Syllabus for International Financial Management (FINA 4836)

International Financial Management, 7th edition, by Jeff Madura. St. Paul: West Publishing Company, 2002.

Office Hours
Tuesdays and Thursdays: 1:30-2:25 (MH 210D) or by appointment.
Telephone: 743-4763
FAX: 743-4789

Outline of the course
PART 1.- The International Financial Environment
PART 2.- Exchange Rate Behavior
PART 3.- Exchange Rate Risk Management
PART 4.- Long-Term Asset and Liability Management
PART 5.- Short-Term Asset and Liability Management

Exams and Grading
Final grades will be determined as a weighted average of scores on the midterms, homework, a final exam and class participation, with the following weights:

First Midterm - February 26. Covers 1-9.


Second Midterm - March 25. Covers 9-12.


Third Midterm - April 29. Covers 13-21 (except 19).


Final - According to UH Schedule. Comprehensive.


Homework and Cases Pop Quizzes - Homework to be turned in a week before each midterm.


Class Participation


Presentation - TBA


Your final letter grade will be determined according to a curve, based on your overall weighted score (press here to read how the curve is constructed).

Note: All exams are open textbook. No additional books or notes will be allowed -no excepcions made.

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