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ACCT 2302, FINA 3332
ACCT 3366, ACCT 3377
BUSI 2305
STAT 3331  
BUSI 3302
INTB 3355
INTB 3355
FINA 3332, SCM 3301, BUSI 2305
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For Current UH Degree-Seeking Students:

In order to be approved for the mixed program, students must demonstrate completion of all course required to file a degree plan. A list degree plan filing requirements is available at
Proof of completion or enrollment is required for all courses which are currently not reflected on your UH academic record. To review courses on your academic record, login to myUH account by visiting the Student Center > My Academics> View My advisement report or View my transfer credit report.

By checking the box in your agreement form, you are acknowledging the following:
  1. If I do not make a grade of C or better in the required prerequisites, I will drop the course I am requesting to be enrolled in by the last day for a refund (note that if a student is not enrolled in any classes at UH, that is considered a withdrawal, and refunds are pro-rated).
  2. I will request an official electronic transmission of my transcript from the school where I am taking the prerequisite as soon as the grades post.
  3. I will check my student account to see if the transfer credit has been awarded in a timely fashion (allow 10 business days for processing), and will follow up with the Office of Admissions in the Welcome Center and will notify my academic advisor if it is not processed by that time.



For Visiting Students Not Pursuing a Degree at UH


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