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Bauer host varies campus visits for middle and high schools. Purpose of their visit is College & Career Exploration. They will learn about what UH has to offer. The goal is to ensure all students and their parents understand the benefits of higher education and the necessary steps to prepare academically and financially for college. To inspire these students to want to go to college (Preferably UH).

Volunteers Responsibilities
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Off-Campus *

Stars of Tomorrow Excellence Program (STEP) is a program focused on empowering middle and high school students to become leaders who shape the future. UH Bauer College of Business students and staff work with middle and high school students on team building, leadership development, entrepreneurship, financial literacy, visioning workshops, college and career planning, and community service. This program allows students to be independent thinkers by allowing them to come up with their own ideas, providing help to put those ideas in action, and to achieve their goals as a team through college access.

* - Please keep in mind to provide your own transportation
   - Bring ID (Driver's license, Passport, State ID)
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