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From his first lemonade stand at age 10 to The Cinnamon Toothpick Store and on up to his State Farm agency in Houston, Texas, Jim Munchbach has been starting, building, and managing some kind of business. Jim became a Certified Financial Planner professional because he was interested in money management, investment strategy, and business planning. For some, the thought of becoming a millionaire by age 50 is an unrealistic goal. The students who attend Jim's class quickly learn that "Becoming a Millionaire by Age 50" is not Rocket Science. Over his career in the financial services arena, Jim has learned that money - and more specifically how money is managed - plays a vital role in people's lives. Jim has been a guest lecturer at the Bauer College of Business at University of Houston for several years. In 2013 he was given the opportunity to teach Introduction to Personal Finance where his stated goal for each student is to become a millionaire by age 50. Jim is passionate about teaching students a new way to think about managing money and life. Each lesson in Personal Finance is introduced with a story that highlights the principle and demonstrates how a little planning can make a big difference! Based on Jim's lifetime of real world business experience, students in personal finance learn a wide range of planning principles from how to manage a budget, cash flows, credit, insurance, risk management, investment strategies, retirement planning, and much much more. Connect with Jim Munchbach at LinkedIn:

Research Interests

  • Social Business
  • Social Media
  • New Media
  • Behavioral Finance
  • Investment Strategies
  • Personal Financial Planning
  • Financial Life Planning

Areas of Expertise

  • Insurance Planning & Risk Management
  • Business Finance
  • Estate Planning
  • Education Planning
  • Tax Planning
  • Investment Planning
  • Cash Flow Planning
  • Retirement Planning


  • Make Your Money Count, connecting your resources to What Matters Most
  • What Matters Most, build a purpose-centered alliance with your clients to fulfill their dreams, and yours, too!
  • Allied for Success, creating a synergy of specialists to fulfill our clients' dreams by FPA Press

Activities & Interests

  • Blogging
  • Vlogging
  • Podcasting
  • Mac Computers
  • Mobile Tech
  • New Media
  • Reading
  • Snow Skiing
  • Walking
  • Writing
  • Business Coaching

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  • Introduction to Personal Finance


Certified Financial Planner Professional
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