William Alexander

Clinical Assistant Professor


William (Bill) Alexander has over 30 years of university teaching experience in several universities, concurrent with private sector duties dating back to 1978. Bill has taught courses at both the undergraduate and M.B.A. level such as corporate finance, international finance, investment analysis, small business finance, personal finance, microeconomics, macroeconomics, money and banking, international trade, labor economics, industrial organization, transportation economics and economic development.

In the private sector, Bill has done foreign exchange exposure management work as well as exchange rate and macroeconomic forecasting at Citibank. In addition, he has extensive experience in managing multi-billion dollar securities portfolios and real estate portfolios at Shell Pension Trust (Shell Oil) and in his own firm with clients ranging from insurance and banking entities to non–profit and individual portfolios. Bill served as president of the National Association of Business Economists (Houston chapter) and has served on both corporate and non profit boards.

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CBB 302C
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M.A. (a.b.d.) Univ. of Notre Dame