Leadership Initiatives

The Bauer Integrative Leadership Approach

Our primary mission is to provide students with collaborative, experiential and educational opportunities to develop leaders within a dynamic business environment.

Our integrative leadership philosophy consists of a holistic, reflective, and responsive approach to leading oneself, leading others and leading within organizations. As our leadership model depicts, our desired outcome for students is truly an ongoing awareness of leading from the inside out, by increasing self-awareness, leading with integrity, enhancing professional skills, and engaging in leadership experiences that business leaders regard as critical for continued career success.

One core integrative tool used to gain self-awareness is the Strengths Quest (SQ) Assessment, designed and developed by the Gallup organization. Students pursuing the Ted Bauer Leadership Certificate Program take the SQ assessment as a core requirement, which helps students identify, and leverage their natural talents to focus on what they naturally do well.

Leading from the inside/out prepares students with the foundation to lead others, and lead within organizations. It is at this point that the “The Student Leadership Challenge” Five Practices for Exemplary Leadership written and designed by James Kouzes, and Barry Posner is introduced:

  • Model the Way
  • Inspire a Shared Vision
  • Challenge the Process
  • Enable Others to Act
  • Encourage the Heart

The fundamental purpose of the Student Leadership Challenge is to “assist students – whether in a formal or official leadership position or not, in furthering their abilities to lead others to achieve extraordinary results”. The process is accomplished in part by the Student Leadership Practice Inventory (SLPI), which is a 360 degree assessment tool taken by students, giving them holistic feedback in which to create development opportunities. The Leadership Challenge findings are evidenced based in extensive research.

This two –tier approach to integrative leadership establishes the foundation, and mindset necessary for students to build upon and develop their leadership gifts, talents and skills to achieve academic success, and thrive in a dynamic business environment. We take great pride in helping our students pursue those outcomes!