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Sample Media Coverage
Februay 2014Be Happy at WorkGlamour
January 2014What We Lose When We Bypass the Little MomentsPsychCentral
May 2013Slow the Seed to Happiness and SuccessPsychology Today
September 2012How Awe Stops Your ClockScientific American
August 2012Tracking Wonder & Making More Time to CreatePsychology Today
August 20128 Amazing 60-second Health FixesPrevention
July 2012A Moment of Awe Can Stop TimeDaily Rx
July 2012The Awe Effect: How Visions of Awe Can Improve Your HealthTIME
July 2012Watching the Olympics in Search of AwePsychology Today
July 2012Being in Awe Can Expand Time and Enhance Well-BeingScienceDaily
July 2012Jaw-dropping Moments Really Do Make Time Appear To Stand StillThe Telegraph
July 2012Awe Is Good for Mental Health, Study ClaimsThe Independent
July 2012Awe Therapy 'Could Make Us Nicer'Press Association
July 2012Pressed for Time? Take a Minute to Feel AweLiveScience
June 2012Be More Awesome, Starting NowMen's Health
June 2012Exposure to Awesome Things Makes You a Better PersonGizmodo
June 2012Psychologists: Awesomeness Is Good for YouBusiness Insider
January 2012Making Time Stand Still. Awesome.The Huffington Post
June 2011Money Doesn't Buy Happiness, But Time MightaWomansHealth Magazine
June 2011If Money Doesn't Make You Happy, Consider TimeForbes India
May 2011Time, Not Money, Is the Key To HappinessBusiness Insider
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