Fulton County, also in the same unit. The pension variously states he was a CAptain while detached from the 2nd Georgia Cavalry.

      Compiled Military Service Record:

      • Sergeant Company H 2nd Georgia Cavalry
      • March 2, 1916
        Respectfully returned to the Commissioner of Pensions, State of Georgia, Atlanta
        No record has been found in this office of service, capture or parole of a man named W.W. Rainey as a member of Co. B 2nd Georgia Infantry CSA. Muster rolls of said company on file cover periods from Jul 30 1861 to Dec 1864 inclusive.
        the records show, however, that one W.W. (also William W) Rainey (surname also found as Rainy) private Co. H 2nd Georgia Cavalry CSA enlisted April 15, 1862 and on the company muster roll for Nov Dec 1863 the last on file, he was reported absent without leave from what period not stated. No later record of him has been found.
      • Wm W Rainey 4th Sergeant Capt Winningham's Company Age 30 years appears on the Company Muster Roll Camp Ector May 7 1862. Enrolled April 15 1862 in Atlanta. Valuation in dollars of Horse 175.
      • Company Muster Roll Feb 21-May 15 1863. W. W. Rainey 2 Sergeant. Use and risk of horse per day 40 cents Days 120; $48.00 Present
      • W.W.Rainey 2nd Sergeant Company Muster Roll Nov Dec 1863. Absent without leave For want of journal do not know when mustered.
      • William W Rainey 4th Sergeant Capt Whaley's Company, Lawton's Regiment Georgia Cavalry Pay Roll May 9 1862 Bounty Due $50.00 paid $50.00 Received Payment William W. Rainey

      1860 Cobb GA Census
      W W Rainey       27 M grocery keeper b GA
      Z P Rainey        6 M [Zebulon]
      L C Rainey        4 M [Leonidas Cicero]
      California Rainey 2 F
      S J Tanner       29 M $900 $400
      1870 Dekalb Ga Census, Stone Mountain
      William W Rainey 37
      Carrie P Rainey  37
      Lillie Rainey     4 [married W.Y. Bailey feb 1882 in Cartersville GA]
      Zebulon Rainey   16
      1880 Bartow Ga Census, Kingston
      William W. Raney 47 GA SC SC
      Mary C. Raney    46 GA GA GA
      Lillie B. Raney  14 GA GA GA
      1900 Bartow Ga Census, Kingston
      William W Rainey 66 GA
      Mary E.          63 GA married 24 years
      1910 Bartow Ga Census, District 952
      W W Raney 76  widower GA SC SC

      In Bartow County (Kingston GA) we find:

      W. Rainey weds Miss M. E. Couche

      The Cartersville Express Cartersville, Georgia January 26, 1877, Page 3

      A Neat Surprise.

      What was our astonishment on Monday morning last when the following was handed to us:
      Married, in Cartersville, Dec. 30th, 1875, by Rev. J. T. Norris, Mr. W. RAINEY, of Bartow county, Georgia, to Miss M. E. COUCHE, of Kingston, Georgia.
      Well, it isnt too late to wish the happy couple a prosperous life, even if they have been married over a year, and none of their friends knew it.

      Mary E (Couche) Griffin appears in the 1900 census and:

      The Cartersville News
      Cartersville, Georgia
      September 2, 1909, Page 6
      Mrs. Mary E. Rainey, wife of Capt. W. W. Rainey, died at her home Wednesday, August 25th, after an illness of several months, and was buried in the Kingston cemetery on the following day. Mrs. Rainey was formerly Miss Griffin, of Augusta, but had been a resident of this part of the state for many years. She was twice married, first to Mr. Thomas Couche, who built the old hotel of that name here, and later to Captain Rainey who survives her.


      1. Zebulon P. Rainey (1854-

        On the 1860 and 1870 census with his father. Also appears with his grandmother on the 1860 census.
        m. Ella Jones (1858- )
        John Samuel Rainey (1882 GA-1935 Birmingham AL)

        1880 Bartow GA Census, Allatonna
        Bartow County county after 1861, Cass County before
        Zeb Rainey       25 GA GA GA farmer
                            [indexed as "Gil"]
        Ellsie U. Rainey 21 GA GA GA wife  [appears to be "Elliot" or "Elsie U." on the image]
        Aieran Rainey    23 GA GA GA brother [illegible -- is Leonidas Cicero]
        Laurie Jones     53 GA GA GA mother-in-law [bc 1827]

      2. L. C. or W.C. (Leonidas Cicero) (1856-1897) Appears on the 1860 census with his father; with grandparents 1870 (below); on the 1880 census with brother Zebulon (see above).

        1870 Cross Keys, DeKalb GA
        John Jett         63 
        Lucinda Jett      60 
        Harriet E Jett    25 
        Ira M Jett        18 
        Amanda J Baxter   16 
        Leonedas C Rainey 14 

        The Cartersville Free Press Newspaper, Cartersville, Georgia, December 15, 1881, Page 3:

        Rainey-Nelson Wedding

        Married, on the evening of December 14th at the residence of the brides mother, by Rev. W. G. Cotter, Mr. Cicero Rainey, to Miss Gillie Nelson, all of this county.

        The Courant American Newspaper, Cartersville, Georgia, July 1, 1897, Page 1:

        Drowned in the Etowah

        News came to the city yesterday of the drowning of Mr. Cicero Rainey, in the Etowah river, on Tuesday evening.

        Mr. Rainey was with a party seining in the river at Island Ford, not far from Ford, and lost his balance and went under and could not be rescued.

        Mr. Raineys home was at Euharlee, where he was known as a good citizen. He was about 38 years old and leaves a wife and several children.

        In the Euharlee Presbyterian Cemetery are:
        W.C. Rainey 1856-1897
        Gilley Rainey 1859-1923
        Rainey, Frank 1892-1937

        1900 Bartow GA Census, Euharlee
        Gillis Rainey 40 GA MS SC seamstress [widow]
                                  7 children 5 surviving
        Howell Rainey 15 GA GA GA
        Alma Rainey   11 GA GA GA
        Sallie Rainey 10 AL GA GA
        Frank Rainey   8 AL GA GA
        Tom Rainey     3 GA GA GA
        1910 Bartow GA Census, Euharlee
        Gillie D Rainy 49 GA TN GA widow dress maker
                                   7 children 5 surviving
        Frank Rainy    16 GA GA GA laborer
        Thomas Rainy   14 GA GA GA laborer

        Children of Cicero Rainey and Gillie Nelson:

        1. Howell C Rainey m Redy Bailey 12/6/1908 (by J. M. Dorsey, same date as sister below)

          1910 Bartow GA Census, Euharlee
          Howell Raney    25 GA GA GA farmer married 2 years
                             [indexed as Havel]
          Ruby M Raney    18 GA GA GA
          Lucile Raney  6/12 GA GA GA

        2. Alma Rainey (1889- )
          She married C.G. Kennedy 23 Jan 1907
          This says Alma married Clyde G. Kennedy son of Samuel Kennedy and Emma O. Nelson. Emma Nelson was the daughter of Elihu G. Nelson and Abinia Lucetta Bailey and the sister of Gillie Nelson (wife of Cicero Rainey). Capt. Elihu G. Nelson was killed in the coolapse of Euharlee covered bridge in 1871.

          C.G. Kennedy is listed in the Euharlee Presbyterian Church Cemetery January 3 1883-June 14 1913. Alma is listed with Clyde Kennedy on the 1910 census and as a widow in 1920.

          This and this say Mrs. Alma E Kennedy married William C. Kennedy in Dec 25 1921 in Bartow County. He was the younger brother of Alma's first husband Clyde G. Kennedy and also a son of Samuel M. Kennedy and Emma O. Nelson. Further, there is a Alma R Kennedy Aug 22 1887 - May 18 1973 buried in the Euharlee Baptist Church Cemetery.

          1910 Bartow GA Census, Euharlee
          Clyde G Kenerdy 27 GA GA GA  farmer
          Almer Kenerdy   22 GA GA GA  married 3 years]
                                       1 child 1 surviving
          Vivian Kenerdy   2 GA GA GA
          adjacent to father Samuel
          1920 Bartow GA Census, Euharlee
          Alma R Kennedy 30 GA GA GA widow
          Vivian Kennedy 12 GA GA GA
          Sam Kennedy     9 GA GA GA
          Roy Kennedy     7 GA GA GA

        3. Sallie Eva Rainey (1890- ) m J.S. McGinnis 12/6/1908 (by J.M.Dorsey, same date as brother above)
          1910 Bartow GA Census, Taylorsville
          John McGinnis   30 GA GA SC Clerk warehouse
          Sallie McGinnis 19 GA GA GA married 1 year
                                      1 child 1 surviving
          Jack McGinnis 4/12 GA GA GA
          Mary Morris     25 GA GA GA servant
        4. Frank (1892-1937)
        5. Thomas (1897-1986)
          1920 Bartow GA Census, Euharlee
          James A White 54 GA SC GA warden convict camp
          Tom Rainey    24 GA GA GA prison guard
          [listed with two other guards and 28 prisoners]
      3. Sarah California (Callie) (1859 Cobb GA-1936 Acworth GA)
        m. Howell N. Kitchen (1853-1935)

        1880 Acworth, Cobb, Georgia
        Hind Kitchen      27 GA GA GA 
        Sarah C. Kitchen  22 GA GA GA 
        Carrie O. Kitchen  4 GA GA GA
        Ellen J. Kitchen   2 GA GA GA
        1900 Acworth, Cobb, Georgia
        Howell N Kitchen  46 AL GA GA
        Callie S Kitchen  42 GA GA GA
        Ella J Kitchen    22 GA AL GA
        Lillie E Kitchen  19 GA AL GA 
        Norman S Kitchen  13 GA AL GA 
        Irene B Kitchen   11 GA AL GA 
        Lola D Kitchen     8 GA AL GA 
        Nellie M Kitchen   6 GA AL GA 
        Howell J Kitchen   4 GA AL GA 
        1910 Acworth, Cobb, Georgia
        Howell Kotcher    56 GA GA GA
        Sarah C Kitchen   53 GA GA GA 
        Nellie M Kitchen  16 GA GA GA 
        Howell J Kitchen  13 GA GA GA 
        Vivian K Kitchen   8 GA GA GA 

      4. Lille B (1866- )

        Married Feb 8 1882 in Cartersville GA William Y Bailey (bc 1862- )
        1900 Bartow GA Census, Kingston
        William Y Bailey  38 GA SC SC salesman produce
        Lillie A Bailey   34 GA GA GA
        Warren L Bailey   17 GA GA GA
        Clarence W Bailey 14 GA GA GA
        Charles W Bailey  12 GA GA GA
        Frank M Bailey    11 GA GA GA
        Claud Bailey       9 GA GA GA
        Albert Bailey      7 GA GA GA
        1910 Bartow GA Census, Cartersville
        Wallace C Bailey 22 GA GA GA clerk
        Claude R Bailey  18 GA GA GA clerk
        Annie Bailey     17 GA GA GA
        Albert L Bailey  17 GA GA GA clerk

    6. Robert Martin Rainey (bc 1835- ) (son of John G Rainey)

      [7th Regiment Infantry State Guards, Company C, R.M. Rainey also in this unit was a G.W. Rainey]

      • Muster Roll 7th State Guards, Capt Johnson's Company (Acworth Grays), Lester's Regiment, GA. Enrolled July 29, 1863 for six months. Age 25 ht 5' 7" b. DeKalb County GA Complexion Dark Hair: black. Occupation constable
      • Muster Roll Nov-Dec 1863 present
      • Muster Roll Dec 31 1863 to Jan 31 1864 absent sick on surgeon's certificate
      • Register of Payments Jan 1 1864-Jan 31 1864 $65.00 Clothing

      R.M. Rainey sold land in 1858 in DeKalb county GA to C.M.Jones (see this under R.M.Rainey)

      1860 Cobb George Census, Acworth
      R M Rainey     23 $750 $450 Grocery Keeper
      W A E Rainey   20
      James Rainey    3
      J R Rainey      2
      S A M Rainey 8.12
      1870 Cobb Georgia Census, Cartersville
      Robert Raney  35 GA RR hand
      Nancy E Raney 29 GA
      James E Raney 13 GA
      John R Raney  11 GA
      Susan M Raney 10 GA
      Mary J Raney   8 GA
      1880 Bartow Georgia Census, Allatoona
      Martin Rainey 48 GA SC SC
      Nancie Rainey 40 GA SC GA
      Allice Rainey 20 GA GA GA
      Jerria Rainey 18 GA GA GA
      Carey Rainey   9 GA GA GA
      Magnolia       7 GA GA GA
      Perle Rainey   3 GA GA GA
      1900 Hamilton TN Census
      Robert A Rainey  65
      Nancy A Rainey   59 8 children 7 living
      Alice S Rainey   35
      Pearl Rainey     23
      William F Rainey 17
      Magnolia Aiken   24 daughter widow 2 children 2 living
      Clyde Aiken       4 grandson
      Gertrude Aiken    2 granddaughter
      Thomas Dobbs     28 nephew
      adjacent is son
      James Rainey     42
      Callie Rainey    39
      Goldie Rainey    16
      Odessa Rainey    13
      Claud Rainey      9
      1910 Hamilton TN Census, Chattanooga
      Robert Rainey   75
      Nancy Rainey    69
      Alice Rainey    40 dress maker
      William Rainey  28 barber shop owner
      Clyde Adkins    14 grandson
      Gertrude Adkins 12 grandaughter
      1920 Hamilton TN Census, Chattanooga
      G Will Rainey   38
      Madaline Rainey 26
      Robert Rainey    3 0/12
      James J Rainey   1 7/12
      Nancy Rainey    78 mother
      adjacent is G Will's sister
      Alice Rainey   56  dress maker
      Edward Grizzle 22  nephew
      Mary A Grizzle 14  niece
      nearby is:
      Sidney Berdine Rainey 56  GA GA GA rr dispatcher b 1864
                            [son of Burdine Rainey, Robert
                            Martin Rainey's brother, below]
      Exa Eliza Rainey      52  GA GA GA
      Isaac Bentom Lawson   78  NY NY VT boarder

      Children (inferred from Census)

      1. James E Rainey (1857- ) M Callie [see above in 1900 Hamilton TN census (Chattanooga 1900)]
        1910 Hamilton TN Census, Chattanooga Census
        James Rainey   54 GA GA GA Merchant
        Callie Rainey  50 GA GA GA
        Goldie Rainey  20 GA GA GA shipper laboratory
        Odessa Rainey  23 GA GA GA seamer mill
        Claudie Rainey 18 GA GA GA shipper mill
        1920 Hamilton TN Census, Chattanooga Census
        James S Ramey  63 GA GA GA
        Colley Ramey   59 GA GA GA  seamstress home
        Claude B Ramey 29 GA GA GA  construction
        1930 Hamilton TN Census, Chattanooga Census
        James S Rainey 73 GA GA GA
        Callie Rainey  70 GA GA GA
        Cland B Rainey 39 GA GA GA Truck Driver candy factory
      2. John R Rainey (1859-
      3. Susan M Rainey (1860-
      4. Mary J Rainey (1862-
      5. Alice S Rainey (1870- ) see 1900, 1910, 1920 censuses above
        1910 Hamilton TN Census, Chattanooga Census
        Alice A Rainey 69  GA GA GA seamstress at home
        Mary A Grizla  24  TN GA GA bookkeeper firniture store
      6. Carey (1871- ) m. George Washington Grizzle (1868-1906) (see this and this)
      7. Magnolia (1873- ) m Aiken [see above in Hamilton TN (Chattanooga 1900]
      8. Perle (1877-
      9. George William (1873- ) see 1920 Hamilton TN census above
        1930 Hamilton TN Census, Chattanooga Census
        George W Rainey    48 GA GA GA Framer Textle Mill
        Madeline W Rainey  36 NC NC NC
        Robert W Rainey    13 TN GA NC
        Charles M Rainey   10 TN GA NC
        Elma L Rainey       9 TN GA NC
        Billy K Rainey      7 TN GA NC
        Avery A Rainey 4 6/12 TN GA NC

    7. James Eugene Rainey (bc 1837 - 1865 NYC) (son of John G Rainey)
      Age 13 born GA m on 1850 Cherokee GA Census
      [Summary: 14th GA Inf, Company D, enlisted 9 July, 1861, Pvt, 1st Sgt, 1864, died of disease POW Hart's Island, New York harbor, 29 May, 1865]
      • Enlisted July 9 1861 Cherokee Co GA
      • Muster Roll Sep-Oct 1861 present
      • Regimental Return Dec 1862 absent wounded
      • Muster Roll May-Jun 1864 present 1st Sergeant
      • Muster Roll Sep-Oct 1864 present 1st Sergeant
      • Muster Roll Nov-Dec 1864 present 1st Sergeant
      • Muster Roll Jan-Feb 1865 present 1st Sergeant
      • Prisoner of War at Hart's Island NY captured Petersburg Apr 3 1865 Received at Post April 7 1865 from City Point by Capt. McCallium Died MAy 29, 1865 Double pneumonia
      • Medical Director's Office Richmond VA. General Hospital 16 admitted Feb 13, 1863
      • CSA General Hospital Danville VA Sept 9 1862 Rheumatism chronic Returned to duty Sept 15 1862
      • Medical Director's Office Richmond VA. General Hospital 16 Furloughed Feb 20 1863 30 days
      • Rainey, James Sgt Co. D 14 Reg Ga Vols Subject: Furlough special Order 24/12 Jan 29 1863 Adjutant & Inspector General's Office, Confederate States contains information relative to the man above on the subject mentioned above
      • James Rainey Sgt Co D 14 Regt Ga Inf Furl. 30 days Per S.O. No 24 Jan 19/63 A&IGO
      • Coms of Pensions Sate of Georgia James Rainey Pvt Co D 14 Regt Ga Inf enlisted July 9 1861 Present on Roll Jan-Feb 1865 last on File Records show him captured at Petersburg April 3 1865 & died May 29, 1865 double pneumonia at Hart's Island NY Harbor
      • October 28, 1914. Respectfully returned to the

        Commissioner of Pensions
        State of Georgia

        The records show that James Rainey, private Company D, 14th Georgia Infantry, Confederate States Army enlisted July 9,. 1861; that he was captured at Petersburg April 3 1865 and that he died May 29, 1865 at Hart's Island New York Harbor of double pneumonia

        H.P. McCain
        The Adjutant General

      • The Confederate States
        To Sergt James Rainey
        For Commutation for Rations from the 20th March 1863 to 1st July 1863 One Hundred Ten days @ 33 centrs $33.66

        I Certify that the above account is correct that the commutation was made by my order and was necessary for the public service it being impractical to takein kind
        James A L Klute?
        2nd Lt Commanding Co D 14 Ga


      married Margret Ross Mar 7 1859


      1. James Lemuel Rainey (Dec 1859- ) mar 1882 Hettie Beatrice Collins, d 1923 Cobb Co. Buried at Liberty Hill Cemetery "James Lemuel Rainey 12-11-1859 12-01-1923" in Acworth GA.
      2. Frederick Eugene Rainey (March 1864 - 1941) married 1887 Nora Dean

      1860 Cherokee GA Census, Bells
      James Rainey     22
      Margarett Rainey 18
      James Ross 45  SC $13,500 900
      Sarah Ross 46  SC            [bc 1814]
      Fed Ross   18  SC
      Robert Ross 9  GA
      (this James Ross provided surety for
       orphan Burdine Rainey in 1852)
      adjacent is:
      Thomas B Rainey 25 $700 275
      Eliza           23
      Marietta         7
      Indiana          5
      James            2
      1870 Cherokee GA Census, Bells
      the following is a household without an adult:
      James Raney    10 [son of decd James Eugene Rainey]
      Fredrick Raney  6 [son of decd James Eugene Rainey]
      Jane Raney     12
      Frances Raney   6
      India Raney     4
      Sallie Raney    1
      adjacent is
      Sarah Ross 55 $2,000 1,000
      Lemuel     33
      Nancy      28
      Robert     17
      1880 Cherokee GA Census, Bells
      Sarah Ross     67
      James Rainey   20 [son of decd James Eugene Rainey]
      Fredric Rainey 16 [son of decd James Eugene Rainey]
      Martha Rainey  36 [maybe Margret (Ross) Rainey
                         widow of James Eugene Rainey died 1865 POW]
      John Rainy      8
      Florence Rainy  5
      All b Georgia
      1900 Gwinnett, Georgia, Pickneyville 1900 Bartow, Georgia
      Fred Rainey   35  farmer
      Nora N Rainey 26
      James L Rainey  40 farmer
      Hettie Rainey   36
      Luetta Rainey   16
      John Rainey     15
      Clarance Rainey 13
      Jim Rainey      11
      Bessie Rainey    9
      Nora Rainey      7
      Mary Rainey      2
      Nettie Rainey    1
      1910 Cobb GA Census, Marietta
      Fred E Raney     45 GA GA GA harness maker
                                   home shop
      Nora Annie Raney 38 GA GA GA
                          2 children 2 surviving
      Floyd Dean Raney  6 GA GA GA
      Walter C Raney    3 GA GA GA
      Laura Dean       62 GA GA GA mother in law
      James L Rainey  50 GA GA GA
                         Watchman RR Crossing
      Hettie B Rainey 46 GA GA GA
                         10 of 11 children
      Lou C Rainey    26 GA GA GA
                         Saleslady Dry Goods
      Minnie B Rainey 19 GA GA GA
                         Saleslady Dry Goods
      Nora A Rainey   15 GA GA GA
      Mary L Rainey   12 GA GA GA
      Nettie D Rainey 10 GA GA GA
      Sarah F Rainey   8 GA GA GA
      Judson S Rainey  5 GA GA GA
      1920 Cobb GA Census, Marietta
      James L Rainey 60 GA GA GA
                        Watchman RR
      Hettie Rainey  56 GA GA GA
      Frances Rainey 18 GA GA GA
                        Sales Lady Dry Goods
      Judson Rainey  16 GA GA GA
                        Drug Store

    8. Burdine Rainey (1838 - 1920 Liberty Hill Cemetery, Cobb County GA) (son of John G Rainey)

      Rainey Times, Vol 17, 2001, page 46 shows

      "Rainey, Birdine, orphan of John, decd; T.G. Ross grd; James Ross, Sur; Jan 1852; Cherokee Co."

      Married Julia Wright (1842-1916 Liberty Hill Cemetery, Cobb County GA) daughter of Spencer P Wright (1805-1863) Spencer P. Wright Cemetery, Dekalb County, Georgia) and Mary Eckle

      Burdine Rainey married Julia Wright 10/12/1859 in Dekalb County GA.

      From Nortcutt and Allied Families, Dolly Northcutt, Moore Publishing, 1938:

      "Birdine Rainey, son of Sallie and John Rainey was represenative from Cobb Co. 1890-91 to the Georgia Legislature." See Georgia Virtual Vault

      [Summary: private, 41st Georgia Infantry, Company C, 1st Sergeant, 2nd Lieutenant, wounded Perryville Ky Oct 1862, Captured Vicksburg MS July 4, 1863, paroled July 6, 1863 elected 2nd Lt. Jan 1864 captured Acworth GA October 1864, escaped, surrendered Greensboro NC April 26, 1865, died 1928 Lake City FL Buried in Liberty Hill Cemetery at Acworth, Ga]

      • B Rainey Ord Sergeant Co C 41st GA. Berdine Rainey
      • Rainey, Berdine Private Co C 41 GA promoted 2nd Lieutenant to rank April 4 1864 papers of W.P.Leslie
      • B. Rainey Pvt Co C 41 Ga Inf appears on a Reg Ret for Nov 1862 Wounded Perryville Oct 8 1862 Enl not stated It cannot be determined whether or not B Rainey Pvt and Burdine Rainey Ord Sergt are one and the same man. VanVauken 3/13/15
      • Any record? Currier 3/18/15 Other records show that private Berdine Rainey same company was elected 2 Lieut of the same company Apr 4 1864 No later record found. Harley 10th St Mar 18 15
      • It is suggested that Sgt Rainey while absent without leave was reduced to private and on or about 4/64 elected 2nd Lt. In the absense of records it is not possible to prove FH, 10th St Mar 20-15. Have you an individual parole on file for Burdine or Berdine Rainey as an officer as at Greensboro Apr 26 65 per allegation Currier
      • March 23 1915
        Commisioner of Pensions
        The records show that Burdine Rainey (name also found as Berdine Rainey) 1st Sgt Company C 41 Ga Regmt CSA enlisted March 4 1862 at Camp McDonel. On the roll for Nov and Dec 1863, only roll on file he was reported absent without leave since Dec 20 1863. Returned since last muster and acquitted by court martial. The records further show that he was captured at Vicksburg Miss July 4 1863 and was paroled there July 6 1863. No later record found
        Adjutant General
      • March 23 1915
        Respectfully returned to Comissioner of Pensions, State of Georgia, Atlanta
        The name of B Rainey appears as a private Company C 41st GA Infantry CSA on a regimental return for Nov 1862 on which he is reported wounded at Perryville Oct 8 1862. No record has been found of enlistment nor anything addionally relative to a man bearing this name.
        In this connection, attention is invited to a commission of even data addressed by this office to the Comissioner of Pensions, State of Gerogia in the case of Burdine (also Berdine) Rainey 1st Sgt of company and Regiment mentioned. It cannot be determined from the records on file whether this man and the B. Rainey referred to above as a private were one and the same man.
        H. P. ?
        The Adjutant General
      • Regimental Return Nov 1862 B. Rainey Pvt Company C 41 GA Regiment. Wounded at Perryville Oct 8 1862
      • Company Muster Roll Nov and Dec 1862. Absent without leave since 20 Dec 1863. Returned since last muster and acquitted by a court martial.
      • Roll of Prisoners of War. Paroled at Vicksburg Miss according to the terms of capitulation entered into by the commanding generals of the United States and Confederate forces July 4 1863
      • B. Rainey Ord Sergt 41 Ga Reg Appears on a receipt given by Maj N. G. Watts CSA Agent for Exchange to Capt W.W.Bickford for Exchange for Confederate prisoners of war received on board the Steamer Metropolitan near Vicksburg Miss Dec 4 1862 [Is this the exchange for capture at Perryville Oct 2 1862?]
      • B. Rainey Ord Sergt Co C 41 Ga Reg Appears on a Register of Prisoners of War. no date.
      • B. Rainey Sgt Co C 41 Ga Regm Appears on a List of killed wounded or missing in the 1st Division, Right Wing Army of Mississippi in the engagement near Perryville KY Oct 2 1862. List dated near Murphreesboro Tenn Dec 1962
      • Requisition for Fuel
      • Request for Stationery, Simpson Road Tenn, Oct 1 1863
      • Camp 41st GA Regmt. April 21 1864
        We the under signed managers of an election held in Company C for 2nd Lieut to fill a vacancy caused by the ???b?y in obedience to Special Order No 49 Brigade Headquarters do certify that Pvt Berdine Rainey was duly elected to fill said vacancy.
        T.J. Dobbs [Thomas J, private, elected 1st Lt Feb 1863
        G.T. Lanier

      From Supplement to the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies, Part I - Reports, Volume 6, Serial No. 6, by Janet Hewett, et al, Broadfoot Publishing Company, Wilmington, NC, 1996, page 169.

      At the Battle of Missionary Ridge Nov. 25, 1863, the after battle report says:

      "Among those particularly distinguished for gallantry are the following:

      First Sergeant [Birdine] Rainey, Company C;..."

      The entire report reads:

      Report of Colonel William Ezra Curtis,
      Forty-First Georgia Infantry, C.S. Army
      on the Battle of Missionary Ridge

      Forty-First Georgia Regiment
      December 2, 1863

      Captain: In obedience to circular calling for a report of the part taken by me regiment in the engagement on Missionary Rdige on Novermber 25, I have to report:

      The regiment moved into position on the crest of the ridge in one rank, I suppose, betweeen 2 and 3 o'clock p.m. The enemy was seen advancing across the open valley to the west from the direction of Chattanooga. As soon as he came within range we opened fire upon him. He continued to advance steadily until he reached the foot of the ridge and halted. I then advanced my regiment some fifty to one hundred paces, and then [the] enemy, after having been in position for a short time, fled in confusion.
      Thinking it imprudent to pressure him and having no order to do so, I withdrew to my former position on the crest of the ridge and remained there quietly until the troops on the right gave way, when we were compelled to retire. The officers and men of my command, all with but very few exceptions, did their duty and defended themselves well. Among those particularly distinguished for gallantry are the following:

          First Sergeant Birdine Rainey, Company C;
          Private Thomas O. Potts, Company D;
          Private Charles Chisholm, Company E;
          Private Seaborn Crosson, Company G;
          Sergeant Archibald Hooten, Company I;
          Lieutenant Henry T. Noland, Company I;

      Captain David Sanford McClesky, Company B fell, dangerously if not mortally wounded while gallantly leading his company forward. Captain Stephen D. Clements distinguished himself particularly by the good order in which he brought his company off the field.

      Very respectively,

      William E. Curtis,
      Commanding Regiment.

      1860 Cobb County Census, Acworth
      Burdine Rainey 21 $2,200 300
      Julia Rainey   18
      1870 Cobb County Census, Acworth
      Henry Rainy    32 GA m farmer $1,800 800
      Julia Rainy    27 GA m
      Lucie A Rainy  10 GA f
      Cidney Rainy    8 GA m
      Ida Rainy       5 GA f
      William C Rainy 3 GA m
        Rainy      3/12 GA f
      1880 Cobb County Census, Acworth
      Birdine Rainey   42  farmer
      Julia Rainey     38
      Lucias Rainey    19 [died 1924, Acwoth, Cobb County
      Cidney Rainey    17 [Sidney Berdine Rainey -- see 1920 Hamilton TN census]
                           (1862-1923 buried Liberty Hill Cemetery Cobb GA)
      Ellen Rainey     14
      Willie C. Rainey 12
      Sarah Rainey      9
      Mary A. Rainey    7
      1900 Cobb County Census, Acworth
      Birdine Rainey  61
      Julia Rainey    58
      Joseph B Rainey 18 photo from "Cobb County"
                         by Rebecca Nash Paden
                         Buried Liberty Cemetery Cobb GA (1881-1947)
                         with wife Eva N (1883-1973)
      1910 Cobb County Georgia Census, Acworth
      Bardine Rainey     71
      Julia Rainey       67 8 children 7 surviving
      Juliet A Ballenger 80 [this is Burdine Rainey's older sister Juliet Amanda who
                             married John F Ballenger in Cherokee County in 1850]
      Lula Morris        24

      Children of Burdine Rainey and Julia Wright:

      1. Lucius Adel Rainey (1861-1924) Buried at Liberty Hill Cemetery Ackworth GA. adjacent is Eula House Rainey (1866-1934)
        1910 Cobb County Census, Acworth
        Lucius A Rainey   48 GA GA GA Retail Salesman Dry Goods Store
        Eula G Rainey     43 GA SC SC 2 children 2 surviving
        Leo L Rainey      15 GA GA GA
        Georgie A Gladden 50 GA GA GA sister-in-law
        1920 Cobb County Census, Acworth
        Lucius A Rainey 59 GA GA GA Merchant Dry Goods
        Eula Rainey     53 GA GA GA Sales Lady Gry Goods
      2. Sidney Burdine Rainey (1862-1923) Buried at Liberty Hill Cemetery Ackworth GA. See 1920 Hamilton Tennessee Census (Chattanooga) nearby the children of Robert Martin Rainey above.
      3. Ellen Rainey (1866-
      4. William C. Rainey (1868-
      5. Sarah Rainey (1871-
      6. Mary A. Rainey (1873-
      7. Joseph B. Rainey (1882-1947) Buried at Liberty Hill Church, Acworth GA. See 1900 Cobb census above. See photo here.
        1910 Cobb County Census, Acworth
        Joseph B Rainer 29 GA GA GA Mail Carrier
        Eva B Rainer    27 GA GA GA
        Joseph L Rainer  5 GA GA GA
        Guy N Rainer     3 GA GA GA
        1920 Cobb County Census, Acworth
        Joe Rainey    39 GA GA GA Clerk Mail
        Eva Rainey    37 GA GA GA
        Lellen Rainey 14 GA GA GA
        Guy Rainey    13 GA GA GA laborer painter

      Daughters of John G Rainey and Sarah Goza (none on census of 1850):

    9. Parasade Rainey bc 1842 (daughter of John G Rainey)

      Married Dr. Thomas K Humphries. Parasade and Thomas had a child Eula G. Humprhires born in Nov 1 1860 died June 15, 1861 and buried in the Humphries Family Cemetery on Clairmont Road (see Dekalb History site).

      With her father's death in 1851, Parasade Rainey was a minor. Charlene Herreid has provided the follwoing guardianship information from DeKalb County Georgia Probate Records, Jeannette Austin, Willow Bend Books, Westminster, MD, 2001:

      • Sales & Appraisements Book B, May 1853, S.P. Wright, Gdn of Pararode Rainey for the year 1852, Page 163, Austin, 2001, p. 182

      • Sales & Appraisements Book B, 1854, S.P. Wright Gdn of Parasade Rainey, minor of John Rainey, decd, for the year 1853 from the 1st Jan to 31 Dec inclusive, Page 266

        To hire of Beverly, Eliza and F. for the year 1853 8 vouchers. By cash paid Sarah Rainey, Thomas Akin, Levi Willard, A. Joohnson, John G. Ramey, etc., Sworn 18 Jul 1854, Austin, 2001, p. 194

      • Sales & Appraisements Book B, 1856, S. P. Wright, Gdn of Paraside Rainey in Account Current for year 1855 Page 434

        To hire of boy, Beverly , for 1855, of Joe for 1855 and of girl, Eliza for 1855. Cash paid ward, Sarah Raainey, W.A. Powell, A. E. Ellis Estate, Levi Willard, Alexr Johnson Sworn 3-25-1856 /s/ S.P. Wright, Gdn, Austin, 2001, p. 252

      • Sales & Appraisements Book B, 1858, S. P. Wright, Gdn of Parasade Rainey in Account Current for 1857 and up to Apr 10 1858, Page 555-556. Cash paid H. W. Cobb, 1957 [sic] tax, L. Upshaw, W. A. Rodgers, Miles Mosely, Levi Willard, A. Johnson, S. P. Wright. Sworn 4-23-1858 /s/ S. P. Wright, Gdn, Austin, 2001, p. 305

      Charlene Herreid has also provided data from Frances Corry Lane dated 1962 regarding Parasade's husband Thomas K Humphries:

      "Thomas Knox H. [Humphries], born 1832, Franklin County, Ga. Married before 1860 Parelle ______ born 1842 and had one child, Eula, an infant in 1860. Letters of administration were granted in Dekalb County, Ga., Sept. 1862, to Giles L. H. [Humphries] appointed guardian of Laudia H., minor child of Thomas K. H. deceased."

      If the cemetery records are correct and child Eula died in 1861, then "Laudia H Humphries" above must have been a second child. I have yet to verify this child or ANY later data on Parasade Rainey.

      Below is Thomas Humphries as a child in 1850, married in 1860 and his surviving brothers and father information:

      1850 DeKalb, Cross Keys
      Geo W Humpries   48  farmer 4,000 SC
      Zillah Humpries  44  GA
      Charles Humpries 21  GA
      Thomas Humpries  18  GA
      Clayton Humpries 12  GA [10th Alabama Infantry, Company D]
      Parks Humpries   11  GA [10th Alabama Infantry, Company D]
      Jane Humpries    14  GA
      Louisa Humpries   9  GA
      1860 DeKalb, Cross Keys
      T K Humphres      27 M GA $1,350 $4,500 Practitioner of Med
      Parasade Humphres 18 F GA  domestic
      Eula Humphres   1/12 F
      1860 Calhoun Alabama
      George W Humphres 57  SC
      Parks M Humphres  19  GA
      San L Humphres    15  GA [Sarah?]

      Clayton Humprhies 10th Alabama Infantry, Company D

      • Private/2nd Lieutenant
      • Muster Roll Jun-Jul 1861, present Enlisted Alexandria AL June 4 1861 for the War
      • Roster dated Dec 21 1864 Election July 14 1862 Date and cause of vacancy Killed in action Sep 17 1862 (Antietam/Sharpsburg). Remarks G.H.Gunnels election March 24 63 promoted to 1st Lt Aug 19 1864 no 2nd Lt belonging to the company at this time
      • C.E. Humphries 2 Lt Company D 10th Regiment. Name appears on a Register of claims of deceased Officers and soldiers which were filed for settlement in the Office of the Confederate States Auditor of the War Department. By whom presented: George W Humphries Fa(ther?) (the letters "Fa" appear by Geo. W's name). When filed: April 22nd 1864.
      • Killed at Antietam (Sharpsburg) Sept 17 1862 (Wilcox's Brigade, 8th, 9th 10th, 11th Alabama Infantry)
      • Engagements: Absent sick: Dranesville, Virginia 1861/12/20, Gaines Mill, 1862/06/27; Present: Siege of Yorktown April, 1862, Williamsburg 1862/05/05, Seven Pines 1862/05/31; Fraziers Farm 1862/06/30, Manassas 1862/08/30, Siege of Harpers Ferry 1862/09/13-15
      • Occupation: Teacher, single
      • See Roster of Company D, 10th Alabama Infantry and this at Alabama Department of Archives & History

      Parks M. Humphries 10th Alabama Infantry, Company D

      • Private/2nd Sergeant
      • Muster Roll Jun-Jul 1861, present Enlisted Alexandria AL June 4 1861 for the War
      • Muster Roll Jul-Aug 1863, present
      • Muster Roll Sep-Oct 1863, present
      • Receipt Roll for clothing 2 qr 1864
      • Killed at Atley's Station June 1 1864
      • Engagements: Dranesville 1861/12/20, Siege of Yorktown 1862/04/00, Williamsburg 1862/05/05, Seven Pines 1862/05/31;Wounded at: Gaines Mill 1862/06/27;Absent Wounded: Fraziers Farm 1862/06/30;Present: Manassas 1862/08/30, Siege of Harpers Ferry 1862/02/13-15, Sharpsburg 1862/09/17, Fredericksburg 1862/12/13, Chancellorsville 1863/05/02, Salem Church 1863/05/03, Gettysburg 1863/07/02-03, Bristow Station 1863/10/14, Mine Run 1863/11/30, Wilderness 1864/05/06, Spottsylvania Courthouse 1864/05/12, Hanover Junction 1864/05/25
      • See Roster of Company D, 10th Alabama Infantry and this at Alabama Department of Archives & History

    10. Nancy Caroline Rainey (1823 SC - 1910 Cass(Bartow) GA) (see this) (daughter of John G Rainey)
      married Frederick George Ross (b 1818 Chester SC - 1876 Cass(Bartow) GA) on 1/30/1844 in DeKalb County GA

      1850 Cass Georgia
      F G Ross      32 SC farmer $1,500
      Nancy Ross    23 SC
      Georgia A Ross 5 GA
      James H Ross   1 GA
      John F Ross    3 GA
      Robert J Ross 22 SC

      Children of Frederick George Ross and Nancy Rainey

      1. Georgia Ann (1844 Cherokee Co GA - after 1920) m John Jesse Moore
        1870 Bartow County Census
        John J Moore   26 GA $300 farmer
        Georgean Moore 24 GA
        Talula Moore    2 GA
        John Moore      1 GA
        1880 Bartow County Census, Alatoona District
        Jessie Moore    36 GA SC GA farmer
        Georgeann Moore 35 GA GA GA
        Lanlee Moore    12 GA GA GA
        James F Moore    8 GA GA GA
        Ira J Moore      4 GA GA GA
        Ana Lee Moore   2M GA GA GA
        1900 Cherokee County Census Georgia, Bells District
        Georgia A More  54 GA GA GA farmer
                                    widowed 10 children 7 surviving
        Freman F More   18 GA GA GA farm laborer
        Augustus A More 15 GA GA GA farm laborer
        George S More   12 GA GA GA farm laborer
      2. John Frederick Ross (1846, Cherokee GA - ) m. Carolina.
        1870 Bartow County Census, District
        John Ross     24 GA farmhand
        Caroline Ross 20 GA
        Ludy Ross  10/12 GA
        1900 Bartow County Census, District
        John Ross     53 GA SC SC farmer
        Cornelia Ross 47 GA GA GA ?
                                  13 children 8 surviving
        Jerry Ross    23 GA GA GA
        Octie Ross    17 GA GA GA
        Nettie Ross   13 GA GA GA
        Willie Ross   11 GA GA GA
        Leon Ross      9 GA GA GA
        1910 Cobb County Census, Acworth
        John F Ross   64 GA GA GA sweeper cotton mill
        Cornelia Ross 60 GA GA GA winder cotton mill
        Carrie L Ross 19
      3. James H Ross (1848 Cherokee GA - 1933 Cobb GA ) m 1872 Susie E. Smith (1854-1894 Cobb GA)
        Both buried Liberty Hill cemetery, Cobb GA
        1880 Cherokee County Census, Bells District
        James Ross  31 GA SC SC
        Susan Ross  26 GA GA GA
        Minnie Ross  5 GA GA GA
        Addie Ross   4 GA GA GA
        Georgie Ross 1 GA GA GA
        Tallie Ross 6M
        1900 Cobb Georgia Census, Acworth District
        James H Ross  51
        Minnie Ross   25
        Walter C Ross 15
        Della E Ross  11
        James A Ross  9
        1910 Cobb Georgia Census, Acworth District
        H James Ross 59  GA SC GA farmer
        Ophelia Ross 53  GA SC SC married 9 years
        Della Ross   22
        Homer Ross    5
        Asbury Payne 16
        1920 Cobb Georgia Census, Acworth District
        James H Ross 71 GA SC GA farmer
        Nancy O Ross 63 GA SC GA

    11. Juliet E. Rainey (1828 GA-1911 Liberty Hill Cemetery Cobb County GA) (daughter of John G Rainey)

      Married John F. Balinger Mar 21 1850, Cherokee County Georgia. John F. Ballinger b 1814 is the son of David (1783-1835 Dekalb GA) and Rebecca (Stephenson) Ballenger of Elbert GA (married 1811) and grandson of John and Agnes Ballenger. Widow Rebecca (Stephenson) Ballenger appears with John F and Juliet Amanda (Rainey) Ballenger in 1850 and 1860 in Dekalb GA. A Burdine Ballenger is also a son of David and Rebecca Ballenger and a brother of John F Ballenger. Burdine was born in 1825. see this and this.

      1850 Dekalb Georgia, Cross Keys
      John F Bellinger  36 farmer $2,000 GA
      Amanda Bellinger  21
      Burdine Bellinger 22
      Rebecca Bellinger 55  [mother, widow of David Ballenger]
      1860 Dekalb Georgia, Shallowford
      John F Ballinger  46  farmer $3,000 $8,350 GA
      Julia A Ballinger 32  GA
      Elmira M Ballinger 6
      Rebeca Ballinger  65
      B R Bellinger     34
      1870 Cobb Georgia, Ackworth
      John F Ballenger   36?
      Amanda Ballenger   41
      Marietta Ballenger 16
      Berden Ballinger   46 is living with James Stansil adjacent to John F Ballenger above
      1880 Cobb Georgia
      Of general interest is the name "Birdyne" appearing in the Ballinger family
      See below.

      Birdine Ballenger 51

  3. Thomas Rainey (bc 1800 SC - 1850 GA), son of Thomas Rainey of Chester SC

    There is a Thomas Rainey in DeKalb County GA on the 1830 census. This Thomas is shown as:

    Thomas Rainey 20-30
    2 males <5
    2 males 5-10
    1 female 5-10
    1 female 30-40
    1 female 50-60.

    He is nearby John Cochran (my gg grandfather) who was always in the "Brownings" (Militia District 572) of DeKalb which is very near to the locations in "Cross Keys" (Militia district 686) of John G., Charles and Bennett Rainey (see the DeKalb militia district maps).

    Rosemary Little, who is a descendant of Bennett Rainey, has suggested that this Thomas Rainey (the brother of Charles and Bennett Rainey) died on July 23, 1850 and is buried at Nancy Creek Cemetery (see her Rainey posts at 664; 831; 1077; 1049; 2159) Her death data (July 23, 1850) is taken from from microfile of Franklin M. Garrett's Necrology, in the Obituary Abstracts in the Cobb County Library. This Rainey does NOT appear in the 1850 Mortality Schedule for DeKalb (or Fulton) as one might expect given the death date is in the census year. See Franklin Garrett Necrology Database - Atlanta History Center.

    This entry says:


    Was born near Chester S.C.
    Married Rebecca Goza daughter of Aaron Goza. Mr. Rainey died on March 21 1857 and is buried in the Nances' Creek Cemetery


    Brother of Charles and Bennett Rainey died July 23, 1850 and is buried in Nances' Creek Cemetery
    (Information from Rainey Family Bible and Mr. John T. Carroll of Atlanta 8/15/1934)

    The only Mortality Schedule for 1850 I found for DeKalb states that deaths on the schedule occurred before 1st of June 1850 -- so this Thomas would NOT appear. Further, I have yet to find a family that might fit this evidence in census for 1850 or 1860 (i.e., a widowed Rainey and possible family). Browsing the 1850 DeKalb mortality schedule produces only: John Rein age 43 married born GA.

    This Thomas Rainey in DeKalb in 1830 is missing in 1840 and 1850 censuses.

    An Additional John Rainey in Cobb County GA

    In the Cobb County GA Census of 1840, there is a John Rainey 30-40.

    The detail for this Rainey says:

    John Rainey 30-40
    1 male 10-15
    3 females < 5
    2 females 5-10
    1 female 30-40

    This does appear to be related to Thomas Rainey who had 4 sons < 10. This Rainey is in District 911 of Cobb county -- which is "Kennesaw" (between Marietta and Ackworth) and not particularly nearby Cross Keys and Nancy Creek. This John Rainey should then appear in Cobb in 1850. But, he does NOT.

    Woodson Raney (43 b. SC) and wife Temp (45 b. GA) and Martha (73 b. GA) with 6 males between 18 and 9 (five over 10). So this couldn't be the 1840 Cobb County Rainey shown with only 1 son in 1840.

    A Thomas Rainey b 1810 (and in Chambers County AL in 1840 and 1850) as a son of Thomas Rainey of Chester has been also been proposed by Emily S Farr (see below). But I have found NO definitive evidence for this. In fact there is one reference that this "Thomas" is the son of a Thomas Rainey of Newberry SC (see the refutations below).

    Other than:

    1. the Franklin Garrett's Necrology death notice of Thomas
    2. implicitly the family Bible in the hands of John Carroll in 1934
    3. the 1830 DeKalb Census

    I have NO other information on this branch of the Thomas Rainey of Chester SC family


  4. Sarah (Sallie) Rainey (1800 SC - 1877 Fairfield SC) (daughter of Thomas Rainey)

    This daughter's addition to the list of Thomas Rainey's children is based on the family lore that Henry Jeffares (son of Henry Jeffares and Elizabeth Rainey) married his cousin Elitia Coleman. (see above and below).

    Sarah (Sallie) married Wylie "Screw" Coleman (1795-1860) in 1821 in Fairfield County SC. we find this on here:

    "...Wylie "Screw" Coleman's parents are Robert Roe Coleman and his cousin Nancy Coleman. Robert Roe Coleman was third son of Robert Coleman and Elizabeth Roe. Nancy Coleman was the dau of Charles Coleman and Mary Polly Mobley - Charles was a son of Robert Coleman and Frances Mathis who were also parents of the Robert Coleman with wife Elizabeth Roe." (See James P. Coleman's 1965 work here pg. 109)

    This document also says: "Wylie ("Screw") Coleman, son of Robert Roe Coleman and Nancy Coleman. Married Sallie Rainey, his first cousin."

    1850 Fairfield South Carolina
    Wiley S Coleman 54 Planter 7,552 GA
    Sarah Coleman   50 Chester
    Sevilla Coleman 18 Fairfield
    Sarah Coleman   17 Fairfield
    E Jane Coleman  13 Fairfield
    Robert Coleman  10 Fairfield
    Mary Bostwick   60 Fairfield
    1860 Fairfield South Carolina
    Sarah Coleman 55 4,250 14,410
    Cyvilla       25
    1870 Fairfield South Carolina
    William Widener 57  1,500 800 Farmer [neighbor of Sarah in 1860]
    Susanna Widener 60
    Albert Widener  24
    Solomon Widener 20
    Sarah Widener   23
    Thomas Widener  17
    Sarah Coleman   70  1,500 350
    Sevilla Coleman 30

    Children of Wylie Coleman and Sarah Sally Rainey:

    See this by Etta Rosson, Chapter 23, "A Compilation of Genealogy on the Robert Coleman Family of South Carolina", in The Robert Coleman Family -- From Virginia to Texas 1652 - 1965, 1965, By James. P. Coleman, Ackerman, Mississippi, Kingsport Press, Kingsport,Tennessee (see the book here). Items in this section below in double quotes are from this work.

    1. Francis Daniel Coleman (1822-1891) m Susan Stone (1829-1987)
      1850 Fairfield South Carolina
      Daniel Coleman  27  Fairfield Planter
      Susanna Coleman 20  Chester SC
      Margaret Coleman 1
      Robert Coleman   3  Fairfield
      1860 Chester South Carolina
      F D Coleman      37  SC $5,012 $8,213 farming
      Susan Coleman    30
      Robert L Coleman 13
      Margret Coleman  11
      Sallie Coleman    9
      Jacob Coleman     7
      Wylie Coleman     4
      1870 Chester South Carolina, Halsellville
      Frank Coleman    47
      Susan Coleman    41
      Margaret Coleman 22
      Sarah Coleman    19
      Jacob Coleman    17
      Wylie Coleman    13
      Susan Coleman     6
      See Daniel Coleman in 1880 Fairfield Census
      with son John Wylie Coleman below.

      Children of Francis Daniel Coleman and Susan Stone:

      1. Robert Coleman (bc 1847-
        "Robert L. went to Tennessee. Twice married."
        Private Company B, 17th South Carolina Infantry, enlisted at Petersburg Sep 1864, captured at Five Forks April1 1865, POW City Point MD April 6, released June 26,1865.
        1880 Robertson, Tennessee
        Robert L. Coleman    32  SC SC SC works on farm
        Mary Coleman         20  TN TN KY
        Charles H. F. Coleman 8  KY SC KY
        John W. Coleman       6  KY SC KY
        Jacob W. Coleman      4  KY SC KY
      2. Maggie Coleman (1848-died after 1887)
        Married 1879? in Fairfield SC Dexter Elmore Boney (1853-1931) son of Robert Boney and Nancy Hood (see this.
        1880 Fairfield, South Carolina
        Dexter E. Bony 26 SC farmer
        Margaret Bony  30 SC
        Authur Bony     4 SC
        Susan Bony      2 SC
        Minnie Coleman 15 SC boarder at school
        1900 Spartanburg, South Carolina
        Elmer D Boney    46 SC SC SC married 24 years Insurance Agent
        Susie M Boney    22 SC SC SC daughter teacher
        Anna B Boney     18 SC SC SC daughter bookkeeper
        Walter R Boney   16 SC SC SC son bookkeeper
        Samuel E Boney   15 SC SC SC son
        Croftard A Boney 13 SC SC SC son

      3. Sallie Coleman (bc 1851- "married Henry Robinson".

        A Henry Robinson age 16 1870 with Mary Robinson Fairfield SC
        A Henry Robinson age 18 1870 with John Robinson Fairfield SC
        1880 Chester SC
        Jrana Procter 18 SC SC SC
        Malisa Procter 16 SC SC SC sister
        Sarah Robinson 28 SC SC SC
        William Robinson 1 SC SC SC

      4. Jacob F. Coleman (bc 1854- "married 3 times".

        1880 Fairfield, South Carolina
        Jacob Coleman   26
        Johnson Coleman 24 brother
        Mary Coleman    20 sister

      5. Wylie John Coleman (1856-1928) married 1875 Victoria C. Robinson (1859-1945)
        Victoria C. Robinson's parents were John Elliott Robinson and Mary Hartin.
        1880 Fairfield South Carolina
        Wylie J. Coleman 28 SC SC SC farmer
        Victoria Coleman 21 SC SC SC
        John Coleman      4 SC SC SC
        Burt Coleman      1 SC SC SC
        Christina Harlin 35 SC SC SC
        David Coleman    60 SC SC SC father [indexed as David,
                                     actually says Daniel]
        1900 Chester South Carolina, Halsellville
        J W Coleman     42 SC SC SC farmer
        V C Coleman     40 SC SC SC married 24 years
                                    7 children 7 surviving
        J F Coleman     22 SC SC SC
        Birtie Coleman  19 SC SC SC
        Georgie Coleman 17 SC SC SC
        Susan Coleman   13 SC SC SC
        Robert Coleman   7 SC SC SC
        Minnie Coleman   5 SC SC SC
        Margie Coleman   2 SC SC SC
        1910 Chester South Carolina, Halseville
        Wylie J Coleman  54 SC SC SC farmer
        Victoria Coleman 50 SC SC SC
                         7 children 6 surviving
                         married 35 years
        Bertha Coleman   30 SC SC SC
        Robert Coleman   18 SC SC SC
        Minnie Coleman   15 SC SC SC
        Margeret Coleman 11 SC SC SC
        1920 Chester South Carolina, Halseville
        J Wylie Goleman 63 SC SC SC farmer
        Vickie Goleman  60 SC SC SC
        Charles Adams    2 SC SC SC
        Children of John Wylie Coleman and Victoria C. Robinson:
        1. John Francis Coleman (bc 1876
          m1 Carolyn Kearse of Olar SC
          Children of John Francis Coleman and Carolyn Kearse:
          1. Erma Carolyn Coleman m Juliam McCullen of Kinston NC

          m2 Addie Jenny Fairfax SC
          Children of John Francis Coleman and Addie Jenny Fairfax:
          1. Mary Elizabeth Coleman m Clyde Arnold
          2. Francena Coleman m George Plough, Charleston SC
          3. Zenith Coleman m Herman Hartz, Ridgeland SC
          4. Jenny Coleman m William Galloway, Latta SC
          5. John Francis Coleman died at age 1
          6. Ethel Coleman m L.B. Epperson, Atlanta no issue

          m3 Gladly Thompson of Smoaks SC, no issue
          1910 Bamberg South Carolina, Buford Bridge
          Jno F Coleman      33  SC SC SC Doctor Medical
          Addie Coleman      31  SC SC SC married 4 years
                                          2 children 2 surviving
          Erma Coleman        5  SC SC SC
          Elizabeth Coleman   2  SC SC SC
          Francena Coleman 6/12  SC SC SC
          1930 Hampton South Carolina, Varnville
          John F Coleman   53 SC SC SC Physician General Practice
                                       married 24 years?
          Addie J Coleman  52 SC SC SC married 27 years
          Francina Coleman 20 SC SC SC
          Zenith Coleman   19 SC SC SC
          Jenny Coleman    16 SC SC SC
          Ethel Coleman    13 SC SC SC
        2. Bertie Ray Coleman m Jessup P. Eaddy, of Leo,SC and Hamlet, NC
          1. Alice Victoria Eaddy
          1920 Andrews South Carolina, Georgetown
          Jesup P Eaddy 30 SC SC SC Inspector RR
          Alberta Eaddy 28 SC SC SC
          Alice V Eaddy  5 SC SC SC
        3. Georgia Robinson Coleman, m Walker N. Sojourner (bc 1877- )
          [Walker on the Bamberg SC census 1880 with D.E. Sojourner]
          1. Georgia Louise Sojourner, m Forrest R. DeMont, Waltham, MA
          2. Mary B. Sojourner, m David L. Ballard (Joe), Greensboro, NC
            1. David L. Ballard, Jr.
          1910 Bamberg South Carolina
           Nathas W Sojourner 32 SC SC SC farmer  [Nathan]
           Georgie Sojourner  28 SC SC SC
        4. Susie Coleman, died at age of sixteen years.
        5. Robert Wylie Coleman, m Sadie Wright, Chester, S. C.
          1920 Kershaw South Carolina, Camden
          Robert Coleman 27 SC SC SC  Manager Coca Cola Plant
          Satie Coleman  23 SC SC SC
          1. Robert Wylie Coleman, Jr., m Miss Kathleen Vaughan, Chester, SC
        6. Minnie Louise Coleman
          m1 Charles May Adams, of Saluda, SC
          1. Charles Coleman Adams, m Julia Dukes, Greelyville and Chester, SC
          m2 James C. Tennant, Chester, SC, No Issue
        7. Margaret Coleman, m Broadus A. Robinson, Blackstock, SC
          1930 Chester South Carolina, Blackstock
          Brsafus A Robinson  34 SC SC SC  farmer
          Margaret C Robinson 31 SC SC SC
          John F Robinson     10 SC SC SC
          Mary E Robinson      9 SC SC SC
          Broadus A Robinson   5 SC SC SC
          1. John Francis Robinson, m Dorothy Timmons, of Darlington, SC. No children.
          2. Mary E. Robinson, m John Morley Kiliholtz, Baltimore, MD.
            1. Charles Kiliholtz.
            2. John Morley Kiliholtz, Jr.
            3. Broadus A. (Alex) Robinson, Jr., single.
      6. Minnie Coleman married Henry Tongs, of Augusta, Ga.
    2. Mary (Polly) Coleman (1827- ) m William McLane
      1850 Fairfield South Carolina
      William McLane 28 Fairfield Planter
      Mary McLane    23 Fairfield
      Sarah McLane    3 Fairfield
      Mary McLane     1 Fairfield
      1860 Fairfield South Carolina
      Wm McLain       34 SC $3,000 $7,885
      Mary McLain     33
      Sarah McLain    13
      Mary McLain     10
      Henry McLain     9
      Johnathan McLain 7
      Silas McLain     5
      1870 Fairfield South Carolina
      Mary McLane     44 SC $1,000 $400
      Henry McLane    18 SC farm manager
      Jonathan McLane 16 SC farm laborer
      Silas McLane    15 SC farm laborer
      Frances McLane  10 SC
      See Mary McLane in 1880 Robert Castles's census below
      1. Sallie McLane married Robert Castles.
        1870 Chester South Carolina, West Blackstock
        Robert Castles 25 SC $795 $641 farmer
        Sarah Castles  26 SC
        Ida L Castles   4 SC
        Jessie Castles  2 SC
        Sarah Castles   1 SC
        1880 Chester South Carolina, Blackstock
        Robert Castllis 35 SC SC SC farmer
        Sallie Castllis 38 SC SC SC
        Ida Castllis    14 SC SC SC
        Jessie Castllis 12 SC SC SC
        Minnie Castllis  9 SC SC SC
        Fannie Castllis  5 SC SC SC
        Lillie Castllis  2 SC SC SC
        Mary McLure     53 SC SC SC  mother-in-law [indexed McClure should be McLane]
        Henry McLure    29 SC SC SC  brother-in-law [indexed McClure should be McLane]
        Fannie McLure   19 SC SC SC  sister-im-law [indexed McClure should be McLane]
        1900 Chester South Carolina, Blackstock
        Jessie Castles  31 SC SC SC
        Sarah L Castles 51 SC SC SC  widowed mother
                                     8 children 5 surviving
        Fannie Castles  20 SC SC SC  sister
      2. Mary McLane married James Robinson
        1870 York South Carolina
        James E Robinson 21 SC Section master RR
        Mary Robinson    20 SC
        1880 Greene County Georgia, Union Point
        James E. Robinson 33 SC SC SC RR engineer
        Mary Robinson     30 SC SC SC
        Mary E. Robinson   9 SC SC SC
        Sallie A. Robinson 6 SC SC SC
        Estelle Robinson   4 SC SC SC
        Willie E. Robinson 2 Al SC SC
        Lucy Thornton     50 GA GA GA servant cook
        1900 Newton County Georgia, Covington
        James E Robinson 52 SC SC SC  RR supervisor
        Mattie Robinson  48 GA GA GA  married 13 years
        Avalena Robinson 26 SC SC SC  [see Sallie A above]
        Mack Robinson    12 GA SC GA
        Frank Robinson    2 GA SC GA
        Lauton Robinson   6 GA SC GA
        Fred Robinson     4 GA SC GA
        Lee W Robinson    1 GA SC GA
      3. Henry McClane
        1880 census see Robert Castles above
      4. Jack McClane married Widow Yongue (nee Isa Crowder).
        1900 Fairfield South Carolina
        Johnathon McLane 43 SC SC SC farmer
        Issie McLane     43 SC SC SC married 14 years
                                     8 children 8 surviving
        William McLane   12 SC SC SC
        Arthur McLane    10 SC SC SC
        Eugenia McLane    8 SC SC SC
        Henry McLane      6 SC SC SC
        Robt McLane       4 SC SC SC
        Claud McLane      2 SC SC SC
        Victoria Toungue 19 SC SC SC step daughter
        Lula Toungue     17 SC SC SC step daughter
        "I read your posting nd wanted to let you know bit of information that may or may not be related. It seems that my Great, great grandfather Henry Jeffers McLane had a step sister and her name was "Lu". She also had a sister named Vick. they were from fairfield county post civil war period. Henry Jeffers father was Jonathan McLane and his mother was Isabella ( maiden name Crowder). Henry was born in 1895. Henry Jeffers had 3 brothers named Billie, Robert and Pierce adn then two stepsisters who were named Vick and Lu. Hope this helps in our search. Jackie"
      5. Silas McClane married Mattie Mobley.
        1900 Fairfield South Carolina
        Silas McLane   45 SC SC SC  farmer
        Mattie McLane  33 SC SC SC  married 18 years
                                    8 children 8 surviving
        Mary McLane    17 SC SC SC
        Alice McLane   15 SC SC SC
        Davis McLane   13 SC SC SC
        Coleman McLane 10 SC SC SC
        Janie McLane   10 SC SC SC
        Edith McLane    7 SC SC SC
        Chanie McLane   5 SC SC SC
        Cate McLane     3 SC SC SC
      6. Fanny McClane married William Mobley.
        1880 census see Robert Castles above
    3. Seleta Coleman m. James Morgan
      There is a James Morgan age 27 on the 1850 Fairfield SC census who has a 3 month old son Hiram and no wife listed.
      1. Hiram (retarded)
    4. Sarah Coleman (1835 SC-1900 SC) m. Jesse Gladden (grandson of Allan Coleman)
      1860 Fairfield South Carolina
      Jesse Gladden  33 SC $2,070 $4,015
      Sarah Gladden  23 SC
      Rebecca Gladden 5 SC
      John Gladden    3 SC
      Wyley Gladden   3 SC
      1870 Fairfield South Carolina
      Jesse Gladden   44 SC $1,000 250 farmer
      Sarah Gladden   33 SC
      Rebecca Gladden 14 SC
      John Gladden    11 SC
      George Beam     45 SC farm laborer

      See Sarah (Coleman) Gladden in 1880 Fairfield census home of Samuel S. Coleman (below)
      Childen Sarah Coleman and Jesse Gladden:
      1. Sarah Rebecca Gladden (bc 1855-died before 1884?) "married Sam Stevenson Coleman (3 girls, 2 boys)".
        1880 Fairfield South Carolina
        Samuel S. Coleman 26 SC SC SC farmer
        Rebecca Coleman   25 SC SC SC
        Kate Coleman       3 SC SC SC
        Anna Coleman       2 SC SC SC
        Preston Coleman   20 SC SC SC [black servant]
        Sicily Crosby     45 SC SC SC [black cook]
        Sarah Gladden     43 SC SC SC mother
        1900 Fairfield South Carolina
        Samuel Coleman 45 SC SC SC
        Alice Coleman  49 SC SC SC married 6 years
                                   1 child 0 surviving
        John Coleman   17 SC SC SC
        Sallie Coleman 10 SC SC SC
        Children inferred from census:
        1. Kate Coleman
        2. Anna Coleman
        3. John Coleman
        4. Sallie Coleman
      2. John C Gladden "married in Alabama. I don't know the name. Has one daughter, Sarah Rebecca.":
        1900 Fairfield South Carolina
        John L Gladden 42 SC SC SC farmer
        Mary Gladden   38 AL AL AL married 13 years
                                   1 child 1 surviving
        Sarah K Gladden 9 SC SC AL
    5. Savilla Coleman never married (invalid)
      See 1850, 1860 and 1870 census of her father Wiley Coleman's family above
    6. Robert Coleman (bc 1840-
      Appears as age 10 on the 1850 Fairfield County SC census of his father Wiley Coleman. I can find no further reference to this son Robert. He is NOT on the 1860 census in Fairfield SC. He also does not appear in the list of Wiley Coleman's children detailed in Etta Rosson's discussions.
    7. Elitia Coleman m Henry Jeffares (1835-1914) "her cousin" (see below)
      1870 Fairfield South Carolina
      Henry Jeffords    35 SC farmer 2,000 600
      Electa Jeffords   33 SC
      Sarah E Jeffords  10 SC
      Robert Jeffords    8 SC
      Henry Jeffords     6 SC
      William Jeffords   4 SC
      Martha Jeffords 8/12 SC
      1880 Fairfield South Carolina
      Henry Jefferas    45 SC farmer
      Eliza Jefferas    43 SC
      Eliza Jefferas    20 SC
      Robert Jefferas   18 SC laborer
      Coleman Jefferas  16 SC
      Benjamin Jefferas 14 SC
      Mattie Jefferas   10 SC
      John Jefferas      8 SC
      Samuel Jefferas    5 SC
      Savilla Coleman   47 SC sister
      1900 Fairfield South Carolina
      Henry Jeffares     63 SC SC SC farmer
      Elitia Jeffares    62 SC SC SC
                            8 children 7 surviving
                            married 41 years
      Robt R Jeffares    37 SC SC SC farmer
      William B Jeffares 33 SC SC SC farmer
      John W Jeffares    31 SC SC SC school teacher
      Samuel Jeffares    26 SC SC SC farmer
      David A Coleman    20 SC SC SC clerk
      1910 Fairfield South Carolina
      Henry Jeffares     76 SC England SC  farmer
      Eldia Jeffares     73 SC SC SC married 51 years
                                     8 children 4 surviving
      William B Jeffares 40 SC SC SC
      Samuel H Jeffares  36 SC SC SC
      1. Lizzie, married Sam Wright (3 boys).
        1900 Chester South Carolina, Halseville
        Sam Wright       40 SC SC SC farmer
        Lizzie Wright    38 SC SC SC married 6 years
                                     3 children 3 surviving
        Brown Wright      7 SC SC SC
        Henry Wright      5 SC SC SC
        Richard Wright 9.12 SC SC SC
        Tildon Lee       23 SC SC SC
      2. Robert Rainey Jeffares (1862-1914)., married Lizzie Hogan (2 boys and 2 girls.)
        On the 1870, 1880, and 1900 cenuses with father Henry Jeffares
        1910 Fairfield South Carolina
        Robert R Jeffares  48 SC SC SC farmer
        Elizabeth Jeffares 34 SC SC SC married 9 years
                                       4 children 3 surviving
        Robt C Jeffares     7 SC SC SC
        Verginia Jeffares   6 SC SC SC
        Mary F Jeffares  4/12 SC SC SC
        adjacent to father Henry
        1920 Richland South Carolina, Blythewood
        Lizzie Jeffares    41 SC SC SC  widowed boarding house keeper
        Coleman Jeffares   17 SC SC SC
        Virginia Jeffares  16 SC SC SC
        Frances Jeffares   10 SC SC SC
        John Henry Jeffares 8 SC SC SC
      3. Henry C Jeffares (1864-1900), died single.
        On the 1870 Fairfield SC census (age 6) with father Henry Jeffares. Listed as "Coleman" (age 16) on the 1880 Fairfield census with father Henry.
      4. Ben F., died single.
        Listed on 1870 Fairfield SC census with father as William age 4; "Benjamin" (age 14) on the 1880 census with father Henry; "William B." on the 1900 census with father age 33; on the 1910 census as "William B" with father Henry age 40.
        There is a William Bennett Jeffares (1865-1932) in the same Jeffares Cemetery in Featsterville, Fairfield, SC.
      5. Martha Savilla Jeffares (1869-1908)
        "Mattie" married Edward (Ned) Tapley Taylor (1870-1935) -- son of Edward Miles Tapley Taylor and Charlotte Poole
        "(4 girls, 1 boy)".
        Children (see (see this):
        1. Sarah Taylor (1901- ) m. Frank Charles Strauss
        2. Mary Elizabeth Taylor (Pattie) m. Lawrence D. Frick
        3. Charlotte Caroline Taylor (1895-1900) (see this). "Lottie"
        4. John Caldwell Taylor (Jack) m Bessie Jennings
        5. James Eugene Taylor (died in infancy)
        6. Helen McDonald Taylor m Archie S. Thorpe Sr.
        1900 Fairfield South Carolina
        M T Taylor    30 SC SC SC
        Mattie Taylor 29 SC SC SC
        Lottie Taylor  6 SC SC SC
        Mary I Taylor  2 SC SC SC
      6. John Wylie Jeffares (1871-1906)
        "...was thrown by a mule, died from the injury".
        Shown on the 1880 Fairfield census with his father age 8; on the 1900 census as "John W Jeffares" a teacher age 31.
      7. Samuel Jeffares (bc 1875- )
        "...died single".
        On the 1880 census as age 5; 1900 as age 26 and 1910 as age 36 -- all with father Henry.

  5. Elizabeth Rainey (1804 SC - 1864 Dekalb GA) (daughter of Thomas Rainey)

    Elizabeth Rainey married Irish immigrant Henry Harvey Jeffares (1785 Rathronan, Wexford, Ireland - 1863 DeKalb GA). Henry immigrated to South Carolina from Wexford County Ireland in 1798 by stowing away on a ship at age twelve. He left as a result of the 1798 rising against the British government and it appears that his father was imprisoned. He is in Fairfield County SC in 1820 married Martha Tharpe in 1919. He and Martha had four children. Martha died between 1827 and 1831, when Henry moved to DeKalb County, Georgia. He keep the Church record at Nancy Creek Church from 1830 -`1856. He was a teacher, politician and farmer. He married Elizabeth Rainey in 1831 and had three children:

    1850 Gwinnett Georgia Census, 36th Subdivision
    Jefferes, Henry 51 M IRE school teacher
    Elizabeth       47 F SC
    Martha          17 F SC
    Henry J         15 M SC
    Bennett J       13 M SC
    1860 Dekalb Georgia Census, Brownings
    Jeffary, Henry          65 M Farmer $220  Irland
    Jeffary, Elizabeth      60 F Dom.         S.C.
    Jeffary, B. B.          23 M Farmer       S.C.[actually Bennett Rainey Jeffares b. GA]


    1. Martha Jeffares (1833 GA - 1900 AR)

      Daughter of Elizabeth Rainey, granddaughter of Thomas Rainey.

      Married Edmond T Harris (1831 DeKalb GA-1900 Johnson AR) son of John C.Harris (1808 SC - 1888 Johnson AR) and Sarah Brown (1811 SC- 1869 GA) daughter of Josiah Brown (1774 Surry NC-1860 Yellow River Gwinnett GA) and Anna (1791- ). Josiah is on the 1860 Gwinnett census with son-in-law John C. Harris age 76 with wife Anna age 69.(see this and this). John Harris married second Rachel Leavell.

      Edmond T Harris was 4th Corporal in 38th Georgia Infantry Company A. Sept 26, 1861; Transferred to Company D 38th GA Inf April 1 1862; 1st Sergeant July 15, 1862; wounded Sharpsburg (Antietam) Sept 17, 1862; On roll Aug 31 1864. No later record.

      Edmond's brother Sterling G. Harris was also in the same unit as a 1st corporal and 3rd Sergeant and was wounded at Wilderness in May 1864. He is buried beside his brother in the Adams cemetery in Johnson County Arkansas -- see below. (See this). Sterling's wound is mentioned ("...SG Harris in the hip...") in Bennett Rainey's letter to his wife Parazade Cochran Jeffares dated May 22, 1864 from Lynchburg Virginia (see this).

      Both Edmund T Harris and brother Sterling G Harris served in the 38th Georgia Infantry along with Bennett Rainey Jeffares and John G. Rainey.

      Buried in Adams (or Jordan) Cemetery in Johnson County Arkansas are: (1) father John H Harris and 2nd wife Rachel Leavell; (2) Edmund T Harris and wife Martha Jeffares and of children; and (3) brother Sterling Harris and many of his children. They are all buried in the Adams Cemetery Johnson County Arkansas. The detail below is from the cemetery data and Judy Tate and other contributor research:

      • John H. Harris 15 March 1808 13 August 1888
        Father of Edmund T Harris and Starling G Harris below.
        He was born in South Carolina
        Husband of Rachel Leavell
      • Rachel Harris 23 July 1830 27 July 1913
        She was born in Georgia
        Daughter of John W. Leavell and Marchy C. Wood
        Wife of John C. Harris, Sr.
      • Edward T. Harris 15 January 1831 18 November 1900
        He was born in Georgia
        son of John Harris above
        Husband of Marchtha
      • Martha (Jeffares) Harris 06 July 1832 31 March 1900
        Wife of Edward T. Harris

        Seven of Nine Children of Edmund and Martha (Jeffares) Harris are buried at Adams Cemetery:

        1. Isabell Harris

          Belle E. Johnson 22 June 1870 31 January 1933
          Daughter of Edward T. and Martha Harris
          Contact: C. L. Boyd (

          David McLin Johnson, Jr. 02 April 1872 24 March 1948
          Son of David McLin Johnson and Marchtha Jane Lewis Brantly
          Husband of Marchtha E. Patterson
          Married 04 September 1892 Book R page 161 Johnson County, Arkansas
          Husband of Belle E. Harris
          Married 12 December 1901 Book S page 425 Johnson County, Arkansas

        2. Martha Harris

          Mattie H. Dickey 25 March 1868 18 February 1927
          Wife of George Dickey?
          Married 22 August 1906 Book T page 350 Johnson County, Arkansas
          Note: I'm not sure about this Marriage, it could be wrong...

        3. Eliza A Harris

          Eliza Boley
          No Marker
          She was born Jun 1856 in Georgia
          Wife of Andrew Boley

          Andrew Boley
          No Marker
          He was born October 1858 in Alabama
          Husband of Eliza
          Children: George, Polina, Alma, Ora, John T., James E.

        4. Thomas E Harris

          Thomas E. Harris 03 March 1866 30 July 1886
          He was born in Georgia
          Son of Edward T. and Martha Harris

        5. Polina A. Harris

          Polina A. Leavell 14 January 1859 10 February 1933
          She was born in Georgia

          1. Wife of Ben. F. Jordan
            Married 18 November 1875 Book N page 390 Johnson County, Arkansas

            Ben F. Jordan 1854 1878
            Husband of Polina Harris
            Married 18 November 1875 Book N page 390 Johnson County, Arkansas

          2. Wife of John F. Leavell
            Children: Marchtha, John H., Thomas H., Olga B., Buster E., Edna, Claude

          John F. Leavell 21 March 1859 08 June 1934
          He was born in Georgia
          Son of John Calvin Leavell and Emily E.
          Husband of Polina Harris Jordan
          Married 21 December 1882 Book P page 447 Johnson County, Arkansas

        6. Parazade E Harris

          Zadie E. (Parazada) Wilson 06 May 1861 01 August 1934
          Daughter of Edward T. Harris and Martha
          Wife of John W. Wilson
          Children: Bennett E., Thomas M., Grover S., Johny H.

          John W. Wilson 09 May 1857 03 January 1913
          Son of Francis Marion Wilson and Emily F. Taylor
          Husband of Parazada E. Harris
          Married 06 January 1878 Book O page 251 Johnson County, Arkansas
          Obituary dated 09 January 1913

          1. Johny H. Wilson 13 May 1896 28 August 1899
            Son of John W. Wilson and Parazada E. Harris
          2. Grover S. Wilson 24 September 1887 20 December 1918
            Son of John W. Wilson and Parazada Harris
            Husband of Mellie Summers
            Married 04 August 1907 Book T page 474 Johnson County, Arkansas
            Pvt. 10th Co. CAC of Balboa US Army Ft. Amador CZ Panama

        7. Mary E Harris (Mollie)

          Mollie Howard 09 November 1872 13 September 1931
          Daughter of Edward T. and Martha Harris

          George E. Howard 24 February 1861 11 June 1944
          He was born in Pope County, Arkansas
          Son of Joseph Howard and Mary Frances Medlin

          • Husband of Lula Davis
            Married 28 Jun 1888 Book F page 337 Pope County, Arkansas
          • Husband of Ida Spencer
            Married 18 Oct 1892 Book G page 29 Pope County, Arkansas
          • Husband of Lizzie Leavel
            Married 06 Oct 1909 Book J page 245 Pope County, Arkansas
            M. Lizzie Howard 05 November 1883 18 January 1916
            Note: death notice in Courier-Democrat article dated 27 January 1916
          • Husband of Mollie Harris
            Married 28 January 1917 Book V page 381 Johnson County, Arkansas

      • Starling G. Harris 16 March 1842 29 December 1930
        Co. A, 38th Georgia CSA
        He was born in DeKalb County, Georgia
        Husband of Eliza Jane Bagwell
        Married 11 November 1867
      • Eliza Jane Harris 06 October 1845 18 August 1885
        Stone is broken
        Wife of Starling G. Harris
        Children: Charlie V., Lavonia Viola LEAVELL, Ettie L., Oscar G., Gordon P., Sallie A., Albert J., and John C.

      • Francis Marion Leavell 1834 17 August 1912

        Francis is included in this list as a matter of interest in the fact that he; Edmund Harris and Sterling Harris were all in the same DeKalb GA CSA regiment

        Co. D, 38th GA Infantry CSA
        He was born in DeKalb County, Georgia
        He died in Broomfield Community Pope County, Arkansas
        Son of John W. Leavelll and Marchy C. Wood
        Husband of Mary 'Polly' Gresham
        Married 18 Jan 1855

      • Mary 'Polly' Leavell 1837 03 January 1913
        She was born in Georgia
        She died in Broomfield Community Pope County, Arkansas
        Daughter of Josiah Gresham and Peggy Riley
        Children: Amanda, Francis, Georgiana, Lucinda Alice, Marchion M. 'Dena', Margaret JoAnna, Nancy Aldora, R. L., Hettie M. R., Columbus Frank and Mattie B.
        There are articles in the Courier Democrat for Francis Marion dated 22 August 1912 and for Mary dated 29 Jan 1913

       1850 Gwinnett Georgia Census, Cains
      John Harris     41 SC farmer
      Sarah Harris    38 SC
      Edmund T Harris 19 GA
      Malissa Harris  13 GA
      Sterling Harris  8 GA
      1860 DeKalb County Georgia, Brownings 1860 Gwinnett Georgia Census, District 408
      Edmond T Haris 29 GA farmer
      Martha Haris   29 SC
      John H Haris    8 GA
      Nancie S Haris  6 GA
      Eliza A Haris   4 GA
      Palina A Haris  1 GA
      adjacent to father Henry Jeffares
      John Harris     50 GA
      Sarah Harris    48 GA
      Starling Harris 17 GA
      Josiah Brown    76 NC $400 $150
      Anna Brown      69 SC
      Clary Nash      15 GA
      1870 Campbell County Missouri, Douglas 1870 Blount County Alabama
      Thomas E Harris  39 GA farmer $210
      Martha Harris    37 SC
      John H Harris    18 GA  farm laborer
      Sarah A N Harris 16 GA
      Eliza A Harris   14 GA
      Pauline A Harris 11 GA
      Parisade E Harris 9 GA
      Thomas E Harris   4 GA
      Martha J Harris   2 GA
      Jno Harris    60 SC farmer
      Rachel Harris 40 GA
      1880 Johnson County Arkansas, Hickey 1880 Johnson County Arkansas, Hickey
      E. T. Harris      49 GA SC SC farmer
      Martha Harris     47 SC Ireland SC
      Thos. E. Harris   14 GA GA SC son
      Martha I. Harris  12 GA GA SC daughter
      Isabella M. Harris 9 MO GA SC daughter
      Mary E. Harris     5 AR GA SC daughter
      P.A. Jordan       21 GA GA SC daughter
                                    [Pauline A]
      Wm.J. Jordan       3 AR AL GA grandson
      Mary B. Jordan     2 AR AL GA granddaughter
      John Harris      72 SC SC SC farmer
      Rachel E. Harris 49 GA SC SC wife
      C.E. Raney       21 GA GA GA grandson
                                   works on farm
      1900 Johnson County Arkansas, Hickey 
      Edman Harris    69 GA SC SC farmer
      Martha J Harris 32 GA GA SC daughter
      Mollie Harris   25 AR GA SC daughter
      William Jordon  23 AR MS GA grandson
                                  farm laborer

      Martha Jeffares -- daughter of Henry Jeffares and Elizabeth Rainey (see my Thomas Rainey site) -- is additionally connected to the Harris family throught Edmund T. Harris's younger sister Melissa Harris. Melissa Harris married Thomas Rainey in 1856 and they were in Gwinnett county in 1860. Thomas B. Rainey was the son of Martha Jeffares' uncle Bennett Rainey and thus Martha Jeffares first cousin. Thomas B. Rainey died in 1864. Melissa and her sole surviving son Seaborn Burdine Rainey is in Blount County Alabama in 1870 adjacent to her brother Sterling G. Harris. In 1880 Seaborn Rainey is in Johnson Arkansas with his grandfather John C. Harris (see 1880 Census above right) and Melissa disappears.

      Children of Martha Jeffares and Edmund T. Harris inferred from census (also see this):

      1. John H Harris (1852-
        1880 Johnson County Arkansas, Hickey
        J.H. Harris      28 GA GA SC
        Mary A. Harris   23 MO KY MO
        Thos. E. Harris   5 AR GA MO
        Alverda A. Harris 3 AR GA MO
        John M. Harris    1 AR GA MO
        E. T. Wilson     18 AR MS AL servant
        adjacent to father E.T. Harris
        1900 Johnson County Arkansas, Hickey
        John H Harris     48 GA GA SC farmer
        Maria A Harris    43 MO KY MO 10 children 8 surviving
        Alverda A Harris  23 AR GA MO
        Levadaim Harris   18 AR GA MO
        Robert B Harris    7 AR GA MO
        Thomas J Harris   14 AR GA MO
        Starling E Harris 11 AR GA MO
        Winnie D Harris    6 AR GA MO
        same census page as father
        1910 Curry County New Mexico, Lewis
        Mary A Harris   53 MO KY MO widow farmer
                                    3 children 3 surviving
        Winnie D Harris 16 AR GA MO
        adjacent is
        Thomas E Harris 35 AR GA MO farmer
        Susie E Harris  36 AR TN WV
        Walter Harris    6 AR AR AR
      2. Sarah A Narcisa Harris (1854 DeKAlb GA -
      3. Eliza A Harris (1856- )
        Married Andrew Boley (1858 AL- )
        1900 Johnson County Arkansas, Hickey
        Andrew Boley    41 AL AL GA farmer
        Eliza Boley     43 GA GA GA married 20 years
                                    7 children 6 surviving
        George Boley    19 AR AL GA
        Polina Boley    18 AR AL GA
        Alma Boley      16 AR AL GA
        Ora Boley       12 AR AL GA
        John T Boley     8 AR AL GA
        James E Boley    3 AR AL GA
        Frances E Boley 66 GA GA GA mother
                                    married 6 years
                                    3 children 3 surviving
        1910 Johnson County Arkansas, Hickey
        Andrew J Bowley  51 AL AL GA farmer
        Eliza A Bowley   53 GA GA GA
                            married 30 years
                            7 children 5 surviving
        Palina C Bowley  26 AR AL GA
        James E Bowley   13 AR AL GA
        Francis E Bowley 76 GA GA GA widowed
                                     5 children 3 surviving
        1920 Pope County Arkansas, Martin
        Andrew J Boley 61 AL AL GA
        Eliza Boley    62 GA GA GA
        Ora Carrell    31 AR GA AL
        Agell Carrell   6 AR TX AR
        Odell Carrell   4 AR TX AR

        Children of Eliza Harris and Andrew Boley:
        1. George Boley b: AUG 1880
        2. Polina Boley b: MAR 1882
        3. Alma Boley b: APR 1884 in Arkansas
        4. Ora Boley b: OCT 1888
        5. John T Boley b: APR 1892
        6. James E Boley b: JUN 1896

      4. Pauline A Harris (1859 GA-1933 AR)
        (This says "Polina Afteta" and she
        married first Benjamin F Jordan Nov 1875 in Johnson County AR
        See 1880 census with father above (widowed)
        1. William Jeffries Jordan (1876 Johnson AR - 1957 Russellville AR)
          Married Nola Belle Hardeman (4 Feb 1901). See this.
        2. Mary Bennie Jordan (1878 Old Mt. AR-1943 Arkansas City KS)
          Married first J.B.Lumpkin (1875-1919 Antlers OK)
          Married 2nd Wiley Spencer O'Neal (1880 MO-1944 Arkansas City KS)

          Polina married second John F Leavell (1859 DeKAlb GA-1934 Curry NM)
          son of John CAlvin Leavell (1825 DeKalb- ) and Emily E. Leavell (1837 DeKalb GA)

          1900 Johnson County Arkansas, Hickey
          John F Leavell   41 GA GA GA farmer
          Polina Leavell   41 GA SC GA married 18 years
                                       10 children 8 surviving
          Martha Leavell   16 AR GA GA
          John H Leavell   14 AR GA GA
          Thomas H Leavell 12 AR GA GA
          Olga B Leavell    8 AR GA GA
          Buster E Leavell  5 AR GA GA
          Edna Leavell      4 AR GA GA
          Claude Leavell 8.12 AR GA GA
          1910 Johnson County Arkansas, Hickey
          John F Levrall  51 GA GA GA farmer
          Paulina Levrall 51 GA GA SC
          Thomas Levrall  21 AR GA GA
          Homer Levrall   20 AR GA GA
          Olga Levrall    18 AR GA GA
          Buster Levrall  16 AR GA GA
          Edna Levrall    14 AR GA GA
          Clyde Levrall   11 AR GA GA
          1920 Johnson County Arkansas, Hickey
          John F Leavell    60 GA GA GA farmer
          Paulina A Leavell 61 GA GA SC
          Clyde Leavell     20 AR AR GA son
          John M Howard 4 9/12 AR GA GA grandson
          1930 Pope County Arkansas, Illinois
          J F Leavell       71  GA GA GA
          Paulina A Leavell 71 GA GA SC
          Homer Leavell     40 AR GA GA son widowed
          John Howard       14 AR AR AR grandson

          Children of Polina Harris and John Calvin Leavell:

        3. Martha Elizabeth Leavell (1883 AR-1916 AR)
          Married 1909 George Edwin Howard (1861 Pope AR-1944 AR)
          1. Byram Howard b: ABT 1911 in Martin, Pope Co, Arkansas
          2. George Howard b: ABT 1913 in Martin, Pope Co, Arkansas
        4. John Henry Leavell (1885/6 AR
        5. Thomas Howard Leavell (1887 AR
        6. James Homer Leavell (1889 AR
        7. Olga Belle Leavell (1892 AR
          Married first Henry Grotcher (1889-
          1. Oral L Gotcher b: BET AUG AND NOV 1916 in Arkansas
          2. Doris E Gotcher b: ABT FEB 1920 in Arkansas

          Married second in 1949 Freeman Dillahunty
        8. Buster Edmond Leavell (1894 AR
          Married Margret Young
          1. Marlin E Leavell
          2. Margaret E Leavell
          3. Buster Edmond Leavell b: 25 MAR 1929-1972)
        9. Edna Jewell Leavell (1896 AR
        10. Claude Leavell (1897 AR
        11. Clyde Raymond Leavell (1899 AR
      5. Parazade E Harris (1861 GA - 1934 AR)
        Married in 1878 John W. Wilson
        1880 Johnson County Arkansas, Hickey
        John Wilson     23 AR MS MS
        Parezade Wilson 19 GA GA SC
        B.A. Wilson      1 AR AR GA
        Thos.M. Wilson  1M AR AR GA
        1900 Johnson County Arkansas, Hickey
        John W Wilson    43 AR TN TN
        Parzade Wilson   39 GA GA GA
                            married 21 years
                            4 children 3 surviving
        Bennett E Wilson 20 AR AR GA
        Thomas M Wilson  28 AR AR GA
        Grover Wilson    12 AR AR GA
        1910 Johnson County Arkansas, Hickey
        John W Wilson     52 AR MS TN farmer
        Parezade E Wilson 48 GA GA SC married 33 years
                                      4 children 3 surviving
        1920 Johnson County Arkansas, Hickey
        Mellie Wilson   30 AR AL AL widowed
        Garman G Wilson 11 AR AR AR
        Johnnie B Wilson 9 AR AR AR
        Ada L Wilson     8 AR AR AR
        Meade S Wilson   5 AR AR AR
        Parasade Wilson 58 GA GA SC widowed

        See 1830 Pope Arkansas Census with sistser Mollie Howard.
        Children of Parazade Harris and John W Wilson:
        1. Bennett E Wilson
        2. Thomas M Wilson
        3. Grover Sullivan Wilson
      6. Thomas E Harris (1866-1886)
        See Adams Cemetery data above
      7. Martha J (I?) Harris (1868-1927)
        Married Aug 1906 in Johnson Arkansas George F. Dickey (1849 AR-
        1910 Pope County Arkansas, Martin
        George F Dickey 61 AR TN TN farmer
        Mattie Dickey   41 GA GA NC
                           married 3 years
                            1 child 1 surviving
        Joe Dickey       2
        1920 Pope County Arkansas, Liberty
        George Dickey 71 AR TN TN farmer
        Mattie Dickey 51 GA GA SC
        Joe Dickey    11 AR AR GA
        1. Joe Dickey (bc 1909- )
      8. Isabella M Harris (1871-1933)
        Married 1901 in Johnson AR David McLin Johnson (1872 AR-1948 AR)
        1910 Pope County Arkansas, Martin
        Davie M Johnson   38 AR TN TN farmer
        Belle M Johnson   39 AR GA GA married 8 years
                                      4 children
                                      4 surviving
        Zula L Johnson     5 AR AR AR
        Lizzie A Johnson   3 AR AR AR
        Edamond C Johnson  2 AR AR AR
        Lillian Johnson 8/12 AR AR AR
        1920 Johnson County Arkansas, Hickey
        David M Johnson  47 AR TN AR farmer
        Belle M Johnson  39 MO GA SC
        Lula Johnson     17 AR AR MO
        Annie Johnson    14 AR AR MO
        Edward Johnson   12 AR AR MO
        Lillian Johnson  10 AR AR MO
        Lee Johnson 3 11/12 AR AR MO
        1930 Johnson County Arkansas, Hickey
        David M Johnson 58 AR TN IL farmer
        Belle M Johnson 59 TN TN US
        E Lee Johnson   13 AR AR TN

        Children of Isabella Harris and David M Johnson:
        1. Zula Johnson b: 1 MAR 1903 in Arkansas
        2. Lizzie Johnson b: 15 JAN 1905 in Arkansas
        3. Edmond Johnson b: 25 SEP 1907 in Johnson Co, Arkansas
        4. Lillian Johnson b: 6 NOV 1909 in Arkansas
        5. Elmer Lee Johnson b: 28 Apr 1916 - May 6 1972 m Thelma Mae Ragsdale
          1. Lee Dwain Johnson
          2. Thomas Boyd Johnson
          3. Bonnie Sue Johnson
          4. William David Johnson
      9. Mary E (Mollie) Harris (1872-1931)
        Married George E Howard (1861-1944)
        1920 Pope County Arkansas, Martin
        George E Howard 58 AR GA TN farmer
        Mollie Howard   45 AR GA SC
        Byham C Howard   9 AR AR AR
        Georges Howard   7 AR AR AR
        1930 Pope County Arkansas, Martin
        George E Howard   69 AR GA AR farmer
        Molly E Howard    55 AR GA SC wife
        Byrum C Howard    19 AR AR AR son
        George E Howard   17 AR AR AR son
        Parazade E Wilson 68 GA GA SC sister-in-law

        Children of Mary E. Harris and George Edwin Harris:
        1. Barham Howard b: ABT 1901
        2. George Howard b: ABT 1903

    2. Henry Jeffares (1835-1914)(son of Elizabeth Rainey, grandson of Thomas Rainey)
      m Elitia Coleman daughter of Wylie Coleman (1795-1860) and Sally Rainey (1801-1877) (his cousin) apparently the daughter of Thomas Rainey (see above). Private 17th SC Infantry, Company B, surrendered at Appopmatox.

      Henry Jeffares and Elitia Coleman

      Children of Henry Jeffares and Elitia Coleman:

      See wife (and cousin) Elitia Coleman's detail above

      1. Lizzie (Elizabeth) Jeffares b. 1860 m.Sam Wright (3 sons, Brown, Henry and Richard)
      2. Robert Rainey Jeffares b. June 30, 1862 d. July 10, 1914 m. Lizzie Hogan (2 sons,2 daughters)
      3. Henry Coleman Jeffares b. July 11, 1864 d. Dec. 31 1900 (single)
      4. Ben F. Jeffares (died single)
      5. Mattie (Martha Savilla) Jeffares b. 1869 d. 1908 m. Edward (Ned) Tapley Taylor b. 1870 d. 1935 (son of Edward Miles Taylor and Charlotte Poole)(1 son, 4 daughters)
      6. John Wylie Jeffares b. Sep. 11 1871 d. Sep. 16, 1906
      7. Sam Jeffares (died single)

    3. Bennett Rainey Jeffares (1837-1866)(son of Elizabeth Rainey, grandson of Thomas Rainey)

      Bennett Rainey Jeffares

      Married Parazade Cochran (1841-1917) daughter of John Cochran (1800-1882) and Julia Sims (1807-1886). Private 38th Georgia Infantry, wounded at Gaines Mill June 26, 1863, Chimbaroza Hospital #3, Richmond VA June-July 1862, returned home on medical furlough to the Confederate Hospital in Stone Mountain GA August 1862, returned to duty Spring 1864, as disabled and detailed to ambulance corps, returned to the regiment as a teamster with the ambulance train, captured Farmville, Va. Apr 6 1865, released Newport News, Va. June 16 1865, died of tuberculosis winter 1866. Buried at the Cochran Cemetery on Tucker-Chamblee Road.

      1870 DeKalb Georgia Census, Browning
      John Cochran     68 GA GA GA
                          farmer $1000 425
      Julia Cochran    62 GA GA GA
      Sarah B Cochran  40 GA GA GA
      Julia A Cochran  26 GA GA GA
      Parizade Jeffers 29 GA GA GA
      [wife of Bennett Rainey Jeffares deceased]
      Bennet W Jeffers  7 GA GA GA
      John H Jeffers    3 GA GA GA
      adjacent is Elizabeth Goza
        (widow of Aaron Goza)
      and daughter Sally Rainey
        (widow of John G Rainey)
      (see Goza data below
      1880 DeKalb Georgia Census, Browning
      John Cochran         78 GA GA GA
      Julia Cochran        72 GA GA GA
      Almeda Cochran       36 GA GA GA
      Parisade R. Jeffares 39 GA GA GA
      Bennett W. Jeffares  17 GA GA GA
      John H. W. Jeffares  13 GA GA GA
      1900 DeKalb Georgia Census, Browning
      John Baxter       69 SC Ireland Ireland
      Parisade H Baxter 59
        married 13 years
        2 children 2 surviving
      Sarah A Cain      70
      "Gallant" John Baxter was Bennett
      Rainey's Lieutenant in the 38th GA
      Infantry and the Baxter family
      lived only a few hundred yards
      north of the Cochran farm
      Bennet N Jeffares   37 GA GA GA
      [reads "Bennet W. T.";
      indexed incorrectly as
      "Bennet N Jeffares"]
      Mary J Jeffares     34 GA GA GA
           married 16 years
           6 children 6 surviving
      Carl C Jeffares     15 GA GA GA
      Clarence E Jeffares 13 GA GA GA
      Josie I Jeffares    10 GA GA GA
      Parisade S Jeffares  8 GA GA GA
      Margaret P Jeffares  5 GA GA GA
      Sarah R Jeffares     2 GA GA GA
      Hugh Morgan         24 AL GA GA
      1910 DeKalb Georgia Census, Browning
      John Barter       70 GA SC SC farmer
      Parasade H Barter 60 GA GA GA
      Mahuld H Roos     60 SC SC Ireland sister
      Sarah W Cain      80 GA GA GA sister-in-law
      Bennett W Jeffares   47 GA GA GA
      Mary J Jeffares      46 GA GA GA
      Syma P Jeffares      17 GA GA GA
      Margarett P Jeffares 15 GA GA GA
      Sarian R Jeffares    12 GA GA GA
      Bennett W Jeffares    9 GA GA GA
      Berthe Jeffares       6 GA GA GA
      [Berta Lee]
      Hansel B Jeffares     3 GA GA GA
      1920 Floyd Texas, Floydale
      Wylie T Jeffares   57 GA GA GA  farmer
      Mary J Jeffares    53 GA GA GA
      Berta L Jeffares   15 GA GA GA
      Hansell B Jeffares 13 GA GA GA
      1930 DeKalb Georgia, Browning's
      Bennett W Jefferson 67 GA GA GA  farmer
      Mary J Jefferson    64 GA GA GA
      Hansel B Jefferson  27 GA GA GA
                             auto mechanic

      Children of Bennett Rainey Jeffares and Parazade Cochran :

      1. Bennett Wiley Thomas (1862 DeKalb GA- )
        Married Mary Josephine Bankston (1866-1960) Died 1943.
        1. Carl C. Jeffares (1884-1919)
          See 1900 DeKalb Census with father Bennett Wiley Jeffares
          1910 Fulton Georgia Census, Atlanta Ward 4
           William S Roberts   62
           Mary J Roberts      56
           Eula L Roberts      21
           William T Roberts   34
           Daisy B Roberts     29
          Carl C Joffine      25  boarder GA GA GA Perscription Clerk Drug Srore
           Fred Bragman        25
           Georgia Bragman     20
           Frederick Bragman 5/12
        2. Clarence E. Jeffares (1887-1949)
          m. Eunice Andrews
          See 1900 DeKalb Census with father Bennett Wiley Jeffares
          1910 Fulton Georgia Census, Atlanta Ward 1
          David W Hilley    54
          Emma A Hilley     53
          Edgar B Hilley    22
          Pharr Hilley      21
          Irene Hilley      21
          Graves Hilley     17
          Emma Hilley       15
          Myrtle Hilley     26
          Maud Tatam         8
          Clarence Jeffries 23 GA GA GA boarder Druggist
          John D Smith      35
          Emmet Whitaker    23
          1920 DeKalb Georgia Census, Decatur
          Clarence E Jeffares 32 GA GA GA druggist drug company
          Eunice J Jeffares   27 GA GA GA
          Carol V Jeffares     7 GA GA GA
          Howard T Andrews    24 GA GA GA brother-in-law dentist
          Hylsey J Andrews    22 GA GA GA brother-in-law stock clerk drug company
          1920 DeKalb Georgia Census, Decatur
          Clarence Jeffares 43 GA GA GA proprietor drug stroe
          Eunice Jeffares   34 GA GA GA
          Carol Jeffares    17 GA GA GA
          Billy Jeffares    10 GA GA GA
          John H Andrews    30 GA GA GA brother-in-law salesman
        3. Irene Jeffares (1889-1973)
          See 1900 DeKalb Census with father Bennett Wiley Jeffares
          1910 Fulton Georgia Census, Atlanta Ward 1
          David W Hilley    54
          Emma A Hilley     53
          Edgar B Hilley    22
          Pharr Hilley      21 GA GA GA son barber
          Irene Hilley      21 GA GA GA dauhjter-in-law
          Graves Hilley     17
          Emma Hilley       15
          Myrtle Hilley     26
          Maud Tatam         8
          Clarence Jeffries 23
          John D Smith      35
          Emmet Whitaker    23
          1920 Clarke Georgia Census, Athens
          Melmon P Hilley 30 GA GA GA barber
          Isaure Hilley   30 GA GA GA
          Mary E Hilley    5 GA GA GA
          Melania Hilley   2 GA GA GA
          1930 Greenville South CArolina, Greenville
          Melman P Hilley      41 GA GA GA operator beauty parolor
          Nena J Hilley        40 GA GA GA
          Marye E Hilley       16 GA GA GA
          Malman P Hilley      13 GA GA GA
          David A Hilley  4 11/12 GA GA GA
        4. Syms Jeffares (1892-1914)
          See 1900 DeKalb Census with father Bennett Wiley Jeffares
          See 1910 DeKalb Census with father Bennett Wiley Jeffares
        5. Margret Pearl Jeffares (1894-1979)
          See 1910 DeKalb Census with father Bennett Wiley Jeffares
          See 1900 DeKalb Census with father Bennett Wiley Jeffares
          1920 DeKalb Georgia Census, Brownings
          J W Cofer        27 GA GA GA mechanic auto garage
          Pearl Cofer      25 GA GA GA
          Thelma Cofer      6 GA GA GA
          Dorris Cofer 4 6/12 GA GA GA
          Junior Cofer 1 4/12 GA GA GA
          1930 Fulton Georgia Census, Atlanta
          John Cofer   37 GA GA GA mechanic automobile
          Pearl Cofer  35 GA GA GA
          Thelma Cofer 16 GA GA GA file clerk Telegraph Co.
          Doris Cofer  14 GA GA GA
          John W Cofer 11 GA GA GA
          Mary Hill    31 GA GA GA boarder stenographer Railroad
        6. Sara Ruth Jeffares (1897-1999)
          See 1900 DeKalb Census with father Bennett Wiley Jeffares
          See 1910 DeKalb Census with father Bennett Wiley Jeffares
          1920 DeKalb Georgia Census, Brownings
          S C Nash         28 GA GA GA farmer
          Sara R Nash      23 GA GA GA
          James C Nash 2 7/12 GA GA GA
          Martha J Nash  5/12 GA GA GA
          1930 DeKalb Georgia Census, Brownings
          Claud S Nash      40 GA GA GA farmer
          Sarah R Nash      32 GA GA GA
          James S Nash      12 GA GA GA
          Martha J Nash     10 GA GA GA
          Sarah B Nash       8 GA GA GA
          Zadie P Nash       6 GA GA GA
          Hellen M Nash 3 9/12 GA GA GA
          Nell L Nash     9/12 GA GA GA
        7. Bennett Rainey Jeffares (1900-1919)
          See 1910 DeKalb Census with father Bennett Wiley Jeffares
        8. Berta Lee Jeffares (1904- )
          See 1910 DeKalb Census with father Bennett Wiley Jeffares
          See 1920 Floyd Texas Census with father Bennett Wiley Jeffares
        9. Hansell Jeffares (1907- 1984)
          See 1910 DeKalb Census with father Bennett Wiley Jeffares
          See 1920 Floyd Texas Census with father Bennett Wiley Jeffares
          See 1920 DeKalb Georgia Census with father Bennett Wiley Jeffares
      2. John H. Warner Jeffares (1867-1903)
        b. DeKab county GA died in a railroad accident in Heflin Alabama in 1903.

  6. Charles Rainey (1805-1856/7) (son of Thomas Rainey)
    m Rebecca Goza "the widow Rainey" (1809 SC - after 1880 Dekalb GA)
    1880 Dekalb Mortality Schedule: RAINEY, Rebecca, age 71, Female, White, widowed, b. GA father b. GA, mother b. GA, Keeping House, died in September. cause TB.

    1840 Dekalb Census
    Charles Rainy
    1 male    5-10
    1 male   30-40
    1 female 30-40
    1850 Dekalb Census
    Charles 45 farmer $2,000 SC
    Rebecca 42 SC
    1860 DeKalb Census
    Rebecca    51 widow and farmer $3,000 $5,775 b SC
    C J Carrol 12
    M M Carrol  8
    1870 DeKalb Census
    Rebecca Rainey    62
    Charles J Carroll 20  [grandson]
    Mary Stewart      19  [grandaughter, m Ebenezer Stewart 1866]
    John E A Stewart   3  [great grandson]
    Zidania C Stewart  2  [great grandaughter]
    1880 DeKalb Census
    Charley J. Carroll 30 GA GA GA laborer
    Mollie C. Carroll  24 GA SC SC wife
    John Carroll        7 GA GA GA son
    Mack Carroll        3 GA GA GA son
    Charley Carroll     1 GA GA GA son
    Fannie Carroll   1/12 GA GA GA daughter
    Rebecca Rainey     70 SC SC SC grandma (indexed as age 50)

    Note that daughter Elizabeth below is NOT on the 1840 census. But there is an extra daughter (15-20) on the 1840 Census of brother Bennett in the adjacent home. Brother Bennett also had a daughter named Elizabeth but she was born in 1844.


    1. Elizabeth A. Rainey (1831-1853)(daughter of Charles Rainey)
      m 12/7/1848 James Maloney Carroll (1828 GA-1883 Dekalb GA) son of John Carroll (1803 SC-1861 Gwinnett GA) and Elizabeth Maloney (1803 SC-1858 Gwinnett GA).

      Elizabeth died in 1853 and James Maloney Carrol m2 Sarah Wright (1837-1912) and had twelve children from 1855 to 1878 in Dekalb. See this.

      1850 Dekalb Census, Brownings
      James Carroll       21 GA $550 farmer
      Eliza A Carroll     18 GA
      Charles J Carroll 8/12 GA

      Children of Elizabeth A. Rainey and James Maloney Carroll are:

      1. Charles John Carroll (1849 GA-1898 GA ) m Mary Ann Camilla McDaniel (1850-1934)
        Charles appears on the 1870 census with grandmother Rebecca Rainey.
        1880 Dekalb Census, Cross Keys
        Charley J. Carroll 30 GA GA GA laborer
        Mollie C. Carroll  24 GA SC SC
        John Carroll        7 GA GA GA
        Mack Carroll        3 GA GA GA
        Charley Carroll     1 GA GA GA
        Fannie Carroll   1/12 GA GA GA
        Rebecca Rainey     50 SC SC SC
        1900 Dekalb Census, Doraville
        Mary J Carroll   45 GA SC SC
                           widowed 7 children 4 surviving
        McDaniel Carroll 22 GA GA GA farmer
        Claude M Carroll 17 GA GA GA at school
        Olander Johnson  12 m GA GA GA black servant
        Mary Bailey      22 f GA GA GA black servant
        1910 DeKalb Census, Doraville
        Mary C Carroll     55 GA SC SC
                              7 children 4 surviving
        McDaniel C Carroll 33 GA GA GA son
        Abnea Carroll      30 GA GA GA daughter-in-law
                              2 children 2 surviving
        James Carroll       5 GA GA GA grandson
        Lucile Carroll      2 GA GA GA grandaughter

        Children of Charles John Carroll and Mary Ann Camilla McDaniel (see this):
        1. John Tyler Carroll (1874 GA-1959 Atlanta) (see this) m1 Charlotte Buetner (1870- ) m2 Georgia Caroline Smith (1880 Lincolnton NC-1920 Atlanta GA) daughter of John Iaisc Smith and Eliza Yarborough and m3 Ocia Lee Darnell (see this tree or this)
          1900 Spartanburg South Carolina Census, Spartanburg
          Jno T Carrall   26 GA GA GA telegraph operator
          Georgie Carrall 19 SC SC SC married 6 years
                                      2 children 2 surviving
          Chas J Carrall   3 SC GA SC
          Paul Carrall     1 SC GA SC
          1910 Fulton Georgia Census, Collins
          John T Carroll  36 GA GA GA shipping clerk cotton mill
          Georgia Carroll 29 NC NC NC married 16 years
                                      5 children 4 surviving
          Chas Carroll    13 SC GA NC
          Paul Carroll    11 SC GA NC
          George Carroll   4 GA GA NC
          Mary Carroll     6 GA GA NC
          1930 Fulton Georgia Census, Collins
          John T Carroll       56 GA GA GA General Manager Cotton Mill
          Ocia L Carroll       38 GA GA GA
          Bettie A Carroll 3 2/12 GA GA GA son
          John T Correll   1 5/12 GA GA GA daughter
          Ruth Connel          14 AL GA GA step daughter
          Mannie L Connel      12 AL GA GA step daughter
          Mary F Connel         9 AL GA GA step daughter
          Children (see this chart by James H. Downing)
          1. Jewel Carroll (1895-1895)
          2. Charles John Carroll (1896-1925) m Katherine Louise Brown (1892-1971)
          3. Paul Losco Carroll (1899-1972) m Anna Lou McDonald (1909-2001)
          4. Mary Caroline Carroll (1903-1998) m. William H. Jentzen (1897-1981)
          5. George Smith Carroll (1905-1965) m Bessie Lancaster (1908-1984)
          6. Max McDaniel Carroll (1911-1971) m1 Mary Grambling (1910-1946) m2 Nell Roberts (1923- )
          7. Betty Ann Carroll (1926- ) m Theron Long White (1925-)
          8. John Tyler Carroll (1928-2000)
        2. Plinnie Walter Carroll (1876-1877)
        3. McDaniel Carroll (1877-1949)
          see 1900 and 1910 DeKalb Census with mother Mary (McDaniel) Carroll above
          1920 Fulton Georgia Census, Atlanta
          Mack Carroll       42 GA GA GA  Contractor Painting
          Daisy Carroll      32 GA GA GA
          Clifford Carroll   10 GA GA GA
          Eugene Carroll 1 1/12 GA GA GA
          1930 DeKalb Georgia Census
          William M Carroll 52 GA GA GA decorator own shop
          Daisy B Carroll   42 GA GA GA
          Richard E Carroll 11 GA GA GA
          Ruby O Carroll     9 GA GA GA

        4. Fannie Belle Carroll (1879-1880)
        5. James Losco Carroll (1881-1924)
        6. Claude Matthews Carroll (1883-1954)
          See 1900 DeKalb GA census with mother Mary (McDaniel) Carroll above
        7. Clodissa Bessie Carroll (1885-1893)

      2. Mary Montezuma Carroll (1851 GA- ) m 1866 Ebenezer P Stewart

        Ebenezer P Stewart and his brothers William D Stewart and Thomas H. Stewart all served in the 38th Georgia Infantry -- Company A. They are the sons of Joseph Stewart of the Cross Keys district of DeKalb County and appear on the 1850 and 1860 censuses. Ebenezer was captured at Petersburg VA March 25, 1865 (Battle of Ft. Steadman) and released at Pt Lookout MD May 1865. Brothers Thomas and William were both captured during the Overland Campaign of 1864 (Wilderness and Spotsylvania) and sent to Elmira Prison in NY. Thomas was exchanged in Feb 1865. William died in Sept 1864 in the Elmira Prison (Grave #173 Woodlawn National Cemetery).

        1850 DeKalb Census, Cross Keys
        Joseph Steward       52  NC farmer $2,000
        Elizabeth Steward    42  NC
        Jonathan G Steward    9  GA
        Mary A Steward       16  GA
        Joseph L Steward     12  GA
        Wm D Steward         11  GA
        Susan L Steward       8  GA
        Thomas T Steward      6  GA
        Ebenezer P Steward    5  GA
        1860 DeKalb Census, Cross Keys
        Joseph Stewart      62 NC farmer $2,020 $1,300
        Elizabeth B Stewart 52 SC
        Thos H Stewart      16 GA
        E P Stewart         14 GA
        1870 DeKalb Census
        Rebecca Rainey    62
        Charles J Carroll 20  [grandson]
        Mary Stewart      19  [grandaughter, m Ebenezer Stewart 1866]
        John E A Stewart   3  [great grandson]
        Zidania C Stewart  2  [great grandaughter]

        Ebenezer P. Stewart is gone from the 1870 census. It appears, however, that Mary has another daughter in 1873 as shown on the 1880 census below.

        Children of Mary Montezuma Carroll:

        1. John E A Stewart (1867-
        2. Zidania C. Stewart (1868-
        3. Lu Oler Stewart (1873- [who is the father? -- Ebenezer Stewart is gone by 1870]
        4. Thomas G Bolton (1882-
        5. Maude M Bolton (1884-
        6. James H Bolton (1891-

      James Downing's Carroll Descendant site shows that Mary Montezuma married second a ? Bolton. The 1880 DeKalb Census shows:

      1880 DeKalb Census, Cross Keys
      Robert Bolton      28 Laborer   GA GA GA
      Mary Bolton        29 Wife      GA GA GA
      John Eller Shorard 13 Daughter  GA GA GA
      Donia Z. Shorard   12 Daughter  GA GA GA
      Lu Oler Shorard     7 Daughter  GA GA GA
      Ely Middlebrooks   22 Servant   GA GA GA
      1900 DeKalb Census, Doraville
      Robert F Bolton 48 b 1852 married 20 years
      Mary M Bolton   48 b 1851 married 20 years 6 children 5 surviving
      Thomas G Bolton 18 son
      Maude M Bolton  16 daughter
      James H Bolton   9 son
      Senney Jones    16 sevant

      This is clearly Mary Montezuma Carroll (first married Ebenezer P. Stewart in 1866 then Robert F. Bolton in 1879) on the 1880 Census with oddly indexed children's last name (indexed as "Shorard" as opposed to Stewart -- handwriting is difficult to read) -- she is the right age with the right kids. The 1900 Census above shows that she married Robert Bolton circa 1880 and three children shown in 1900 are his. The DeKalb History Center shows that Robert F. Bolton married Mollie Stewart 11/21/1879. Only two of the children of Ebenezer Stewart survive. Further, who is the father of "Lu Oler" b 1873 that appears on the 1880 census? Ebenezer appears to be gone in 1870 (the family is living with their grandmother Rebecca Goza Rainey).

    2. Charles J Rainey (bc 1830-1835-?)(son of Charles Rainey)
      I have found no data on this Charles. A male child appears on the 1840 census age 5-10 born between 1830 and 1835. No male child appears on the 1850 census.

    Charlene Herreid provided the folowing will abstract for Charles Rainey:

    Will Book A Dekalb Co.

    Charles Rainey
    Page 178-180

    Wife: Rebecca
    Grandchildren Charles J. and Mary M. Carroll
    Bro: Bennett Rainey
    Exrs: friends, John Jett, Alexander Chesnut and Spencer P. Wright

    /s/ Charles Rainey
    Date: 19 Sept 1854
    Wit: James Elliott, Bennett Rainey and John Y. Flowers
    Recorded: Apr 1857

  7. Bennett Rainey (1808 SC-1885 Dekalb GA) (son of Thomas Rainey)
    m Nancy Samson? (1808 VA/KY/SC - 1919 GA)
    this says Nancy Samson (1810/11-1899). This "Samson" is based on the death certificate of daughter Eliza A (Rainey) Adams (see this) with data provided by "J.J Adams" in 1919.

    Both buried at the Bennett Rainey Smallpox Cemetery off Shallowford Rd Dekalb County GA (4661 Shallowford Rd.). They did not die of smallpox. See daughter Caroline's children below.

    On the same page with Thomas Rainey on the 1830 Chester SC census is Charles Rainey, D. Simpson and T Stone (jr. and Sr.. This D. Simpson is assumed to be Dempsey Simpson. Robert Morris provided the following information on Dempsey Simpson:

    Dempsey Simpson was born about 1780 and died 18 July 1842 in Chester Co. SC. He married about 1801 to Charlotte Colvin. She was born abt 1784 in Chester Co. SC and died 22 Nov. 1839 Chester Co.SC. She was the daughter of John Colvin (1740-1793) and Hannah Price (bc 1746-?). Their children were:

    1. Jesse Simpson (2 May 1802 Chester Co - 14 Narch 1872 Chester Co SC) m. Mary Wagner McKeown abt 1820.
    2. Mary Simpson (29 Jan.1804 Chester Co - 29 March 1866 Chester Co SC) never married.
    3. (dau) b.abt 1806.
    4. Tensy(dau?) Simpson b.abt.1808.
    5. (dau) b. abt 1810.
    6. Nancy Simpson (1811 Chester Co.SC - 1899 DeKalb Co. GA ) m. Bennett Rainey abt.1831.
    7. Gale Simpson (male) (1816 Chester Co. - 1858 Chester Co.) m Charlotte Stone by 1839.
    8. John Simpson (1 March 1820 Chester Co - 1 Nov. 1889 Chester Co) m. Sarah Ann "Sallie" Carter 21 March 1841 in Chester Co. SC

    1840 DeKalb Census
    Benet Rainy
    1   male  0- 5
    1   male  5-10
    1   male 20-30
    1 female 15-20
    1 female 20-30
    1850 DeKalb Census
    Bennet Rainey    41 SC
    Nancy Rainey     41 VA
    Thos Rainey      15 SC
    John Rainey      14 GA
    Caroline G Rainey 9 GA
    Eliza A Rainey    6 GA
    1860 DeKalb Census
    B Rainey     52 SC
    Nancy Rainey 52 KY
    Eliza Rainey 16 GA
    1870 DeKalb Census
    Bennett Rainey  60 SC
    Nancy Rainey    60 SC
    Eliza Adams     26 GA
    James L Adams 9/12
    Joseph J Adams  22
    1880 DeKalb Census
    Binnett Rainey 72 sc sc sc
    Nancy Rainey   69 sc sc sc

    There is an extra daughter (15-20) on the 1840 census of Bennett. Brother Charles's daughter Elizabeth is missing from his census. Bennett also had a daughter named Elizabeth but she was not born until 1844.


    1. Elizabeth A Rainey (1844-1919)(daughter of Bennett Rainey)
      Married 12/13/1868 Joseph J Adams (1847/8 GA- ) son of Walton D Adams (1825-1898) son of Salathiel Adams (1799 NC -1862 GA)

      Joseph J Adams, private 38th Georgia Infantry Company F, enlisted Calhoun Georgia, captured near Petersburg March 25, 1865 (probably Battle of Ft. Steadman), released June 22, 1865 POW Point Lookout MD.

      Children of Elizabeth Rainey and Joseph J Adams:

      1. James L Adams (1869- ) m Ida T Little
      2. Ida C Adams (1873- ) m ? Brown
      3. Alma Adams (1877- ) single
      4. Plenney Adams (1886- ) m Cora ?

      See Elizabeth and Joseph Adams on the 1870 Census above with Bennett Rainey
      1880 DeKalb Census, Cross Keys
      Joseph J. Adams 32 GA GA GA laborer
      Eliza A. Adams  37 GA SC SC
      James L. Adams  11 GA GA GA
      Idia C. Adams    7 GA GA GA
      Almer Adams      3 GA GA GA
      Jacob Lasinger  16 GA GA GA servant
      1900 DeKalb Census, Shallowford
      J J Adams    52 GA GA GA
      Eliza Adams  55 GA GA GA married 31 years
                               4 children 4 surviving
                               [James, Ida, Alma, Plenney]
      Ida Adams    27 GA GA GA widowed [of ? Brown]
                               3 children 1 surviving
      Alma Adams   25 GA GA GA daughter
      Plenny Adams 14 GA GA GA son
      Lizzie Adams  7 GA GA GA granddaughter
      Veora Adams   4 GA GA GA granddaughter
      1910 DeKalb Census, Shallowford
      Joseph J Adams 62 GA GA GA farmer
      Eliza Adams    66 GA SC SC married 41 years
                                 4 children 3 surviving
      Alma Adams     32 GA GA GA daughter
      Harry Adams    16 GA GA GA grandson
      Viola Adams    14 GA GA GA granddaughter
      Ida Brown      37 GA GA GA daughter widowed
                                 3 children 1 surviving
      Lizzie Brown   17 GA GA GA granddaughter


      1. James L. Adams (1870 died between 1902-1910) married circa 1892 Ida Little (bc 1870-
        See James 9 months old with parents Joseph J Adams and Elizabeth Rainey in the home of grandfather Bennett and Nancy Rainey on the 1870 Dekalb census above. See 1880 census with Joseph and Elizabeth Adams above.
        1900 DeKalb Census, Cross Keys
        J L Adams     30 GA GA GA farmer
        Ida Adams     36 GA NJ GA [age actually 30]
                         married 8 years 2 children 2 surviving
        Herring Adams  7 GA GA GA
        Andrew Adams   5 GA GA GA
        1910 DeKalb Census, Doraville
        Sarah F Little 66 GA GA GA head farmer
        Dollie Little  37 GA GA GA daughter divorced
                                   2 children 0 surviving
        Ida T Adams    38 GA GA GA daughter widow
                                   3 children 3 surviving
        Harry Adams    17 GA GA GA grandson
        Andrew Adams   14 GA GA GA grandson
        Marshall Adams  8 GA GA GA grandson
        1920 DeKalb Census, Doraville
        Ida Adams      45 GA GA GA head
        Marshall Adams 18 GA GA GA son
        Dollie Little  44 GA GA GA sister
        Sarah Little   74 GA GA GA mother
        1930 DeKalb Census, Browning
        James M Adams   29 GA GA GA farmer
        Ida T Adams     59 GA GA GA mother
        Sarah F Little  84 GA GA GA grandmother
        Dollie T Taylor 98 GA GA GA aunt [age actually says 58 NOT 98]
        Children of James L. Adams and Ida T. Little:
        1. Harry Adams (1893- )
        2. Andrew Adams (1895- )
        3. James Marshall Adams (1902- )
      2. Ida C. Adams (1873-died after 1930) m ? Brown

        Ida C. Adams (born Oct 1872 )daughter of Joseph J. Adams and Elizabeth Rainey who married an unknown Brown circa 1890 is distintive from Ida T Little (born Jan 1870) who married in 1892 Ida C. Adams's brother James L. Adams. Ida C. Adams's husband ? Brown died before 1900. She appears with her parents on the census in 1880, 1890 (widowed) and 1910 (widowed). However, there is some confusing data about her children. On 1900 and 1910 censuses it shows she had 3 children but only one survived. Three grandchildren of Joseph and Elizabth Adams are shown on these two censuses: Lizzie bc 1893 (on both censuses); Viola bc 1896 (on both censuses); and Harry bc 1894 (shown only in 1910). Some sites (e.g., this) assigns Harry to grandparents Joseph and Elizabeth and Viola to both her mother and grandparents. This assigns all three to Ida C.(Adams) Brown. Both of these assignments conflict with the census data.

        1. Lizzie Brown (1892/3- )?
        2. Harry Brown (1894- )?
        3. Viola Brown (1896- )?
      3. Almer Adams (1877- )

        One site (see this) says Alma married a Delong and began having children in 1905. However she appears as single on the 1910 census in the home of her parents.

      4. Plenney S Adams (1880-1966) m Cora D (1885- )
        1910 DeKalb Census, Shallowford
        Pliny S Adams  30 GA GA GA farmer
        Cora T D Adams 25 GA GA GA
        Ruby L Adams 5/12 GA GA GA
        1920 DeKalb Census, Shallowford
        Plenney S Adams 38 GA GA GA  farmer
        Cora Adams      39 GA GA GA
        Ruby L Adams    10 GA GA GA
        1930 DeKalb Census, Shallowford
        Plenny S Adams 50 GA GA GA
        Lillian Adams  19 GA GA GA
        1. Ruby L Adams (1910- )

    2. John M. Rainey (1836-after 1880 GA)(son of Bennett Rainey)
      m Mary Langley (1870,1880 Dekalb GA Census)

      [Summary: Private 38th GA Infantry, captured South Mountain MD July 3 1863, Paroled July 9, 1863 at Ft. McHenry MD, and transferred to Ft. Delaware, Del July 9, Paroled Pt. Lookout MD, Feb, 18, 1865. At Camp Lee Richmond VA, Feb 27, 1865 (from Henderson's roster)]

      One odd entry says he is in Dole's Brigade list of killed, wounded and missing. (he was clearly NOT in Dole's Brigade)

      • Muster Roll Sep 26-Oct 31, 1861. Enlisted Sep 26, 1861
      • Muster Roll Nov-Dec 1861 present
      • Muster Roll Jan-Feb 1862
      • Muster Roll Mar-Apr 1862
      • Muster Roll May-Oct 1862
      • Muster Roll Nov-Dec 1862
      • Muster Roll Jan-Feb 1863
      • Muster Roll Mar-Apr 1863
      • Muster Roll May-Jun 1863 dated Aug 10. Taken prisoner July 4 1863
      • Muster Roll Jul-Aug 1863. absent taken prisoner by the enemy
      • Muster Roll Sep-Oct 1863. absent taken prisoner by the enemy
      • Muster Roll Nov-Dec 1863. absent taken prisoner at Gettysburg
      • Muster Roll Jan 1-Apr 30 1864. absent prisoner of war
      • Muster Roll Apr 20-Sep 1 1863. absent a prisoner of war since Jul 1/63 taken at Gettysburg
      • Prisoners of War at Fort McHenry, MD. Sent to Fort Delaware July 1863
      • Roll of prisonesr of war forwarded from Fort Delaware to Point Lookout Maryland, Oct 1863. Captured South Mountain July 3, 1863
      • Roll of Prisoners paroled at Fort McHenry and Transferred to Fort Delaware, Del. July 9 1864. Roll dated Ft. McHenry Md Offic. Comof Prisoners July 9 1863. Where captured: South Mountain July 5 1863.
      • prisoner of War at Fort Delaware Del. Where and when captured: South Mount July 4 1863. When received July 7/12 1863
      • J.M Barney(x) Roll of Prisoners. Roll dated Headquarters St. Marty's District Point Lookout MD Feb 18, 1865. Where captured; South Mountain When Captured: July 3, 1863.
      • Muster Roll of a detachment of paroled and exchanged prisoners at Camp Lee near Richmond VA for Feb 27, 1865
      • Appears on a roll of killed wounded or missing in Dole's brigade during the Pennsylvania campaign July 1 to 5 1863.
      • J.M.Barney conscript
      • Admitted July 6 1863 USA General Hospital Frederick Maryland. Complaint Debilities. Transferred to Annapolis Maryland Age 27

      1860 Dekalb Census -- Brownings
      John Rainey 23 GA
      Mary Rainey 20 GA
      1870 Dekalb Census -- Cross Keys
      John M Rainey 34
      Mary Rainey   27
      John Rainey    9
      Luda Rainey    3
      Thomas Rainey  1
      1880 Dekalb Census
      John M. Rainey   44
      Mary Rainey      38
      Bartow J. Rainey 18
      Lutie Rainey     14
      Thomas Rainey    11
      Burdine Rainey    8
      Della Rainey      5
      Not Named Rainey 5M


      1. John Bartow Rainey (1862-1919 Douglas County GA accidental pistol shot)
        1900 Paulding County GA
        John Rainey      38
        Racheal M Rainey 30
        Gussie Rainey    11
        Mary E Rainey     9
        John H Rainey     5
        1910 Paulding County GA
        John B Rainey   41
        Dorah R Rainey  46
        Gussie A Rainey 21
        Mary E Rainey   11
        John H Rainey   14
        Pairsade Rainey 12
        Carry Rainey     6
        1920 Clayton County GA, Jonesboro
        Dola Rainey      50
        Gussie Rainey    30
        Carrie A Rainey  16
        Benjamin B Rainey 9

      2. Lula (Luitia) Rainey (1866-
      3. Thomas Rainey (1869-
        1900 Paulding County GA
        Thomas Rainey  31
        Susa Rainey    30
        Norah Rainey    9
        Ida Rainey      2
        Clinn Rainey 6.12
        1920 Cobb County GA
        Wm Thos Rainey 50
        Susie Rainey   50
        Ruby Rainey    17
        Effie Rainey   16
        Luther Rainey  14
        Roberta Rainey 12
        1930 Cobb County GA
        Tom W Rainey   61
        Susie G Rainey 60
        Ruby Rainey    26
        Luther Rainey  24
        Roberta Rainey 21
      4. James Burdine (Birdine) Rainey (1870-1930) m Mary Ann Polly Johnson (1872-1936)
        1900 Gwinnett County GA, Martins
        J B Rainey      29 GA GA GA farmer
        Mary Ann Rainey 28 GA GA GA married 10 years
                                    4 children 2 surviving
        Daniel E Rainey  7 GA GA GA
        Joe P Rainey     2 GA GA GA
        1910 Gwinnett County GA, Cates
        Das B Rainey     39 GA GA GA farmer [should be Jas not Das]
        Mary Rainey      37 GA GA GA
        Daniel Rainey    17 GA GA GA
        Joseph Rainey    12 GA GA GA
        Annie L Rainey    6 GA GA GA
        Byrd Rainey       3 GA GA GA
        Clara Rainey 1 2/12 GA GA GA
        1920 DeKalb County GA, Brownings
        J B Rasney     49 GA GA GA
        Mary A Rasney  47 GA GA GA
        Joe Rasney     22 GA GA GA mechanic garage
        James B Rasney 13 GA GA GA
        Clara F Rasney 10 GA GA GA
        Jessie G Rasney 7 GA GA GA
        1930 DeKalb County GA, Brownings
        James B Rainey  59 GA GA GA
        Mary A Rainey   58 GA GA GA
        Nancy L Johnson 48 GA GA GA sister-in-law
      5. Della Lorene Rainey (1875- ) m. Arthur Brown (1880-1962)
        1900 Tarrant County TX, Fort Worth
        Arthur Brown 20 GA GA GA teamster
        Della Brown  22 GA GA GA married 2 years
                                 1 child 1 surviving
        Carl Brown    1 GA GA GA
        1910 Fulton County GA
        Arthur Brown  30 GA GA GA fireman city
        Della L Brown 29 GA GA GA married 13 years
                                  2 children 2 surviving
        Carl A Brown  12 GA GA GA
        Edward L Brown 6 GA GA GA
        1930 Fulton County GA
        Arthur Brown 50 GA GA GA  fireman
        Della Brown  49 GA GA GA
        Nellie Brown 19 GA GA GA
        Joe Brown    13 GA GA GA
      6. Eula May (1880 - 1968 Alpharetta, Fulton GA) m Robert F Adams (see below)
        1. Eva Mae Adams (1902-
        2. Robert Lee Adams (1906-1970) m Maggie Elizabeth Lord (1910-1974)

    3. Caroline G Rainey (1841-1928) (daughter of Bennett Rainey)
      1. m1.12/20/1859 James Flowers, Private Company D 38th Georgia Infantry; died in camp Feb 1863. He was the son of Major John Y. Flowers (1815-1887).

        Father John Y Flowers was the original captain of the Company A of the 38th Georgia Infantry on Sept 26 1861. He became a major on Feb 14, 1862 and resigned in June 1862 because of a hernia. This unit became so large that it was split into Company A and Company D of the 38th Georgia Infantry. Many soldiers of this unit appear on this site: John G Rainey, Bennett Rainey Jeffares, John M Rainey, Edmund Harris, Sterlimg Harris, and Francis Marion Leavell.

      2. m2 James F Adams, son of Jesse H Adams (1816-1898) son of Salathiel Adams (1799-1862).

        Compiled Service Record of James F Adams:

        • Private Company F 36th Georgia Infantry, Enlisted April 10 1862 in Atlanta, Bounty Pay Roll, April 10-June 1 1862, $50.00
        • Private Company F 36th Georgia Infantry, Enlisted April 10 1862 in Atlanta, Muster Roll, May 1-Aug 31 1863, Present
        • Roll of Prisoners of War, Vicksburg MS July 4 1863, Paroled July 9 1863
        • Parole, James F Adams, July 9 1863, Vicksburg MS

        Cemetery Marker shown on in the Bennett Rainey Smallpox Cemetery, 4661 N Shawlowford Rd, DeKalb County Georgia

      3. m3 B.F.Southern in 1885 in DeKalb County GA

      1850 DeKalb GA Census, Browning's 1850 DeKalb GA Census, Cross Keys
      John J Flowers    34 
      Dicy Flowers      33 
      Geo N Flowers     13 
      Jas A Flowers     11 
      [Caroline's 1st husband]
      Mary E Flowers    10 
      George A Flowers   8 
      Anderson P Flowers 5 
      John M Flowers     3 
      Nancy J Flowers    1 
      Jesse H Adams  30 
      Anna Adams     30 
      Milly A Adams   9 
      James F Adams   7 
      [Caroline's 2nd husband]
      Mary E Adams    5 
      Thos W Adams    3 
      Francis M Adams 0 
      1860 DeKalb GA Census, Cross Keys 1860 DeKalb GA Census, Cross Keys
      James A Flowers 21
      C G Flowers     19
      [Carolina and 1st husband]
      J H Adams     39 
      Ana Adams     39 
      M Adams       19 
      James F Adams 17 
      [Caroline's 2nd husband]
      Mary E Adams  15 
      Thos W Adams  12 
      Francis Adams 10 
      Sarah J Adams  7 
      J C Adams      5 
      Laura A Adams  1 
      1870 DeKalb GA Census, Cross Keys
      James F Adams    27
      Caroline G Adams 29
      [Carolina and 2nd husband]
      Leonard O Adams   9
      Minnie A Adams    2
      Lillar S Adams 6/12
      [adjacent to Bennett and Nancy Rainey]
      1880 DeKalb GA Census, Cross Keys
      James F. Adams  38
      Carrie G. Adams 40
      Owen Flowers    18
      [son with first husband James A Flowers]
      Minnie A. Adams 12
      Lillia Adams    10
      William Adams    8
      Robert Adams     6
      Elizebeth Adams  4
      Elonzo Adams     1
      1900 DeKalb GA Census, Cross Keys
      Carrie Southern  59 GA SC KY widowed
      8 children 3 surviving
      William Southern 28 GA GA GA widowed son
      Robt Southern    35 GA GA GA son
      1910 DeKalb GA Census, Shallowford
      Robert F Adams 35 GA GA GA farmer
      Eula Adams     30 GA GA GA
                        married 9 years
                        2 children 2 surviving
      Eva Adams       8 GA GA GA
      Robert Adams    3 GA GA GA
      Carrie Adams   69 GA SC KY widow
                        8 children  3 surviving
      1920 DeKalb GA Census, Shallowford
      Robert F Adams      45 GA GA GA farmer
      Eula Adams          32 GA GA GA
      Robert Adams        13 GA GA GA
      Howard Adams         5 GA GA GA
      Carrie G Southern   78 GA SC KY divorced

      Children (see Rosemary Adams Little's data):

      1. Leonard Owen Flowers (Adams) (1861-
        DeKalb Historical Society lists "Owen Flowers" died in the smallpox epidemic and is buried in the Bennett Rainey Smallpox Cemetery
      2. Minnie [dc 1885 Bennett Rainey Smallpox Cemetery] (1868-1885)
      3. Fannie [dc 1885 Bennett Rainey Smallpox Cemetery] (
      4. Lilla (1870- )
      5. Maggie [dc 1885 Bennett Rainey Smallpox Cemetery]
      6. William Bennett Adams (1872-1942 DeKalb GA) m1 Mary E. Rosser m2 Sarah Josephine Jackson

        1910 DeKalb GA Census, Shallowford
        William B Adams   36 GA GA GA farmer
        Sarah Adams       25 GA GA GA married 6 years
        Henry M Jackson   76 GA GA GA
        Rebecca B Jackson 60 GA SC GA
        1920 DeKalb GA Census, Shallowford
        William B Adams  47 GA GA GA farmer
        Sallie Adams     28 GA GA GA
        Louise Adams 4 5/12 GA GA GA
        Delas M Adams  4/12 GA GA GA
        Rebeca Jackson   70 GA GA GA
        1930 DeKalb GA Census, Shallowford
        William B Adams 58 GA GA GA farmer
        Sollie J Adams  44 GA GA GA
        Willie L Adams  14 GA GA GA
        Delos M Adams   11 GA GA GA
        Robie Lee Adams  7 GA GA GA

      7. Robert Franklin Adams (1875-1966) m Eula Mae Rainey (1880-1968) dau of John M Rainey and granddaughter of Bennett Rainey.
        1910 DeKalb GA Census, Shallowford
        Robert F Adams 35 GA GA GA farmer
        Eula Adams     30 GA GA GA
                          married 9 years
                          2 children 2 surviving
        Eva Adams       8 GA GA GA
        Robert Adams    3 GA GA GA
        Carrie Adams   69 GA SC KY widow
                          8 children  3 surviving
        1920 DeKalb GA Census, Shallowford
        Robert F Adams      45 GA GA GA farmer
        Eula Adams          32 GA GA GA
        Robert Adams        13 GA GA GA
        Howard Adams         5 GA GA GA
        Carrie G Southern   78 GA SC KY divorced
        1930 DeKalb GA Census, Shallowford
        Robert F Adams    54 GA GA SC farmer
        Eula Adams        48 GA GA GA
        Howard S Adams    16 GA GA GA
      8. Nancy Elizabeth Ann Armenda (Lizzie) (1877-1951 Fulton GA) m Jehu Nathaniel Reed (1875- ). "Jehu's Grandfather was Nathaniel Reed who married Celicia Spruill Reed. Jehu's father was Joel Sanders Reed who married Nancy Elizabeth Octavia Jane Hayes." (see this).
        1910 Fulton GA Census, Oak Grove
        Jadie N Reed   35 GA GA GA farmer
        Elizabeth Reed 31 GA GA GA married 14 years
                          7 children 6 surviving
        Etha Reed      13 GA GA GA
        James L Reed   11 GA GA GA
        Dewey Reed      8 GA GA GA
        Henry Reed      8 GA GA GA
        Joel A Reed     5 GA GA GA
        Edgar Reed      3 GA GA GA
        1920 Fulton GA Census, Oak Grove
        John N Reed    46 GA GA GA farmer
        Nancy A E Reed 42 GA GA GA
        Dewey L Reed   18 GA GA GA
        Henry L Reed   18 GA GA GA
        Alber Reed     15 GA GA GA
        Edgar M Reed   12 GA GA GA
        1930 Fulton GA Census, Oak Grove
        Jehu N Reed      56 GA GA GA farmer poultry farm
        Elizabeth A Reed 52 GA GA GA

        Children (see Rosemary Little's data):
        1. Albert Reed m. Myrtle Copeland
        2. Dewey Reed m. Nellie Beavers
        3. E. Mayo Reed m. Glenis Powers
        4. Lonnie Reed m. Floy Mooney
        5. Eather Reed m. Guy Barfield
      9. Elonzo (1879-1884/5)
        [may be "Lonnie" listed Bennett Rainey Smallpox Cemetery]

    4. Thomas B Rainey (1833 SC - 1864 GA)


      Thomas Rainey was the youngest son of Bennett Rainey and Nancy Simpson. He appears on the 1850 DeKalb census with his father.

      (according to this by Tonnie Cates)

      I am of the opinion that Thomas Rainey married Melissa J Harris daughter of John Harris of Gwinnett County GA. The DeKalb Historic Society database also lists this:

      Rainey, Thomas Harris, Melissa J. 7/ 6/1856

      (see the story below)

      Below is the only census record remotely close to the demographics of Thomas Rainey son of Bennett. No later census records are found for Thomas.

      Robert Rainey Morris provides a statement from his...

      "...Aunt Marie (Rainey) Finch who said Seburn was born in Decatur, Geo. and his father was Thomas Rainey and that he died about 1864 of cholera..."

      Thomas B. Rainey -- date unknown -- from Robert Rainey Morris

      1860 Gwinnett GA Census, Yellow River
      Thos Ramy  26 SC farmer
      M J Ramy   24 GA         [Melissa J Harris]
      S B Ramy    2 GA  male   [Seburn Burdine Rainey 1858-1945]
      M S Ramy 2.12 GA  female [Martha Ann Savannah Rainey 1860-1864]
      W T Arnold 20 GA  farmer
      G A Arnold 17 GA

      Malissa Harris (age 13) is in 1850 Gwinnett living with father John. In 1860 she is above. Then she is widowed in 1864 and loses her daughter Savannah. She move to live near her brother Sterling in Blount county AL in 1870 with young son Seaborn Burdine Rainey. According Robert Rainey Morris, she is buried in the Green's Chapel Cumberland Presbyterian Church in Blount Co. Ala.

      Children (based on Rainey Times, Vol 16, 1999, pg 23, search for "savannah") and this:

      1. Seburn Burdine Rainey (Feb 2 1858 Decatur DeKalb GA - Feb 18 1945 Brownwood Brown County TX, Greenleaf Cemetery) m 1882 in Bradley TN Naomi Eveline Hammons (1863 Madison AR-1925 TX). She was the daughter of Stokeley Dollison Hammons (1832 Hawkins Tennessee-1865 Madison County AR) who m 1849 Bradley TN Mary Emma Swafford (1832 Bledsoe TN-1904 Newton MO) and m2 W. Sylvester Capps. Twin sister Saloma Emeline.

        Seaburn Burdine Rainey and Naomi Hammons
        Seaborn Rainey and sons (left to right): Seaborn;
        Tom (Thomas Sylvester); Jack (William Jackson); Ace (Asa Dollison); John (John Frank); and Russell (James Russell)

        By 1880 Seaborn (age 21) is living with his grandfather in Johnson County AR.
        1850 Gwinnett County GA
        John Harris     41
        Sarah Harris    38
        Edmund T Harris 19
        Malissa Harris  13  [see 1870 below adj. brother]
        Sterling Harris  8  [see 1870 below adj. sister; 1880 Pope AR]
        1870 Blount County AL
        M J Raney 33 F GA
        S B Raney 11 M GA
        adjacent to brother:
        S G Harris    28 GA
        E J Harris    24 GA
        Charley Harris 1 AL
        Sterling and Melissa's father also in Blount AL
        Jno Harris    60 SC
        Rachel Harris 40 GA
        1880 Arkansas Census, Johnson, Hickey
        John Harris      72 M SC SC SC farmer
        Rachel E. Harris 49 F GA SC SC wife
        C.E. Raney       21 M GA GA GA grandson
        son Sterling is is 1880 Pope AR Census:
        Starling G. Harris   M 37   GA Farmer         SC SC
        Eliza J. Harris      F 34   GA Housekeeping   SC GA
        Charley V. Harris    M 12   AL                GA GA
        Laronia V. Harris    F  9   AL                GA GA
        Etta L. Harris       F  7   AL                GA GA
        Oscar G. Harris      M  4   AL                GA GA
        Gorden P. Harris     M  3   AL                GA GA
        Sallie Harris        F  4M  AL                GA GA
        1900 Bell TX Census
        Cebum B Rainey    41 M GA GA GA  farmer
        Naoma E Rainey    36 F AR TN TN
                               married 17 years
                               7 children 7 surviving
        Thomas S Rainey   16 F AR GA AR
        Julia E Rainey    14 F AR GA AR
        Lamorgot L Rainey 12 F AR GA AR
        William J Rainey  10 M AR GA AR
        Asa D Rainey       8 M TX GA AR [Arkansas overwritten]
        Lizzie G Rainey    6 F TX GA AR [Arkansas overwritten]
        Mary O Rainey      3 F TX GA AR
        Joseph Drake      18 M TX TN TX boarder  farm laborer
        1910 Comanche TX Census
        Seborn B Raney  51 M GA SC GA farm laborer home form
        Naoma E Raney   46 F AR TN TN
                            married 28 years
                            9 children 9 survived
        William J Raney 19 M AR GA AR
        Acie D Raney    18 M TX GA AR [Asa]
        Lizzie F Raney  15 F TX GA AR
        Mary P Raney    13 F TX GA AR
        John F Raney     7 M TX GA AR
        James R Raney    4 M TX GA AR
        1920 Brown TX Census, Brownwood
        Seaborn B Rainey   61 M GA GA GA nightwatchman cotton oil mill
        Naomi E Rainey     56 F AR TN TN
        Elizabeth I Rainey 25 F AR GA AR helper candy factory
        Mary O Rainey      23 F AR GA AR laborer cotton compress
        Johnnie F Rainey   16 M TX GA AR [arrived in texas between 1897 and 1904]
        James R Rainey     14 M TX GA AR
        Garland O Rainey    8 M TX GA AR
        1930 Brown TX Census, Brownwood
        S B Rainey     71 M AR SC GA widowed none
        Irine Rainey   33 F TX AR AR foreman factory
        Jack Rainey    41 M TX AR AR nurseryman florist
        Russell Rainey 24 M TX AR AR none
        John Rainey    27 M TX AR AR laborer

        Children of Seborn Burdine Rainey and Naomi Eveline Hammons (data from Robert Rainey Morris):

        1. Thomas Sylvester Rainey (28 Jan 1884 - dc 1970 Washington Co.Ark) m. Tabitha Clementine Fox
          1. Hubert Melvin Rainey
          2. Lydia Murrell Rainey
          3. Denzel Oneta Rainey (male)
          4. Tom Jack Rainey
          5. Denver Ray Rainey
          6. William Seburn Rainey
          7. Cecil Silas Rainey
          8. Q.Z.Rainey (male)
        2. Julia Emeline Rainey (14 May 1886-23 Jan 1923) m 1905 Samuel Ellis Ashinhurst
          1. Lelah Mae Ashinhurst
          2. Oran Leo Ashinhurst(male)
          3. Aural Clement Ashinhurst(male)
        3. Margaret Luella Rainey ( 21 Jan 1888 - 1974)
          m1 about 1912 Jesse Rigsby
          1. William Benjamin Rigsby
          m2 Henry Duncan.
          1. Jackie Duncan(male)
          2. Thomas Duncan
          3. Lelah Duncan
        4. William Jackson "Jack" Rainey (23 Oct 1889 Washington Co Ark - ) m Laith Fox (sister of Tabitha) had no children, divorced, Laith was m1 to ? Taylor and had son A.Z.Taylor
        5. Asa Dollison "Ace" Rainey (15 Feb.1892 Bell Co.Tex. - 24 Aug.1975 Wellington, Collingsworth Co.Tex) married Maggie Mae Conner 2 Jan 1913 Shamrock, Wheeler Co.Tex.

          Robert Rainey Morris provided the picture of Ace Rainey (left) from the newspaper The Wellington Leader (Collingsworth County Texas)...

          "...Ace Rainey when running for Collingsworth Co. Tex. sheriff 1932, he didn't win. Ace was a deputy and was among the lawmen that chased Bonnie and Clyde in north Texas, he didn't catch'em.

          Children of "Ace" Rainey and Maggie Conner:

          1. Hollis Truman Rainey 13 Nov 1913 Shamrock, Wheeler Co. Texas
          2. Selba Dollison 28 Sep 1915 Shamrock,Tx
          3. Cleoma Maureen 6 Apr 1918 Elm Creek Commuity, Collingsworth Co.Texas
          4. John Seburn 20 Nov 1920 Elm Creek Community
          5. Asa Pauline 17 Dec. 1922 Elm Creek Commuity
          6. Maggie Marie 25 Aug.1926 Elm Creek Community.

        6. Elizabeth Irene Rainey (31 May 1894 Bell Co.Tx. - 27 March 1975) never married
        7. Mary Odessa Rainey (28 Jan 1897 Bell Co.Tx -7 July 1971) m 1920 William P.May
          1. Daniel Webster May
          2. Berna Joyce May
          3. Billye Jean May (female)
          4. Walter Richard May
        8. John Frank Rainey (3 March 1903 Erath Co.Tex.-17 July 1963) m 1935 Elsie Kathleen Holster
          1. Jackie Ray Rainey
          2. James Franklin "Jimmy" Rainey
          3. Johnleen Rainey (female)
          4. Patricia Dianne Rainey
          5. Joyce Frances Rainey
          6. Marilyn Elizabeth Rainey
        9. James Russell Rainey (9 Feb.1906 Comanche Co.Tex- ) never married

      2. Martha Ann Savannah Rainey (June 1860 Gwinnett GA-1864 Gwinnett GA)

      The National Park Service Soldier database lists a:

      Thomas Rainey, Company B 3rd State Guards, Corporal.

      Muster Roll Aug 4, 1863 to Feb 4 1864 3rd Corporal
      Muster Roll Nov and Dec 1863 3rd Corporal

      This unit is also called the "Atlanta Fire Battalion"
      3rd Battalion Georgia Infantry, State Guards
      Lee's Battalion
      Lt. Col. George W. Lee
      Co. A Atlanta Fire Co., No. 1 Jacob Stadelman, Fulton
      Co. B Mechanic Fire Co., No. 2 Lever Richardson, Fulton

      In Pioneer Citizens' History of Atlanta, 1833-1902, Lever Richardson was one of several men who in 1856 organized the second fire company in the city of Atlanta called "Mechanic Fire Company, No. 2" with the motto: "The Public Good Our Only Aim". Ten years later..."During bombardments they acted as both firemen and soldiers, responding most willingly where duty called."

      Co. C Lula Fire Co., No. 3 James A. Taylor, Fulton
      Co. D Hook and Ladder Guards J. T. Banks, Fulton
      Co. E Independent Fire Co., No. 4 Perino Brown Fulton
      Co. F Lula Videttes T. P. Fleming, Fulton
      Co. G Fire Company S. B. Love, Fulton
      Co. H Atlanta Press Guard B. P. Bassett, Fulton

      This battalion was organized in August 1863 to serve for six months as local defense. Thomas Rainey appears on the muster roll (present or absent is NOT stated). So, this cannot be the Thomas Rainey, son of John G Rainey who is a sergeant in the 41st Georgia Infantry Company C from Mar 1862 who is released as a POW in 1865.

      Now, consider the three Thomas Rainey marriages in DeKalb:

      The third Thomas Rainey marriage above -- to Sara Jet poses an interesting issue. Now consider the following census data for John Jett -- a Cross Keys neighbor of Bennett Rainey (father of this Thomas Rainey). Sara Jett appears in the 1850 census. Then in 1860 a Rainey child -- L.C. Rainey -- age 3 appears with John Jett (Sarah's father) and again Leonidas C Rainey is with John Lett in 1870. Is this the child of Thomas Rainey and a deceased Sarah (Jett) Rainey? This could be a child of either Thomas Rainey.

      1850 DeKalb Georgia Census, Cross Keys
      John Jett      43 SC
      Lucinda Jett   43 NC
      Alfred B Jett   2 GA
      Elizabeth Jett 17 GA
      Frances Jett   12 GA [married William W Rainey]
      Harriet E Jett  6 GA
      James Jett     19 GA [1st Sergeant, 38th GA Infantry, 2nd Lieutenant Oct 1863,
                            Died Feb 7 1864}
      John Jett      13 GA
      Sarah Jett     15 GA [married Thomas Rainey 3/27/1851]
      1860 DeKalb Georgia Census, Cross Keys
      John Jett    52
      Lucinda Jett 49
      H E Jett     16  [Harriet E from 1850]
      A B Jett     12  [Alfred B from 1850]
      J M Jett      7  [I.M. not J.M. -- see Ira below]
      A M J Baxter  5  boarder
      L C Rainey    3  boarder [is this the child of Thomas Rainey
                       and Sarah Jett now deceased?]
      1870 DeKalb Georgia Census, Cross Keys
      John Jett         63
      Lucinda Jett      60
      Harriet E Jett    25
      Ira M Jett        18
      Amanda J Baxter   16 boarder
      Leonedas C Rainey 14 boarder
      1880 DeKalb Georgia Census, Cross Keys
      John Jett    73
      Lucinda Jett 58
      Eliza Jett   35
      Ira M. Jett  27

      I find no further census data for Leonidas C. Rainey or Sarah (Jett) Rainey.

*** end of "Thomas Rainey of Chester SC" children's details

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