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Located in the energy capital of the world, the Gutierrez Energy Management Institute at the C. T. Bauer College of Business is uniquely positioned to provide a comprehensive energy business curriculum with more depth and breadth than any other school across the globe.

Within this curriculum, Bauer students find courses available in Exploration and Production, Refining and Petrochemical economics, Energy Trading, Strategy and Value Creation for Energy companies, Energy Project Finance, Energy Problems & Decision Methods, and Energy Project Management. The faculty teaching energy courses in the college have produced case studies in each of these areas, which will be available to you through the Bauer Case Study Store, which is currently being redesigned and redeveloped for online access. For more information about the Bauer Case Study store, Contact Britney Hudson, Office of the Dean Program Director, at 713-743-4604.

A central core of the library of material in the Bauer Case Study Store contains energy business fundamentals. These cases discuss technical elements in everyday business language and integrate these technical aspects with business fundamentals. These cases are designed for essential skills training in the energy business and are perfect for non-engineers looking to become more familiar with operations side of the energy business.

The materials in the Bauer Case Study Store delve deeply into the technical and economic aspects of the energy business, reflecting the real life experiences of the faculty writing the cases. As the biographies of our case writing faculty will note, many authors have over 30 years of experience working for major energy companies. Their cases often are drawn from problems they were asked to solve, and projects or transactions in which they participated. This gives the Bauer energy cases an unmatched realism and depth of context. It also puts the case reader on the forefront of the problems facing today’s energy industry.

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