Accounting Certificate Request
This form is to be completed and submitted once you have completed all the coursework required for the certificate. Please indicate which certificate you are requesting and select the course, grade, and semester for the courses you have completed. You must have earned a minimum of “C” in each course and have a 3.0 average in coursework towards certificate.
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Certificate and Courses Grade Semester Taken
      ACCT 4375 Internal Audit and Entity Control Environment

      ACCT 4379 Enterprise Risk Assessment

      ACCT 4380 Control and Security of Financial Information

      Must complete three courses    
      ACCT 4378 Oil & Gas Accounting

      ACCT 4397 Oil & Gas Accounting II

      ACCT 4397 Oil & Gas Accounting III


      Must complete four courses    
      ACCT 7370 Advanced Auditing 

      ACCT 7385 Fraud Examination 

      ACCT 7397 Governance, Risk, & Compliance 

      ACCT 7397 Advanced Internal Audit


      Must complete four courses    
      MIS 7373 Database Management 

      MIS 7375 Transaction Processing Systems 

      MIS 7376 Systems Analysis 

      MIS 7378 IT Management and Controls 

      MIS 7397 Management of IT Security 

      ACCT 7397 Governance, Risk, & Compliance  

      ACCT 7385 Fraud Examination  


      Must complete four courses    
      ACCT 7340 Financial Statement Analysis 

      ACCT 7365 Accounting Theory 

      ACCT 7370 Advanced Auditing

      ACCT 7378 Government/NFP Accounting

      ACCT 7385 Fraud Examination

      ACCT 7397 International Financial Reporting & Analysis

      ACCT 7363 Contemporary Public Accounting Topics

      Must complete four courses    
      ACCT 7360 Partership Taxation 

      ACCT 7362 Tax Research

      ACCT 7380 Advanced Corporate Taxation 

      ACCT 7397 Current Issues in Taxation 

      ACCT 7397 Multi-Jurisdictional Tax Issues 

      ACCT 7397 Oil and Gas Taxation 

      ACCT 7397 Transfer Pricing Theory  


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