Prospective Undergraduates

Transfer Credit Policies and Information: Business (BBA) Degree Plan

Transfer Credit from

Texas Public/State Colleges and Universities


Lower-level Texas Common Core Transfer Credit

For lower-level "core" classes, the University of Houston has transfer equivalency guides established to help Texas public/state transfer students determine what Texas Common Core courses they have taken that count towards the business degree offered at UH.  Resources available include:


UH Transfer Equivalency Guide (Business)

Texas Common Core Numbering System (TCCNS) Website*

*On the TCCNS website, we recommend selecting the "Compare Institutions" option as the best way to view and assess the transfer equivalency listed.


Upper-level Transfer Credit

For most upper-level (3000-4000 level) business courses, there are no course transfer agreements with other institutions. 

Community College students:  With the exception of transfer credit for MIS 3300, we do not accept lower-level transfer credit at 2-year (community/junior college) institutions for equivalency of upper-level business credit at UH Bauer College.


To determine exact transfer course equivalency for upper-level credit, students can/must do the following:

  • Await the posting of your official transfer credit evaluation from the UH Transfer Center via your myUH student account.
  • After you are admitted, attend Advising and Registration for Transfers to get detailed information regarding transfer equivalency and all related questions.

After receiving your official transfer credit evaluation you may find that many upper-level courses transfer as general business upper-level electives (for example, MARK-ELEC or FINA-ELEC).  If this happens and you believe that the courses you have taken courses are exact equivalents to UH Bauer College of Business courses, you must petition the credit via general petition and supporting documentation.  (NOTE: You should begin the petitioning process only after you have been admitted to the University of Houston and have received your official transfer credit evaluation.)


Transfer Credit from

Out-of-State or Private Institutions


The process of transferring all credit from out-of-state and private colleges and universities is similar to the description of upper-level transfer credit policies for Texas public institutions (listed above).

Depending on the coursework, you may get exact course equivalency through the transfer credit evaluation process, or you may simply be assigned elective (ELEC) credit.  If you are granted elective credit that you believe is equivalent to an exact course offered at the University of Houston, you must petition the credit via general petition and supporting documentation.  For more detailed information, contact our Business TAP (Transfer) advisor or inquire at your Advising and Registration for Transfers session after you are admitted to UH.