Shashank (Sash) Vaid

PhD Student

Shashank (Sash) Vaid


Sash started out as a war reporter.

He carried that experience to build a background in business, professionally and academically. He worked for corporations and investment funds focused on discontinuous technologies across markets in Asia and Europe. Before joining the University of Houston, Sash worked as a Director in Government of India's, Department of Science & Technology's, Global Innovation & Technology Alliance.

Sash's award winning research interests apply quant-strategy based mathematical frameworks to probe trends in digital sales force, sales leadership and online communities/e-commerce. He's passionate about econometrics' interface with computer science methodologies (big data, machine learning, natural language processing and artificial intelligence).

Sash is the current Vice-Chair of Research for AMA-DocSIG and is a winner of number of awards. Educated at University of Houston, Duke, Rice and ISBM (Penn State), Sash sees the United States as his intellectual home.

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