Dan C. Jones - Clinical Assistant Professor
Department of Finance

Gamma Iota Sigma
Risk Management and Insurance Fraternity

A new chapter of this fraternity, Gamma Iota Sigma was organized in April 2003 at the University of Houston . Gamma Iota Sigma has been formed under the rules of Bauer College and was unanimously approved by the President council in November 2002.

Gamma Iota sigma is a professional fraternity organized to: promote, encourage and sustain student interest in insurance, risk management and actuarial science as professionals; encourage high moral and scholastic attainments and facilitate the interaction and cooperation of educational institutions, industry and professional organizations by fostering research, scholarship, and improved public relations. Sponsored by the Griffith Foundation for Insurance Education, Gamma Iota Sigma local chapters have been chartered in over 40 college campuses throughout the United States .

The idea of a national scholastic insurance fraternity actually started to become a reality when the Griffith Foundation for Insurance Education filed for incorporation in 1965. The following year, the OSU Insurance Society, which then started at The Ohio State University in the early 1960s, petitioned and was chartered as the first Gamma Iota Sigma Chapter, thereafter called Alpha Chapter. At Bowling Green State University , Beta Chapter received its charter in 1967, and in 1969, the University of Cincinnati was charted as Gamma Chapter. There's the beginning of what has now grown into a nucleus of over 40 chapters located from California to Washington , D.C. , and from Minnesota to Florida .

If you have an interest, contact Stephanie Matysiak at info@gisuhchapter.com., President, the faculty advisor, djones@uh.edu , or may check GIS website at http://student-web.bauer.uh.edu/gis/.


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