Happy New Year from the Bauer in D.C. Fellowship Program
Bauer in D.C. Fellowship Program Bi-Annual Newsletter: January 2024, Issue No. 3


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All About the Bauer in D.C. Fellowship Program

Photo: Bauer in D.C. 2024 Interns

The Bauer in D.C. Fellowship Program is a competitive academic and professional experience in Washington, D.C. This experiential learning program sends outstanding undergraduate students from the C. T. Bauer College of Business to Washington, D.C., to live, learn, and intern during the spring semester. This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity provides students with valuable work experience and gives them the opportunity to earn academic credit while living in one of the most dynamic cities in the U.S.



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Director's Note

As we welcome the start of 2024, we are excited for the possibilities that the new year holds. For our Spring 2024 Bauer in D.C. Fellows (Joshua Chavez, Samantha Covarrubias, Emily Poff, and Katherine Said), this means establishing their home in Washington, D.C., taking in the culture of our nation’s capital, and engaging in meaningful professional experiences in their internships. Once again, the Bauer in D.C. Fellows have secured exciting internships and we look forward to following them as your D.C. adventure unfolds.

We wish you a happy, healthy, and fulfilling 2024!

- Colleen Davies



Meet our D.C. Based Mentors

Photo: Bauer in D.C. Mentors

Introducing Brianna Robertson (BBA Management 2022), Nathan Smith (BS Political Science & BBA Finance 2021), Sangeetha Ranadeeve (BBA SCM & MIS 2021) and Ariana Delgado (BA Economics & BBA Finance 2022), the Spring 2024 Bauer in Mentors.

The Bauer in D.C. Fellows have a secret weapon while in D.C. They each have a mentor who is a Bauer alum that lives and works in D.C. These altruistic individuals volunteer their time to serve as a resource to the Fellows throughout the spring. The Fellows first met their mentors via a Zoom call in October, which gave them someone in D.C. whom they could contact for advice pertaining to their internship search and their preparations for the Fellowship Program. During their move-in week, we hosted a welcome dinner where the Fellows met their mentors in-person. Our mentors are charged with connecting with their mentees each month and serving as a general sounding board and resource throughout the spring.

Photo: Bauer in D.C. 2024 Mentors and Interns



Bauer in D.C. Alumni Spotlight:

Rahni (Reece) Stewart – Spring 2019 Fellow

Photo: Rahni (Reece) Stewart
Photo: Rahni (Reece) Stewart

Graduation Year: Spring 2019

Favorite Bauer in D.C. Memory:
“My Favorite memory would have to be my 20th birthday. I came home and all of the Fellows had planned a small celebration for me. They got me a cake and sang me happy birthday. At the time, it meant a lot to me. I had been struggling with being the youngest in our group and finding it harder to make friends, so it made me feel important and special. And, I loved the calls with Colleen, I lived for those. I had so much to rant about.”

While in D.C., you must …
“Go. To. The. Theater. National and Ford's Theater are right there! If you love Broadway, which I do, all the traveling shows come to those two places. The seats are amazing and not that expensive compared to New York prices. On top of that, the nightlife right around that area is super fun.”

How Bauer in D.C. changed your future goals or trajectory? …
“Honestly, it reinforced my love for public service. I enjoyed working at a non-profit, but they are not for me to work in long-term. The work environment, pacing, and politics are not my favorite, but the missions and dedication to helping other people is right up my alley. So it reinforced my desire to go to law school. I really wanted to be able to help people but on a more personal level. I like to be in the trenches, it's more my style.”

Since Bauer in D.C. …
“I graduated from UH in 2021 and am now in New York in my last semester of law school at Cardozo School of Law. I'm actually spending the semester doing a similar program where I'm working at a non-profit again, but this time as a baby lawyer. What can I say, some things never change!”



Is your D.C. Organization interested in hiring a Bauer in D.C. Fellow for Spring 2025?

If so, please let us know!

Spring 2025 Bauer in D.C. Fellows will be selected by May 1, 2024. If your D.C.-based organization is interested in outstanding interns or you will be looking for Spring 2025 interns soon, we'd love to connect with you!

To connect, please reach out to Bauer in D.C. Program Director, Colleen Davies at cmdavies@uh.edu.



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