Women in Leadership:
Bring your whole self to work

August 16-18, 2018 | 8 a.m. - 5:15 p.m. | (2.0 CEUs)

Limited seating available.


JéAnna Abbott, Ph.D.

JéAnna Abbott, Ph.D.
Hilton College and Bauer College

Jamie Belinne

Jamie Belinne
Assistant Dean
Rockwell Career Center
Bauer College

Liz Anderson Fletcher, Ph.D.

Liz Anderson Fletcher, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Decision & Information Sciences
Bauer College

Vanessa Patrick-Ralhan, Ph.D.

Vanessa Patrick-Ralhan, Ph.D.
Marketing & Entrepreneurship
Bauer College

Dusya Vera

Dusya Vera. Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Bauer College

“ … I am now a true believer in bringing our whole selves to work. I no longer think people have a professional self for Mondays through Fridays and a real self for the rest of the time….. Instead of putting on some kind of fake “all-work persona,” I think we benefit from expressing our truth, talking about personal situations, and acknowledging that professional decisions are often emotionally driven.”

-- Sheryl Sandberg in Lean In

This leadership training is designed to empower women leaders to identify their unique facets, to ask for what they want, and to bring their whole best selves to work.

As a participant you will learn (1) your unique leadership style to help leverage your talent to lead others more effectively, (2) the importance of leading yourself and developing a set of personal policies, skills and implementable action plans to increase happiness and decrease stress, (3) how to conduct an honest self-assessment and develop a portfolio of skills to help you better negotiate salary and promotions, manage conflict, and, have difficult conversations, (4) how to recognize and address stressors and promote well-being in the workplace, and, (5) stories of successful female professionals to inspire and create your own story and utilize technology to create a unique professional identity that captures the authentic “you”.

The program is designed - by women for women - to bring together research-based insights and professional leadership experiences of Bauer faculty and industry leaders so as to create an empowering learning experience. Sessions are highly interactive and promote open conversations and dialogue.  As a result, new professional ties, friendships, and a supportive community of women leaders emerge.

The goal of this leadership workshop is to present women leaders with a tasting menu of a set of important leadership topics. Follow up workshops may be designed for small groups or on a one-on-one basis to hone in on the areas of leadership development depending on participant needs.


“This was the first leadership training I had ever attended and it greatly exceeded my expectations. Since I currently don’t manage any individuals but myself, I was nervous the conference would not apply to me. But the courses given were incredibly useful and apply to all aspects and stages of your career as a woman. It is great for those who want to become a better leader or want to learn how to become a leader. I would highly recommend this conference!”

-- Keri Stavinoha, Page


Registration: $2,400

Women in Leadership Agenda

Thursday, January 18 Friday, January 19 Saturday, January 20

7 – 8 a.m.



8:30 a.m. start


8:30 a.m. start

8-8:30 a.m.

Introductions: Overview of goals for the program (Vanessa Patrick-Ralhan)

8:30-10 a.m.

Self-awareness and Interpersonal Excellence. In-class MBTI exercise (Jamie Belinne)

Managing Yourself to Manage Others (Vanessa Patrick-Ralhan)

Leadership in Action
Case study (Dusya Vera)

10-10:30 a.m.




10:30 a.m.-12 p.m.

Crafting your Leadership Identity (Vanessa Patrick-Ralhan)

Taking care of our own
(Liz Fletcher)

Managing Power and Influence (JéAnna Abbott)

12-1:30 p.m.

Lunch Activity – “Tale of Two Stories” exercise (Dusya Vera)

Lunch Activity – Women Don’t Ask: Salary Negotiation (Jamie Belinne)

Closing Remarks (Vanessa Patrick-Ralhan)

1:30-3 p.m.

Developing your Leader Character
LCIA exercise (Dusya Vera)

Your Interpersonal Conflict Style In-class Conflict styles exercise (JéAnna Abbott)


3-3:30 p.m.




3:30-5 p.m.

Professional “Whole Self” Development Plan Workshop (Vanessa Patrick-Ralhan)

Positioning for Career Advancement
(Jamie Belinne)


5-5:15 p.m.

Networking Tips 1.0 (Jamie Belinne)


5:15-6:30 p.m.

Champagne Reception and Networking




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