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Sales for Social Impact is a hands-on approach to learning how the new business world will operate. This class will draw on expertise from industry speakers, non-governmental organizations, subject matter experts, corporations and social enterprises to collaboratively and creatively explore the next generation of business. Working in teams will drive competition and enhance creativity.

Lectures, assignments, presentations, proposals and more will push students to focus on a strategic goal to reach untapped markets.

We will be hosting an info session on Tuesday, April 16. Click here for more information:

Application Deadline is April 19. Interviews will be conducted the week of April 22.

Student Name


Graduating Semester




Major / Minor








Honors / Recognition


Employment Background

Tell us about your work experience and what value you believe you would bring to the class.
  What other experience do you have that will benefit this course?

Time Commitment

How many college credit hours will you be enrolled in the Fall 2012 semester?
  How many credit hours do you usually take?
  Will you have time available to meet with your team outside of class? If so, how much and how do you plan to manage your time?

Personal Interest

What are you passionate about?

  What motivates you?

  Why are you interested in this course?

  If you were starting a company with a group of colleagues, what position would you like to hold?

Community Engagement

Describe an organization you are affiliated with as a volunteer and what motivates you to be involved.

  What organizations would you like to be involved in and why?


What unique contributions would you bring to this course?



What does Corporate Social Responsibility mean to you? In 500 words or less please write a description of the Bottom of the Pyramid, include methods to impact this society, create change and ideas you have for sustainable solutions.

Other Is there anything we should know about you that you have not mentioned in the application?


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