Bauer College Office of Alumni Relations

Recent Career Changes for Bauer Alumni

We often hear that Bauer alumni have been promoted and have moved to roles of increasing responsibility. Congratulations to the following alumni; Bauer College is very proud of you!

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Congratulations, Bauer Alumni

Congratulations to:

June 2016
  • Cari Day
    Cari Day

    MBA '12, now Senior Land Analyst at Statoil.

  • Nick Dumais
    Nick Dumais

    MBA '09, now Product Data Management Supervisor at ExxonMobil.

  • Joshua Ferguson
    Joshua Ferguson

    BBA '16, now Financial Analyst at Amazon in Dallas.

  • Pedro Gedda
    Pedro Gedda

    BBA '09, MBA '13, now Financial Planning Analyst at Texas Children’s Hospital.

  • Christopher Hale
    Christopher Hale

    BBA '12, now Founder/CEO at Darby Tech Advisors.

  • Devin Harvey
    Devin Harvey

    BBA '13, now Business Analyst at Charles Schwab in Austin.

  • Michael Hennessy
    Michael Hennessy

    MBA '14, now Finance Analyst at BHP Billiton.

  • Brian Johns
    Brian Johns

    MBA '08, now Supplier Relationship Manager at Motiva Enterprises.

  • Jonah Margulis
    Jonah Margulis

    MBA '09, now Vice President and General Manager at Aker Solutions.

  • Veronica Martinez
    Veronica Martinez

    BBA '06, Bank Officer at Whitney Bank, was featured on the Bauer Business Focus on Houston Public Media.

  • Sunil Motwani
    Sunil Motwani

    BBA '15, now Commodity Risk Analyst at Phillips 66.

  • Alistair Pereira
    Alistair Pereira

    BBA '04, now Director, Business Systems at FairfieldNodal.

  • Parker Pieri
    Parker Pieri

    MBA '91, now Chief Operating Officer at University Furnishings in Dallas.

  • Raheel Rajabali
    Raheel Rajabali

    MBA '14, now Associate at Pariveda Solutions.

  • Azad Rastegar
    Azad Rastegar

    MBA '15, now National Director of Business Development at McKesson.

  • Brandon Savisky
    Brandon Savisky

    MBA '11, now Origination Analyst at Asset Risk Management.

  • Ana Shah
    Ana Shah

    MBA '09, now Partner at CleverMac PR.

  • Stacie Vickery-Garcia
    Stacie Vickery-Garcia

    MBA '09, now Equipment Leasing Manager at Dunavant Logistics Group.

  • Boom Wilson
    Boom Wilson

    MSACCY '09, now Plant Controller at Tyson Foods in Columbia, SC.

  • Amanda Windish
    Amanda Windish

    BBA '12, MSACCY '13, now Senior Tax Accountant at Hines.