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Marketing Research Analysis

Description of career opportunities

There are a variety of career opportunities related to market research and analysis. For example:

  • You might become a research analyst working for a market research firm or in the market research department of a company.
  • You might become a revenue analyst working for a hotel or an airline, where prices and promotional offers are continuously adjusted based on forecasted and observed demand for a particular night or particular flight.
  • You might become a database marketing specialist who analyzes customer purchase records to determine which customers should be offered certain prices or promotions, or the profile of attractive customers.

The common denominator is that all of these positions are concerned with gathering and/or analyzing market information to support decisions.

How many jobs are available?

While the Houston area does not have a large number of market research and analysis positions, positions are available. These positions tend to become available one at a time, so the companies that have them usually do not participate in regular campus recruiting. Instead, you will find these positions through networking, referrals, and job listing sources such as Rockwell Career Services and the American Marketing Association Houston chapter.

Who is it good for?

Market research and analysis is a good career choice if you like marketing, have an analytical nature and are comfortable with numbers.

Suggested courses

Courses suggested for students interested in market research and analysis are as follows:

Strongly suggested courses:
  • MARK 4338, Marketing Research
  • MARK 4339, Database Marketing
  • GENB 4396, Business Internship (taken in a research or analysis context)
Suggested courses:
  • MARK 4368, Pricing
  • MARK 4362, Applied Buyer Behavior
  • HRMA 4397, Revenue Management

These courses should improve your skills in: gathering and analyzing marketing information, analyzing and setting prices; understanding buyers; and managing revenues.

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Overview of Marketing Interest Areas

Course Number Course
MARK 3336 Elements of Marketing R R   R
MARK 3337 Professional Selling R R   R
MARK 3339 Marketing Strategy R R   R
MARK 4338 Marketing Research     SS SS
MARK 4339 Database Marketing S S SS S
MARK 4362 Applied Buyer Behavior   S S SS
MARK 4363 International Marketing       S
MARK 4364 Retailing Management   SS    
MARK 4365 Electronic Commerce   S   S
MARK 4366 Business to Business Marketing S     S
MARK 4367 Advertising and Promotion Management   S   SS
MARK 4368 Pricing   S S  
MARK 4372 Services Marketing S S   S
MARK 4373 Advanced Professional Selling R      
MARK 4374 Sales Force Management R      
MARK 4375 Key Account Selling (R)      
MARK 4376 Sales Force Automation R      
MARK 4179 Sales Practicum R      
MARK 4390 Marketing for Non-Profit Organizations       S
HRMA 4397 Revenue Management      S  
GENB 4396 Business Internship      SS SS SS