Find the Money, Then Make it Work

Financial Strategies for Raising Capital to Successfully Acquire and Build Businesses.

July 18-19, 2017 | 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.


Launching or scaling a new business venture requires specific skill sets in corporate finance and execution strategies. Both must be carefully thought through and work together in a seamless fashion. This course attains that objective. The participant will learn:

  1. How to develop and refine a strategy for raising capital;
  2. How to identify and accommodate the needs of the capital provider;
  3. How to design and implement execution strategies for the business that maximize value creation in a setting of strong corporate governance; and
  4. How to measure success in exceeding expectations.

The instructor has 35 years experience as the Founder, Chairman, President of seven private equity and operating companies. The course draws upon real-life implementations of this full-cycle strategy based on his experience. Examples and full case studies are an integral part of the study program. The case studies and examples illustrate the challenges, trip wires and resultant strategies to be used when launching a new enterprise.

His incubated and acquired companies have ranged in size from $400,000 to in excess of $40MM, all of which have been successful.

A working knowledge of the business in question.

The two-day, four-session program will actively engage the class participants. The tools discussed for each of the four course objectives will be drawn from actual cases the instructor was involved in. Feature articles on business strategies and capital formation written by the instructor for various business publications will be distributed and discussed.


  1. The participant will finish the class with a comprehensive set of tools to be used at each step of business formation and scaling.
  2. The participant will learn how to adjust and accommodate the needs of the capital provider and the needs and competencies of the persons executing the business plan.
  3. The participant will learn how to interact with the company’s capital provider in the event of breaches of covenants and how to develop constructive solutions.
  4. The participant will learn milestone expectations and techniques to begin to restore value in a troubled enterprise.


Day One, Morning Session - Key foundations and strategic approached for raising your capital:

Day One, Afternoon Session - What your capital source really wants to know about you and your venture:

Day Two, Morning Session - Describing your execution model to your capital source and what to do when it does not go as planned:

Day Two, Afternoon Session - Setting post-closing performance expectations and restoring value after a fail to deliver:


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