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Rey Perez


Rogelio Perez has worked in the IT sector for over 13 years. His experience began in the mid-late 90's when computers were first starting to make their way into people's living room. At the young age of 18 he went to work as a helpdesk analyst for Gateway Computers. Throughout his 13 year career Rogelio has worked for various Fortune 500 companies such as HP, JPM Chase, Atos Origin, Schlumberger, and Loomis Armored. At each company he was able to meet and exceed the expectations set before him by his supervisor. Rogelio graduated from MTI College of Business and Technology with an associate degree in Computer Systems Technology in 2001. While attending MTI he also received his A+ and his MCP in Windows XP. Rogelio is currently attending Houston Community College in pursuit of a second associate degree in Management Information Systems. Rogelio plans to transfer to the University of Houston where he will complete his Bachelor's degree in MIS with a minor in Physics.

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