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Weixing Ma


Weixing Ma is a doctoral student in Marketing at the University of Houston. Her current research interests lie in deciphering various consumer behaviors, such as the subconscious mechanisms that impact consumers' decision making and influence their consumption experience.

Prior to receiving her graduate training, Weixing had an opportunity to work for the Finance and Development Program of Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC). After achieving an enhanced international perspective through such work experience, Weixing moved on to be a business consultant. She gained in-depth understanding of the corporate world during her successful consulting experience, which rewarded her both professionally and personally (it magically led her to meet her beloved husband). Having literally grown up on a university campus, Weixing is truly delighted to have found her way back to the academic world, where she immensely enjoys the abundant intellectual challenges.

Conference Presentations

Ma, Weixing (2011), "The Price of Love: the Gifting Behaviors of Insecure Lovers," working paper session, Association for Consumer Research Conference, Saint Louis, Missouri

Ma, Weixing and Vanessa Patrick (2010), "Should You Kill Two Birds with One Stone? The Diluting Influence of Having Multiple Goals on Goal Pursuit," working paper session, Association for Consumer Research Conference, Jacksonville, Florida

Patrick, Vanessa and Weixing Ma (2010), "Consumers Do Compare Apples with Oranges: Investigating Cross Category Referencing in Consumer Decision-making," working paper session, Association for Consumer Research Conference, Jacksonville, Florida

Ma, Weixing (2007), Student fellow, Theory Rich Marketing Modeling Workshop, Fuqua School of Business, Duke University, 2007

Ma, Weixing (2003), "Empirical Research on the Structure and Efficiency of the Chinese Airline Industry", NEBAA (New England Business Administration Association) Annual Conference, New Haven

Ma, Weixing (2002) "Research on Industrialization of Hi-tech Incubators in China", The 2002 International Conference of Management Science and Engineering, Moscow.

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