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Your support of student scholarship funding will help attract high achieving, deserving students to the graduate real estate program with strong potential to become future industry leadership.

Student Scholarships:
Guidelines for Establishing Scholarships


Recruiting high achieving students into the Graduate Real Estate Program is a very high priority and scholarships are important in building this newly established program. Scholarships are established by donors to award funds to students to cover their educational costs for tuition, fees and related expenses.


Approximately 4% of all Bauer College of Business students receive scholarships and the average amount is around $2,000.00 for an annual award. Scholarships may be established in any amount with a minimum of $1,000.00 to be awarded as an annual or semester grant. They may be established as recurring/ongoing grants or onetime grants at the donor’s discretion. As a guide, tuition and fees for a typical graduate business student carrying a full load of courses runs $5,000.00-$6,000.00 per semester or $10,000-$12,000 per year. Many scholarship programs offer less than full tuition and fees. A $5,000.00 annual scholarship would be considered very generous by students and also would be respected as a competitive advantage to UH Bauer in recruiting accomplished students to the program.


Students are selected to receive scholarships by the Scholarship Committee, which is composed of UH Bauer faculty members appointed by the Dean, and the committee follows the criteria established by the donor as outlined on the Scholarship Criteria Form. The Committee selects from the pool of candidate students based on those most qualified relative to the donor’s criteria. Scholarship awards may be based on the students’ financial need or on academic merit or both. Selection criteria may include the students’ graduate or undergraduate status, their area of study (including real estate), or their affiliation in an organization such as NAWMBA. Race, gender or other social/personal characteristics are not allowable as criteria.


Currently over 1,000 students are on the waiting list to be considered for scholarships. Approximately 1,200 students are in the MBA and MS Finance programs and of these 25-30 are anticipated to apply to the Graduate Real Estate Certificate program. The Program is positioned to attract 50-60 high achieving students annually.


Students may begin applying for scholarships in December of the year previous to that for which they seek the scholarship. The Scholarship Committee begins meeting monthly beginning in April and continues throughout the year awarding scholarships as available from funded scholarships. Hence contributors can be assured of a fairly speedy process for awarding the scholarship after their contribution is funded.


Scholarships are funded by donors’ cash contributions to University of Houston and deposited into a designated scholarship cost center from which awards are funded per terms of the scholarship.


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