Stanford Alexander Center for Excellence in Real Estate

Curriculum of Courses 2013 - 2014 Real Estate Course Descriptions

Proposed Course Offering Fall 2013, Spring 2014 and Summer 2014

Fall 2013

  • FINA 7497 Essentials of Real Estate
    Instructor: Chuck Jacobus, Attorney
    (4 credits, required/core course)
    (Qualifies for TREC credit toward license requirements)
    Introductory, overview course covering all major aspects of real property and estate business, including land title and ownership interests, title, encumbrances and title insurance policies, surveys , laws and regulations controlling real estate, development and construction, financing of real estate, roles and responsibilities of participants in real estate development and related topics.
    Prerequisites: Graduate Standing or consent of instructor

  • FINA 7397 Developing a Real Estate Project
    Instructors: Kyle Miller, WHITESTONE REIT, VP Operations
    Susanna Kartye, Principal – The Sarrazin Group, LLC
    (3 credits, required course in MBA degree program, elective course in MS Finance degree program)
    Introduction to the real estate development business including products, process and professions The course follows the development process from market assessment, feasibility analysis, financial modeling, site acquisition, planning and design, public sector interface, financing, construction, marketing, joint ventures, property management and dispositions.
    Prerequisites: Graduate Standing or consent of Instructor

  • FINA 7397 Multifamily Residential Real Estate Fundamentals
    Instructors: Jerry Winograd, Judwin Properties, David Hargrove, The Greystone Group
    (3 Credits, elective course)
    This introductory course provides a comprehensive overview of the fundamental aspects of residential multifamily property and the business. The course will explore multifamily market and economic feasibility, acquisition of new sites and existing property, new development, investment analysis, management of operations, landlord/tenant law, leasing, facilities management, and disposition.
    Prerequisites: Graduate Standing or consent of instructor

  • FINA 7380 Real Estate Finance and Investment
    Instructor: Steven J. "Jamie" Bryant, VP Development, Midway Companies
    (3 credits, required/core course)
    (Also available as undergraduate course FINA 4380)
    This introductory course provides an overview of financing for all major real estate assets as well as the principles and practices of real estate finance and investment. The course will focus on the fundamentals of commercial real estate, the financial tools needed to analyze and make decisions related to real estate, and the variables that need to be identified and quantified as part of that process. The course will also review leverage, and its impact on real estate projects, and how to calculate various forms of debt structures used to finance commercial real estate. The course examines pre and post- tax investment analysis, annual cash flows, sales proceeds at disposition with focus on tax implications and target IRR attainment. In addition, this course will utilize case studies to illustrate these practices, and the real life decision making that takes place by real estate professionals on a day to day basis.
    Prerequisites: Graduate standing, Completion of Courses: FINA 6387 and 6335

  • CNST 6305 Construction Management Principles
    Instructor: Neil Eldin, UH College of Technologies and Engineering
    (3 credits, elective course)
    Principles common to construction management processes. Basic techniques for project control skills
    Prerequisites: Graduate standing or consent of instructor

Spring 2014

  • FINA 7397 Advanced Real Estate Finance and Investment
    Instructors: Gary Husmann, Senior Vice President Financial and Investment Services Transwestern Southwest Region, John T. Fenoglio, Executive Vice President, CBRE Capital Markets of Texas
    (3 Credits, elective course)
    This advanced course addresses capital structures for real estate investments, capital markets and real estate based securities. The course also includes a focus on real estate income properties, development of financial proforma projections, analysis of commercial leases and analysis of cash flow derived from various types of commercial leases. The course examines project disposition alternatives with tax implications on IRR and alternative methods of using capital accumulation. Case study examples are drawn from all types of income properties, retail, industrial, office and residential rental properties. Financial analysis utilizes the ARGUS program and proficiency in ARGUS program analysis and development of proforma cash flow statements are skills to be mastered in this course.
    Prerequisites: Graduate standing and completion of FINA 7380 Real Estate Finance and Investment, or instructor’s approval

  • FINA 7397 Real Estate Law
    Chuck Jacobus, Attorney
    (3 credits, elective course)
    Introductory course covering the fundamentals of real property law including ownership interests and title, contracts and leases, transactions, brokerage, environmental and other land use regulatory controls, financing and creditor interests, statute of fraud issues, elements of offer and acceptance, contractual remedies, taxation and related topics.
    Prerequisites: Graduate Standing or consent of the instructor

  • FINA 7397 Residential Community Development and Homebuilding Fundamentals
    Instructor: Will Holder, President, Trendmaker Homes, Houston.
    (3 Credits, elective course)
    This introductory course provides an overview of residential community project planning and development as well as an insight into the business of residential homebuilding. Topics include residential land development site selection, regulatory considerations, community governance and relating homebuilding to community development. Focus areas include residential business operating models, creating value propositions, and the operating mechanics of a development/construction company.
    Prerequisites: Graduate Standing or consent of instructor

  • FINA 7397 Real Estate Profession Capstone Course
    Instructors: Jonathan Brinsden, CEO Midway, Brooks Howell, AIA, Gensler
    (3 Credits, elective course)
    The Capstone course integrates the student’s full range of accumulated real estate professional skills and knowledge through a practical “real world” development project undertaken by an interdisciplinary team of students for a practicing real estate professional client. The work concludes with a project development plan proposal presented by the team to a panel of real estate professionals.
    Prerequisites: Graduate standing, Real Estate Certificate Program Admitted

  • FINA 7397 Market Analysis - Project Feasibility-Real Estate Valuation
    Instructors: Scott Rando, Cushman & Wakefield Valuation, Bob Christy, Christy Consulting
    (3 Credits, elective course)
    This introductory course covers the fundamentals of market research in real estate and determination of development project feasibility. Topics include land economics, market demand forecasts, assessment of competitive conditions, determination of market risk and project absorption projections for residential, commercial and mixed use projects.
    Prerequisites: Graduate Standing or consent of Instructor

Summer 2014

  • FINA 7297 Real Estate Professional Internship
    (2 credits, elective course)
    Student internship positions in professional real estate offices are a major component of the Graduate Program as essential to the transition to a career in the industry. Internship positions are coordinated through the UH Bauer Rockwell Career Center and supported by the UH Graduate Real Estate Program Executive Advisory Board.
    Prerequisites: Graduate Standing, Real Estate Certificate Admitted

  • FINA 7397 Seminar: UH Bauer Real Estate Center Professional Research Project into Real Estate Best Practices
    (3 Credits, elective course)
    This seminar is sponsored by the UH Bauer Real Estate Center to join practicing real estate professionals together with real estate students to undertake a research project that addresses a topic of interest to the real estate community. The research results are to be published and presented in a major conference by the Real Estate Center.
    Prerequisites: Graduate Standing, Permission of Instructor