Praveen Kumar

Professor - Cullen Distinguished Chair and Professor

Praveen Kumar

Research Interests

  • Analyses of the Impact of Asymmetric Information on Asset Pricing
  • Corporate Financial Policies and Governance
  • Market Microstructure
  • Incentives and Strategy Design in Organizations
  • Industrial Organization

Areas of Expertise

  • Corporate Finance
  • Real Options
  • Investments
  • Industrial Organization
  • Contract Theory

Selected Publications

  • "CEO entrenchment and Corporate Hedging: Evidence from the Oil and Gas Industry," (with R. Rabinovitch), Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, 48, 887-917, 2013.
  • "Information Manipulation and Rational Investment Booms and Busts," (with N. Langberg), Journal of Monetary Economics, 60, 408-425, 2013.
  • "Strategic Ownership Structure and the Cost of Debt," (with H. Aslan), Review of Financial Studies, 25, 2257-2299, 2012.
  • "Voluntary Disclosures, Corporate Control, and Investment," (with N. Langberg and K. Sivaramakrishnan), Journal of Accounting Research, 50, 1041-1076, 2012.
  • "Lemons or Cherries? Growth Opportunities and Market Temptations in Going Public and Private," (with H. Aslan), Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, 46, 489-526, 2011.
  • "Managerial Agency and Bond Covenants," (with S. Chava and A. Warga), Review of Financial Studies, 23, 1120-1148, 2010.
  • "Estimation Risk, Information, and the Conditional CAPM: Theory and Evidence," (with S. Sorescu, R. D. Boehme, and B. Danielsen), Review of Financial Studies, 2008 (Lead Article).
  • "Corporate Fraud and Investment Distortions in Efficient Capital Markets," (with N. Langberg), Rand Journal of Economics, 2008.
  • "Who Monitors the Monitor? The Effect of Board Independence on Executive Compensation and Firm Value," (with K. Sivaramakrishnan), Review of Financial Studies, 2008.
  • "Optimal Patenting and Licensing of Financial Innovations, " (with S. Turnbull), Management Science, 2008.
  • "Takeovers, Market Monitoring, and International Corporate Governance," (with L. Ramchand), December 2007, Rand Journal of Economics, 2008.
  • "Agency Costs and Corporate Investment: The Role of Executive Compensation and Corporate Governance," (with S. Kang and H. Lee), Journal of Business, 2006.
  • "Intertemporal Price-Quality Competition and the Coase Conjecture," Journal of Mathematical Economics, 2006.
  • "Managerial Entrenchment and Payout Policy," (with A. Hu), Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, 2004.

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