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Roger Blakeney


Dr. Blakeney is the creator of the Bauer College's International Institute for Diversity and Cross-Cultural Management. He has been published in journals ranging from The Journal of Applied Psychology to The Accounting Review and from Human Relations to The European Foundation for Management Development FORUM. He has ten books to his credit thus far plus six chapters in books, and is a former contributing author to Certificate in Management Accounting Review. He served as a Board of Director of the Texas Industrial/Organization Psychologists, 1999-2006.

From 1994-1995, Dr. Blakeney was the Director of Company Programs at the gfw (Gesellschaft zur Foerderung Weiterbildung at the Universitaet der Bundeswehr in Munich, Germany), an international executive education and management development center. After that, he became Executive Director, 1995-1997. From 1997-2009 he continued as Executive Faculty Director of the International Management Program: Managing in a World of Global Business with a North American Option in cooperation with the University of St Thomas in Houston and Houston Baptist University as well as an Asia-Pacific Option in cooperation with the National University of Singapore and the Brisbane Graduate School of Business in Australia.

Professionally, Dr. Blakeney has consulted with over 100 business and other organizations. He has directed executive education and management development programs in the USA, Europe, Australia, Mexico, and Asia. He has also traveled to and has personal experience in Germany, Japan, China, Singapore, Korea, Hong Kong, Australia, Taiwan, Mexico, France, Spain, Italy and the UK.

Currently Teaching

Research Interests

  • Cultural Coping by Expatriates
  • Repatriate Knowledge Transfer

Areas of Expertise

  • International cross-cultural management
  • Knowledge-based competition & cross-cultural advantage
  • International assignments & global leadership
  • International negotiations
  • Managing in a world of global business
  • International executive education & management development
  • Managing in Asia and Europe


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  • Oddou, G., Osland, J. S., & Blakeney, R. N. 2009 Repatriating Knowledge: Variable Influencing the "Transfer" Process. Journal of International Business Studies, 40, 181-199
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  • Blakeney, R. N. 2006. Psychological adjustment and sociocultural adaptation: Coping on international assignments. Paper presented at Annual Meeting of Academy of Management, Atlanta, GA.
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  • Blakeney, R.N. 1998. Degree programs as tools for International management development. Karrrierfuehrer, I: 96-98.
  • Blakeney, R.N. 1997. Degree programmes as international management development tools. efmd FORUM, European Foundation for Management Development, 3: 59-64.
  • Blakeney, R. N. 1996. International Management Initiative. Karriere Fuehrer, II: 95-96.

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