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PhD Student

Mengge Li


Mengge Li is a Ph. D. candidate in Management at Bauer College of Business, University of Houston. Prior to joining the doctoral program in 2009, he graduated with a M.S. in Information Systems from University of Florida. He worked as a business analyst and investment consultant prior to pursuing his doctoral degree.

His research interest is strategic management with emphases in strategic leadership and technology and innovation management. He has published an article in the Journal of Management, and regularly presented papers at the Academy of Management Annual Conference, and Strategic Management Society International Conference.

Mengge Li actively participates in professional societies. He is a member of Academy of Management and Strategic Management Society. He was invited to review for the Strategic Management Society Singapore Special Conference in 2012. He was invited again in 2013 to review for Strategic Management Society Annual International Conference. Besides, he also volunteers to review for Academy of Management Annual Conference. Additionally, he was accepted to numerous doctoral consortia at the Academy of Management, Strategic Management Society, and Southern Management Association.

Besides research, Mengge Li also engage in teaching activities, He has taught large session introductory management and strategy classes which cover topics such as organizational environment, strategic planning, corporate strategy, innovation, and organizational control etc. He uses various teaching methods to engage students, such as case analysis, team-building activities, behavioral simulations, and clickers, etc. He has received very high ratings and positive feedback from students.

Research Interests

  • Upper echelons theory
  • Corporate governance
  • Behavioral strategy
  • Technological innovation


  • Journal Publications:
    Jones, C. D., Li, M., & Cannella, Jr. A. A. (in press). Responses to a Governance Mandate: The Adoption of Governance Committees by NYSE Firms. Journal of Management.

  • Conference Presentations:
    Li, M., Hatfield, D. E., & Cardinal, L. B. (2013). Do CEOs Matter? CEO Tenure Effects on Firm Innovation and Stock Market Performance. To be presented at the Strategic Management Society Conference, Atlanta, GA.
  • Li, M., & Cardinal, L. B. (2012). Innovation and Firm Discretion: Do CEOs Matter? Paper presented at Strategic Management Society Conference, Prague, Czech Republic.
  • Li, M., Cardinal, L. B., & Hatfield, D. E. (2012). An Examination of CEO Tenure Effects on Firm Invention: The Role of Managerial Discretion. Paper presented at the Academy of Management Conference, Boston, MA.
  • Li, M. (2011). Process Innovation, Product Innovation, and Organizational Performance. Paper presented at the Southwest Academy of Management Annual Conference, Houston, TX.

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