Department of Finance

Program for Financial Literacy

Cash Course: Your Real-Life Money Guide

Cash Course provides a free, noncommercial financial education resources for colleges. The University of Houston has created a way to cater to our students interest by creating a personalized survey. The survey is geared to allow students to learn exactly what it is they are looking for.

Want to know about Student Loan Debt?

Are you ready for a Financial Emergency?

How credit savvy are you?

Get down to the budgeting basics!

Here's how to get started. Complete the survey below and head to CashCourse to create an account. See below for step by step instructions.

Cash Course Instructions

Create an account:
  1. Go to
  2. Under students, click "Register Now".
  3. Type your NAME, E-MAIL, and PASSWORD. Click "NEXT".
  4. Find STATE, TX
  5. Find SCHOOL : University of Houston (Non-UH students click: University of Houston)
  6. Check box, to accept terms & conditions. Click "NEXT".
Enroll in Course:
  1. On the bar column (left-hand side), Click "FINANCIAL TOOLS."
  2. Click on “My CashCourse Planner”.
  3. Click the box below “Assignments”.
  4. Select “Leslie Lopez”.
  5. Complete all assignments shown below.

*If you have any trouble creating an account or enrolling in a course please email