Dan C. Jones - Clinical Assistant Professor
Department of Finance

Dan C. Jones has extensive experience in insurance and expertise in risk management. He began his career in 1953 with Travelers Insurance Company in Houston as an underwriter for oil, gas, and construction risks. He went on to hold positions with Highlands Insurance Company and Alexander & Alexander Inc. He retired from A&A at the end of 1992 as Deputy Managing President in Houston, Texas.

During the 20+ years with A&A, he performed account executive duties for major accounts such as Shell Oil Company. Expertise included production and service of diverse operations including contractors, construction, petroleum, drilling and refining, petrochemicals, manufacturing and environmental activities. In 1993, he became an Executive Professor for the Bauer College of Business. He teaches four classes, International Risk and Insurance, Risk Management, Insurance Operations and Regulations, and Energy Insurance and Risk Management. In 2001, he completed a monograph, Financial Management of Risk which is used principally with the International Risk and Insurance class.

Current activities outside academics include special consulting assignments and expert witness agreements.


Contact Information: Courses:
Phone:   Work: (713) 743-4773 FINA 4354 Risk Management and Insurance
               Home: (281) 444-8142 FINA 4355 International Risk Management and Insurance
Email:    djones@uh.edu FINA 4356 Insurance Operations
Office:    302H UCBB FINA 4359/7359 Energy Insurance and Risk Management
GEMBA 11 Global Energy
  Gamma Iota Sigma

Dan Jones is also director of the Risk Management and Insurance (RMI) track. With the completion of 15 hours of RMI courses, students receive a RMI certificate if non-finance major can minor in RMI.

Additional courses include credit toward certificates in the GEMI for Property Liability and Energy and can count toward both RMI and GEMI programs.

A seventh RMI course is Life Insurance and Annuities, now taught in the fall and spring semesters.

RMI Courses:

Name Course Number Professor
Risk Management and Insurance Finance 4354 Mack Rogers
International Risk and Insurance Finance 4355 Dan C. Jones
Insurance Operations Finance 4356 Dan C. Jones
Energy Case Study Finance 4359/7397 Dan C. Jones (1)
Property Insurance Finance 4357 Mack Rogers
Liability Insurance Finance 4358 Mack Rogers
Life Insurance Finance 4397 James Hong
Enterprise Risk Management Finance 4397 Mack Rogers

(1) Course taught Spring semester only for both undergraduate and graduate levels includes the Willis Energy Loss Database for student use.

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