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Name Position Phone Dept Email Room
Yu Bai PhD Student 713-743-4855 Accountancy & Taxation MH 390N
Cameron Bailey User Services Specialist 1 713-743-4871 Division of Technology MH 102
Klavdia Ballard PhD Student 713-743-4663 Management MH 310K
Anandi Banerjee PhD Student 713-743-4758 Finance MH 230B
Robert Barr Lecturer 713-743-4696 Accountancy & Taxation MH 360J
Beverly Barrett Clinical Assistant Professor 713-743-2592 Finance UCBB 402-A (Melcher 220)
Joi Bartholomew Pre-Business Academic Advisor (D-I) 713-743-4497 Office of Undergraduate Business Programs MH 262D
Swati Basu Clinical Assistant Professor 713-743-5255 Finance CBB 302E
Megan Bauml Assistant Director, Undergraduate Career Services 832-842-6138 Rockwell Career Center CEMO 225
Nora Bayly Program Coordinator-Bauer Honors Program 713-743-6880 Office of Undergraduate Business Programs MH 250
Jamie King Belinne Assistant Dean 832-842-6121 Rockwell Career Center CEMO 229
Donald Bellman Executive Professor 713-743-4755 Finance CBB 302J
Jeremy Berkowitz Associate Professor 713-743-4764 Finance MH 230E
Lisa Berry Lecturer 713-743-4820 Accountancy & Taxation MH 360K
Ratan Bhagat Lecturer 713-743-4724 Decision & Information Sciences 280K Melcher Hall
Edward Blair Professor - Department Chair 713-743-4565 Marketing & Entrepreneurship MH 385F
Roger Blakeney Associate Professor 713-743-4803 Management MH 325G
Oliver Blanco Career Development Specialist 832-842-6123 Rockwell Career Center CEMO 214A
Bill Bobbora Lecturer 713-743-4752 Wolff Center for Entrepreneurship CBB 402P
Raghuram Bommaraju PhD Student 281-546-3542 Marketing & Entrepreneurship MH 375L
Zak Bond Office Coordinator 713-743-4724 Decision & Information Sciences MH 275A
Dennis Bozeman Associate Professor 713-743-4656 Management MH 310D
LaToya Brannon Department Business Administrator 713-743-4723 Decision & Information Sciences MH 270F
Robert Bregman Associate Professor 713-743-4722 Decision & Information Sciences CBB 302D
Sara Brown Executive Director, College Business Operations 713-743-4613 Dean's Office MH 350J
Steve Brown 713-743-4560 Marketing & Entrepreneurship 385D
Jennifer Bruner Transfer Student Advisor 713-743-4376 Office of Undergraduate Business Programs MH 223F
David Buchuk PhD Student 713-743-4755 Finance MH 210J
Elizabeth Bullock Director, Student Affairs (College) 713-743-2320 Accountancy & Taxation MH 370F
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