1-1                                     1                                  
 1-2                          SENATE RESOLUTION NO. 613
 1-3                                  In Memory
 1-4                                     of
 1-5                             Larry J. Sachnowitz
 1-6           WHEREAS, The passing of noted Houston civic leader
 1-7     Larry J. Sachnowitz, on March 20, 2001, at the age of 61, has
 1-8     brought a great loss to the family and many friends of this
 1-9     esteemed gentleman; and
1-10           WHEREAS, A San Antonio native, Larry Sachnowitz graduated
1-11     from The University of Texas at Austin in 1961; he moved to
1-12     Houston in 1962 and took a position with Gulf State Advertising
1-13     Agency, eventually becoming vice president; and
1-14           WHEREAS, In 1978 he purchased the agency and changed the
1-15     name to Sachnowitz and Company; he was the president and senior
1-16     creative director of the firm, which was recognized by the
1-17     American Association of Advertising Agencies as one of the best
1-18     in the nation; and
1-19           WHEREAS, Mr. Sachnowitz was always willing to offer his
1-20     agency's resources or his own help to assist nonprofit agencies
1-21     and was eager to return value to his community; and
 2-1           WHEREAS, Mr. Sachnowitz was chairman of the Texas Southern
 2-2     University Foundation, a member of the Dean's Executive Advisory
 2-3     Board for the University of Houston College of Business,
 2-4     chairman-elect of the National Council of Christians and Jews,
 2-5     and a member of the Houston Philosophical Society; and
 2-6           WHEREAS, Past president of the Houston Advertising Federation,
 2-7     Mr. Sachnowitz had served as president of Congregation Emanu El
 2-8     in Houston; he also had been a member of the National Board of
 2-9     Religion in American Life, Incorporated, and a member of the Board
2-10     of Advisors for the Brooklyn College Conservatory of Music; and
2-11           WHEREAS, An adjunct professor at the Jones School of Business
2-12     at Rice University, Larry Sachnowitz was also an Executive
2-13     Professor at the University of Houston College of Business in its
2-14     Entrepreneurial and Innovation Program; and
2-15           WHEREAS, Larry Sachnowitz was a man of determination,
2-16     strength, and integrity whose concern for his fellow citizens
2-17     was inspirational; although his guidance and devotion will be
2-18     missed, his spirit will continue to live in the hearts of those
2-19     whose lives he touched; now, therefore, be it
2-20           RESOLVED, That the Senate of the State of Texas,
2-21     77th Legislature, hereby extend sincere condolences to the loved
2-22     ones of Larry J. Sachnowitz:  his wife, Suzanne C. Sachnowitz;
2-23     his children, Lanny and Mindy Sachnowitz, Leslie and Eric Meimoun,
2-24     Sheila and David Curl, Kevin Cromwell, Jay and Grace Cromwell,
 3-1     David Cromwell, Amy and Thomas Calabro, and Kathryn and Robert Rae;
 3-2     his brother, Gary Sachnowitz; and his 10 grandchildren; and, be it
 3-3     further
 3-4           RESOLVED, That a copy of this Resolution be prepared for his
 3-5     family as an expression of deepest sympathy from the Texas Senate,
 3-6     and that when the Senate adjourns this day, it do so in memory of
 3-7     Larry J. Sachnowitz.
 3-8                                                                   Ellis
 3-9                                  ______________________________________
3-10                                         President of the Senate
3-11                                       I hereby certify that the above
3-12                                  Resolution was adopted by the Senate
3-13                                  on April 2, 2001, by a rising vote.
3-14                                  ______________________________________
3-15                                         Secretary of the Senate
3-16                                  ______________________________________
3-17                                           Member, Texas Senate