Mahdi Ebrahimi

PhD Student/Research Assistant

Mahdi Ebrahimi


Mahdi Ebrahimi joined the PhD program in C.T. Bauer College of Business in 2012. He holds a bachelor in Information Technology engineering from Sharif University of Technology and an MBA from the University of Tehran. Mahdi's research primarily focuses on consumers' perceptions of time availability and psychological mechanisms to enhance time affluence. He is also interested in prosocial behavior, positive psychology and luxury marketing. Prior to joining the PhD program, he worked as a marketing manager of an online service provider. He has also worked as a consultant in IT and healthcare industry.

Working Papers

  • Ebrahimi, Mahdi, Vanessa M. Patrick and Melanie Rudd, "You busy or Eu-Busy? Changing Consumers' Beliefs about Busyness Influences Their Temporal Consumption," Manuscript in progress.
  • Ebrahimi, Mahdi and Vanessa M. Patrick "To merge or to balance? The effect of identity integration versus segregation on perceptions of time scarcity," 1 study completed.
  • Activities & Interests

    • Volleyball
    • Jogging
    • Soccer

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    University of Tehran
    Sharif University of Technology