Bauer Certificates

Energy Investment Analysis (EIA)

Students interested in developing superior insight into the economics of energy industry capital projects should consider this certificate. Students currently working in or interested in working in project development, strategic planning, mergers and acquisitions, capital budgeting, business unit management or energy security analysis should find this certificate helpful to career development.

All courses assume a basic familiarity with the standard NPV/IRR methodology. EIA focuses on special analytical challenges characteristic of the energy industry. These include the tendency for energy projects to contain various embedded options, the capacity of many projects to support substantial amounts of project debt, the fact that energy projects typically are conceived within broader competitive strategies and the reality that many such projects are exposed to varied, severe political risks. EIA will expose students to specific analytical frameworks and strategies that address these challenges, such as: Real options, Competitive Strategy, Project Finance with Leveraged Economics, and market-based techniques to measure and adjust for political risk.

Energy Financial Management

The courses which compose this Certificate are: The Strategy of Project Financing, Competitive Strategy and Real Options in Energy, Tactics and Techniques of Project Finance.


(need 9 credit hours)

  • FINA 7321 Fixed Income Security Analysis
  • FINA 7330 Advanced Corporate Finance
  • FINA 7334 Strategy for Project Finance
  • FINA 7336 Techniques for Project Finance
  • FINA 7360 International Finance
  • FINA 7370 Cases in Corporate Finance
  • FINA 7376 Energy Trading
  • FINA 7397 Competitive Strategy and Real Options in Energy
  • FINA 7333 Mergers and Acquisitions
  • FINA 7397 Energy Analysis
  • FINA 7397 Oil and Gas Accounting
  • FINA 7397 Financial Risk Management
  • FINA 7397 Future of Value Creation in the O & G Industry
  • FINA 7397 Applied Finance Projects
  • FINA 7397 Alternative Energy Investments
  • FINA 7397 Midstream Energy Finance
  • FINA 7397 National Oil Company Value Creation
  • FINA 7354 Financial Securities and Innovations
  • FINA 7397 Energy Value Creation
  • FINA 7397 Electric Power Markets
  • GENB 7397 Business Modeling for Competitive Advantage
  • GENB 7397 Capturing Upstream Growth Opportunities
  • MIS 7397 Energy Trading Systems

Certificates: You must be a current Bauer graduate (MBA or MS Finance) student to enroll in any of our certificate programs.