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Letter of Recommendation SAMPLE

Applicant Name:  
Name of Appraiser:     Organization:
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To the Appraiser: The applicant who forwarded this form to you is applying for admission to our Executive MBA program. These programs are designed for individuals who are likely to move to higher positions of managerial or technical excellence in the future.

Your assessment of the candidate’s capability to benefit from the Program and of his/her potential in management would be appreciated. Please be as specific as possible with your comments regarding the applicant’s achievements. Your comments regarding this applicant will be held in confidence if the applicant has signed the waiver form on this page. Otherwise, we are required by federal law to permit admitted applicants to review the letter of appraisal if they so request. If you do not feel you can evaluate the candidate, please check the appropriate box under #7 and return the appraisal form.

Thank you for your assistance.
1.Under what circumstances and how long have you known the applicant?
2. What do you consider the candidate’s most outstanding abilities, skills or characteristics?
3. What are the candidate’s chief liabilities or weaknesses?
4. How would you rate the applicant in the following areas?
Independent Thought and Action

Interpersonal Communication

Acceptance of Responsibility

Career Growth

Able to achieve: Personal Goals

Able to achieve: Group Goals

Able to achieve: Career Goals

Other abilities: Intellectual

Other abilities: Imagination and creativity

Other abilities: Oral Expression

Other abilities: Written Expression

Other abilities: Teamwork

5. What examples of the candidate’s leadership ability have you witnessed?
6. The Admissions Committee would appreciate any additional comments you would like to make concerning the applicant’s intellectual capacity, ability to work with others, administrative ability, imagination and creativity.