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Employers seeking additional resumes may be eligible to request a resume referral. A resume referral is a great way to uncover additional qualified candidates that they may want to contact. All resume searches are free of charge in the Bauer Career Gateway system. In order to qualify for a resume referral, employers are expected to have an approved job posting in Gateway. Having access to the job posting will allow the Rockwell Career Center to construct a resume book based on specific screening criteria pertaining to the role.

Graduate Students

All current Bauer MBA/MS Finance students do have their resumes in the Bauer Career Gateway system. However, the best resource to search and review their resumes is by utilizing MBA Focus. MBA Focus is a premier recruitment tool that allows employers to complete an instant online search of candidates, access searchable profiles and resumes, print resumes in a PDF batch, search filters to match hiring needs, and the ability to send direct emails to candidates via the website.

MBA Focus: You may order resume books for the MBA/MS Finance classes by creating or utilizing an existing MBA Focus account. The steps to complete this process are as follows:

Order your University of Houston Bauer College of Business MBA Resume Books at:


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Reliability and Security Across the Energy Value Chain

March 11


C. Gregory Harper
C. Gregory Harper

President, Gas Pipelines and Processing, Enbridge


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